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Lotus: Kimi probably has the toughest attitude of all drivers
Iltalehti 12.7.2013 (paper edition)
By Riku Korkki
Lotus-team’s branding manager Stephane Samson told Iltalehti that the team hasn’t planned any marketing strategy around Räikkönen. Everything just fell in place.
According to Samson Lotus wants to be as transparent, open and friendly as possible. The team has applied the same philosophy with Räikkönen also.
Samson says that Kimi is already a big boy who knows how the F1-circus operates.
– We have never asked him to smile or to give longer replies to the media. We have only asked him to be himself.
– Maybe this is why he feels safe and why he has started to show more of his personality. But I emphasize that this has not been any deliberate action. Kimi is Kimi. Period.
Samson tells that Räikkönen is much more multidimensional than the tv-footage reveals.
– He is honest, straight, loyal, easy-going, brave, caring and also very funny.
Samson confirms that Räikkönen demands a lot from his team.
– Working with Kimi is like sky diving. If you fail once, you don’t get a new chance.
– But this suits us well. He only demands as much from others as he demands from himself. There is no room for mistakes.
According to Samson Kimi has to be given his own space when he needs it.,
– You can see from him when it’s a good time to talk, joke or just walk in another direction.
Motivates the whole team
Samson says that during GP-weekends Kimi’s attitude is probably tougher than any other driver’s attitude is.
– But when the race is over, Kimi turns into a whole different person. He becomes one of the most relaxed guys on our planet.
Samson also praises that Räikkönen knows how to take victories. This motivates the team’s 500 employees in the factory.
– His ability to manage the car is completely amazing.
And Räikkönen never resorts to politics.
– He just does his job. It makes the team’s life so much easier.

The Iceman is the boss (Jäämies on päämies)
Iltalehti 12.7.2013 (paper edition)
By Riku Korkki (
Kimi Räikkönen has become the most interesting driver in F1-circus by far. But how can a few-worded Finn make that happen?
When winning his first race after the comeback in Abu Dhabi 2012, Kimi Räikkönen walked relaxed to Lotus-team’s group photo holding a beer bottle.
In BBC’s broadcast David Coulthard remembered a story that Mika Häkkinen once told him.
Two Finns sit in a pub. One of them asks what his day was like.
– Did you come here to talk or to drink, the other one says.
The story describes Räikkönen well, but it’s only part of the truth. Today Kimi can walk laid-back with a beer bottle in his hand, but he doesn’t fall in a boat completely wasted – at least in public. He has gone through a tough school with the media. If a world famous star *** No swearing *** up in public, then it will also be the topic all over the world.
There is a new kind of confidence in his voice when comparing it to the shy interviews he had during his first years in F1. The Iceman still doesn’t run his mouth with unimportant things, but he dares to be himself.
Räikkönen’s edges caused disapproval in both team managers and in media at the beginning of his career. Kimi wasn’t any favourite boy among the F1-fans either, despite being an extremely talented driver.
In year 2013 everything is different. Räikkönen is a golden nugget to Lotus off-track also. Everybody wants a piece of the Iceman. Whether Kimi is silent or talking he is still always the topic in the media and among fans.
People from all over the world have understood that Räikkönen is not rude. He is himself. The rock star in F1.
Communication wizard Harri Saukkomaa says that Kimi’s brand has rised up to the sky and started to live a life of its own.
– This is typical for a strong image. Fans embrace it and keep it up, Saukkomaa says.
– Räikkönen could be compared to the deceased Steve Jobs from Apple. Both are "crazy perfectionists" in their own way.
Better than Prince Charming
Saukkomaa is a former top journalist who switched to the other side of the fence. Nowadays his company Tekir Oy offers consulting in communication to Finland’s top company managers. The goal is to create exactly similar strong mental images which surround Räikkönen.
Saukkomaa tells that when it comes to Kimi it’s not a case of a carefully planned illusion.
– I doubt anyone would deliberately plan a celebrity who replies to questions with one sentence or doesn’t reply at all.
– That would had been a huge risk.
According to Saukkomaa image-choices usually succeed only if they have some edge. A solid foundation is also required. In Räikkönen’s case it’s his driving skill. Kimi is without any doubts one of the world’s best F1-drivers.
There is also a more secretive side related to Kimi. Tabloids speculate for example about drinking, women and trips in a gorilla-suit.
– This reinforces the persona you see on the F1-paddock. A credible person also has another side, a hidden side. The saucy side offers a facet which Prince Charming lacks.
– However I emphasize that I don’t know Räikkönen as a person, I only analyse the image I see in the media.
Fierce demand level
Steve Jobs was at times unbearable to be with. Räikkönen again gets very well along with people. Yet the duo has one thing in common; extreme perfectionism.
The fiery comments he gives in the team radio describe very well what kind of a fighter the Iceman is behind the steering wheel.
– He demands terribly much from his co-workers. Company managers should also strive for that in their own organizations.
Saukkomaa also thinks that Räikkönen can totally concentrate. He always races flat-out in races and when he is off work he is really relaxed.
– Kimi has a Buddhist attitude. He appears to be present in every moment.


”Kimi has a very strong self-esteem”
Iltalehti 12.7.2013 (paper edition)
By Riku Korkki
Matti Kyllönen says that life has educated Kimi.
The commentator legend remembers very well what kind of a baby-face sat behind Sauber’s steering wheel in 2001.
– Kimi was immensely talented, but he was still searching for himself. He has walked a really long path.
Kyllönen says that now Räikkönen seems to be completely okay with himself. The Iceman doesn’t stress, not even over bigger things like possibly switching over to Red Bull.
– His whole body language speaks of maturity. Kimi seems to possess a very strong self-esteem. He knows exactly what he wants.
Even Kimi’s F1-team -choices have gone into a more and more easy-going direction. Peter Sauber and Ron Dennis were uptight perfectionists. In Ferrari Kimi had more liberties, but the pressure around the F1-giant was huge.
In Lotus the Iceman has been allowed to completely be himself. The team has turned Räikkönen’s persona into their resource, which has lifted up the Finn’s popularity in new heights. At the same time the team has got a raft of publicity.
Kyllönen believes that the understanding from Lotus has also helped Kimi to grow.
– They probably agreed upon the game rules before driving one kilometer. Now it has produced a huge crop to the team as well..
Straight words
Räikkönen is also known for his straightforward attitude. Honesty is appreciated in the F1-world, where rumours and plotting are common.
– Kimi has always been honest and even open in a specific way. He never talks bad about people behind their backs, Kyllönen tells.
And even if Räikkönen often is silent on the paddock, he definitely talks loud on the track.
– A completely different person sits behind the steering wheel. In the team radio Kimi can even go down on the team management if needed. He is an aggressive fighter, Kyllönen says.


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