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GP Gran Bretagna, commenti post libere–28/06/2013

Kimi Räikkönen not Anticipating Extra Pace from Radical Hair Upgrade

Tell us about your day…

We didn’t want to go out this morning as it was raining and we wouldn’t have learnt anything from it, so we used the second session to get the Device working and for this we used the developmental and hard tyres. It was a pretty okay day.

Are you worried about only setting the 13th fastest time?

If we’d have wanted to go faster we’d have put on the softer tyres and we’d have been pretty okay. We should be fine tomorrow with the softer tyres and everything we’ve learnt from today.

How’s the Device working?

It’s not exactly where we want it to be, but it’s not far off. We’re checking all the data to decide if we’ll use it for the rest of the weekend. We won’t use it unless we think it makes an improvement, but it’s not going to make a 10kph difference. It’s a little penalty in some places, but a benefit in others.

Will your new hair style make you faster?

My hair cut won’t make me faster.

When can we see the new cut?

If I get on the podium I’ll let you see it. I’ll try to do it.

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