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GP Ungheria, commenti post libere–26/07/2013

DaTraffic Masks Kimi Räikkönen’s Pace in Budapest

After a hot day in Hungary our Iceman muses over new tyres, clear space on track and improvements to be wrought from the E21

How was your day?

It wasn’t ideal today but it wasn’t that bad either. We took a bit of time to understand the new tyres and it was also very hot. It’s too early to say if the heat will suit us with these new tyres but we’ll soon have a better idea. I had some traffic in the afternoon session so wasn’t able to set a fast lap on new tyres and we have some areas to improve with the setup. We’ll try to do the best that we can in qualifying and we’ll see where we are. If we get the car right we should be okay tomorrow.

Did you feel the squeeze when you came up on Jenson [Button] on your hot lap?

There was no incident. Obviously I was running a slightly different programme to some other drivers as we started our session slightly later. When that happens it’s hard to find some clear track to put in your fast lap but it doesn’t really matter; it’s not as if it’s qualifying.

How can the car be improved for tomorrow?

We had a bit too much understeer today, which is pretty normal for a Friday and there are a few other areas we can work on. It’s a little bit more tricky as we have to understand the new tyres, but it should be okay.

Is there much difference with the new tyres?

It’s hard to say as we’re driving in these hot conditions and we’re not comparing them with the old ones. There doesn’t seem to be an awful lot of difference; we just need to find the right setup.

Da LotusF1.com

Hungarian GP: Lotus relaxed about Red Bull’s pace

Lotus drivers Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean do not believe Red Bull’s practice pace in Hungary means the grand prix is a foregone conclusion.

Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber were first and second fastest in both Friday sessions, with the often-cautious duo both expressing delight with the Red Bull’s pace at the end of the day.

Grosjean was best of the rest and showed encouraging long-run pace. He thinks Lotus’s traditional improvement over the course of a weekend means the race is still open.

"They are quick but they are very often very quick so I am not really surprised by their speed," he said.

"We need to see on Sunday what it gives and what we can get.

"We mainly focused on trying to see what the difference was with the new Pirelli tyres to see if we had much to change.

"It appears that it is not night and day so it helped us that we didn’t have to change everything.

"We will try to get the best of everything we found to bring it tomorrow and then fine-tune the car for qualifying. Hopefully that will be good for the race."

Asked if Lotus was expecting the rising temperatures to play to its advantage, as is often the case, Grosjean replied: "It may change things. I hope so. The answer is on Sunday."

Raikkonen did not get many clear laps in second practice but said he took little notice of Red Bull’s Friday dominance anyway.

"We had some issues at the beginning of the session and we lost a little bit of time, we didn’t get the lap time on the new tyres because of traffic and then we didn’t enough long run to know," he said of his pace.

"I think it was a bit difficult today, too much understeer and we have to work on certain things. It is not an awful lot – we’ll just try to find a bit of a better solution.

"Tomorrow is a different day and we’ll try to do our best; if on Fridays you are fast it doesn’t mean it will be like that on Saturdays."

Da Autosport.com

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