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GP Canada, commenti post libere–07/06/2013

Kimi Räikkönen Seeking Heat in Montréal

It’s been a relatively low-key start for the Iceman here at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, but he’s confident the team are closing in on that setup sweet spot…

How was your running today?

We improved the car through the day and by the end of the session it was ok; not ideal but certainly not a disaster either. It wasn’t easy to get the tyres up to temperature today, but it’s pretty cold at the circuit so that’s not too much of a surprise. If we can get the tyres working better it will be an improvement for sure, but it’s not going to change the world. We’ll be looking at how to get them a bit warmer for qualifying tomorrow and then see what the weather does. After that, we’ll do the best we can.

Did the weather affect the usual data collection and evaluation on a Friday?

Even with the weather I think we got pretty much all you can in one day so it was pretty okay; not maybe the fastest but the times are very close here for everybody so even if you go just a little bit faster you make a lot of places.

What needs to be done to move a few places up the order?

Our car’s not too bad but like i said before we have a few issues with getting the tyres up to temperature. If we can get them switched on it’ll make a good difference, so we’re working on the set-up there. I think we’re around where we’ve been all season so far and a small improvement could put us five places higher, but a small change the wrong way could also send us five places further back.

You finished the second practice session early; any dramas?

We had something we needed to check with the brakes. We’ve checked them now and there shouldn’t be a problem for the rest of the weekend.

Da LotusF1.com

Canadian GP: Kimi Raikkonen says Lotus struggling with tyres

Kimi Raikkonen admitted Lotus was struggling to get the Pirelli tyres in the right operating window during Canadian Grand Prix free practice on Friday.

Several teams had difficult getting the tyres to perform in the cold conditions, and Raikkonen fears a poor qualifying performance if the situation does not improve for Saturday.

"Obviously the lap time was not the fastest but it’s very close here between everybody so if you go faster you can gain a lot of places," said Raikkonen after ending the day back in 11th.

"The car is not too bad but we have some issue with getting the tyres working.

"If we can get the tyres to switch on it makes a much bigger difference than any small set-up thing.

"It’s the same story as in Monaco. We were pretty OK but we were not fast enough in qualifying because of the tyres not working.

"If we can get the tyres working, it makes a massive difference."

He does not think there is anything else wrong with the car beyond the difficulty with tyres.

It’s not too bad but the feeling is that if we can switch the tyres on it will go better," Raikkonen said.



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