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A proposito degli ingegneri di pista, Kimi–27/08/2014


- Antonio is a smart and pleasant guy. I know him already from before, but from a different role. In race situations you have to make quick decisions. When you are making these decisions in your first year, it’s definitely not easy, no matter how long you have been watching from the sidelines.

-"I wouldn’t do any better with that kind of experience, if I would be the one making the decisions on the pitwall".

- When you get used to it, it gets easier and Antonio has improved immensely since the start of the season.

- It would probably have been a bit easier with Stella, but in the end I don’t think it would have made a difference. It was good having Lloyd there for a couple of races. Spagnolo could concentrate on the job he knows best.

- Another engineer in charge of communication is nothing new in my career. Mark Slade also used to be a bit nervous, when decisions had to be made quickly, and we had another guy in the radio those times as well, which made a lot of things easier and Mark could concentrate on making the right calls without speaking to me at the same time.

- In the same way, I think this arrangement is good for us.

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A proposito di Mattiacci–30/06/2014

Kimi Raikkonen: Marco Mattiacci good for Ferrari F1 team

Kimi Raikkonen is encouraged by new Ferrari Formula 1 team boss Marco Mattiacci’s approach to turning the Scuderia’s ailing fortunes around.

Mattiacci took over from outgoing team principal Stefano Domenicali in April, and insisted after the recent Austrian Grand Prix that Ferrari has a recovery plan in place to improve its disappointing form.

Finn Raikkonen, who is struggling with his own issues with the handling of Ferrari’s F14 T, reckons the work Mattiacci has done since he arrived is cause for optimism within the team.

"Everybody has their own way of doing things – it’s very early days for Marco, and when he started he didn’t have as much knowledge as Stefano of F1, but he’s a very nice guy and he wants to really make a difference and know the sport," Raikkonen said during the Austrian Grand Prix weekend.

"Those are good signs. He’s doing a lot of work that people don’t see and I think he’s doing a very good job.

"He’s a good guy to work with; he’s just a different person from Stefano.

"I had a pretty close relationship with Stefano but it’s just a change for all of us, and I think sometimes that’s a good thing.

"People come from outside of F1 with a different view of things and it can help.

"It’s been good so far and I’m expecting he can do a very good job."

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Räikkönen tuttofare, SportWeek–12/04/2014

Da SportWeek (La Gazzetta dello Sport) del 12/04/2014 (e riescono pure a far resuscitare i cani…)




Intervista a Kimi, la Stampa

Da La Stampa del 29/03/2014:

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GP Australia, i nodi al pettine–17/03/2014

Kimi Raikkonen says immediate fix to F1 Ferrari issues unlikely

Kimi Raikkonen does not know how long it will take to fix the issues he is having getting comfortable with the set-up of his new Ferrari Formula 1 car.

The Finn endured a troubled time at last weekend’s Australian Grand Prix as he struggled with the handling of the new F14 T, especially under braking and corner entry.

His problems were further exacerbated in the race by front tyre graining, which led to a number of lock-ups.

Ferrari and Raikkonen are working on fixes to the way the energy recovery systems impact on the car’s handling, but the 2007 world champion admits that things are unlikely to get better immediately.

"We know more or less what we want to do, but some things are not happening overnight," said Raikkonen.

"It takes time to produce certain parts, or to have a certain way of putting the things on.

"We also cannot promise that it is going to fix the issues once we get something that we want.

"I have been in these situations before and sometimes it takes a while.

"Unfortunately it is not the easiest position right now, but looking at how difficult everything was, we got everything out of it.

"It is not what we want to achieve but it could have been even worse. I am sure we can only get better from there."

Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali reiterated that the team is doing everything it can to help Raikkonen, and he hopes progress can be made in time for the next grand prix in Malaysia.

"We need to help Kimi try to find the right balance in the car," he said. "He deserves that.

"There was an improvement [this weekend], but we are still not where we want to be.

"As a team we have to make sure that everything will be done to help his driving style and I am sure for Malaysia it will be much better."

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Bilancio dei test, Autosprint–04/03/2014

Da Autosprint n.9 del 4/3/2014:





Ferrari, intervista a Domenicali

Dallo speciale Sky “Ferrari, una nuova era”:


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