A proposito di Kimi

Il giallo dell’estate – 1° parte

Ovvero come si evolve una notizia. Si parte dai presunti dettagli sull’offerta RedBull:

Red Bull is willing to support Kimi’s icehockey-business
The circus gets wilder day by day. Bild told on Wednesday that Ferrari has made an offer to Kimi Räikkönen.
In Bild’s article details of Red Bull’s offer were mentioned.
According to the paper the offer is 15 million dollars per year plus bonuses. In addition to the salary they have agreed that Red Bull will support Kimi’s ICE1RACING -motocross team and Kimi’s icehockey team.
They probably mean the Swiss EV Zug ice hockey team which Räikkönen bought a few years ago. Kimi follows every now and then the team’s grips, which is lead by Doug Shedden.
It takes about 10 minutes to go from Räikkönen’s luxurious villa to Zug areena in Baar.
Räikkönen has been connected a couple of times to icehockey-businesses in Finland. According to information Iltalehti has, Kimi was about to buy Ilves in 2000 but the scenario didn’t work out because Vincent Manngard was unwilling to sell his shares.
Räikkönen has often been spotted in Blues-team’s home arena, and when they were setting up the KHL-project in 2011 Räikkönen was asked to join. He refused however.
Räikkönen has in the latest rumor been connected to Lappeenranta’s SaiPa. Kimi has been spotted in Saimaa looking for estates, Etelä-Saimaa -paper tells. They are talking about a possible purchase worth almost one million euros.
– Kimi has not bought anything, nor is he buying, Riku Kuvaja denied to Iltalehti.
The ownership of SaiPa has been divided between seven different parties.
– We have no need to comment on this. SaiPa will be owned by current owners according to the current information, Jouni Okko, who owns 24,91 % of the league, told Iltalehti.

Da iltalehti.fi, traduzione Wolfie.

E si arriva alla bomba sul contratto Ferrari…

Italian source: Kimi Räikkönen’s name is already in the Ferrari-contract!
Kimi Räikkönen’s employer next season is now sure. According to very reliable Italian sources SuomiF1-website has, Räikkönen has put his name in Ferrari’s contract papers "a few days ago".
The same source revealed that the contract is going to be announced already during the next weeks, in other words long before the last race in November.
Sport Bild told earlier this week, that their sources told that Ferrari has made Kimi Räikkönen a contract offer before Hungary GP. According to information we have, that contract is already made much earlier and meanwhile it has already been signed.
Was Ferrari’s denial of the Kimi-news understood wrongly?
Ferrari told DPA yesterday:
– The team has no interest in driver markets at this moment, Ferrari’s publicist said.
The sentence was interpreted in the media so that Ferrari denies Sport Bild’s information. In fact the lack of interest in the driver markets probably stems from the fact that they already have Räikkönen’s name in the contract and hence have no need to look at the markets anymore.

Da suomif1.com, traduzione Wolfie

Kimi in Helsinki: shuts up about the Ferrari-rumours
Kimi Räikkönen was on a bar terrace in Helsinki and few worded as usual.
According to Bild you already have an existing contract with Ferrari?
– No comments, Räikkönen said to Iltalehti and looked elsewhere.
The only woman in Räikkönen’s entourage was 26-years old Minttu. According to Räikkönen’s friend she was with him and all the rumours about them were only a misunderstanding.
Räikkönen enjoyed his F1-summerbreak in a relaxed manner, so the reporters left him in peace to enjoy the sun on the terrace.

Da iltalehti.fi, ttraduzione Wolfie

Kimi Räikkönen is going to Ferrari
According to sources lta-Sanomat has, Kimi Räikkönen has already decided to go to Ferrari.
Räikkönen has been taken all summer long to Red Bull in rumours. Also Räikkönen’s continuance in Lotus has been seen as a strong option.
According to information from "Yksinäinen Katsastaja" (Lonesome Inspector), Räikkönen has however decided to go back to Ferrari.
The rumour is that Dietrich Mateschitz wants Fernando Alonso as Sebastian Vettel’s teammate next season.
Räikkönen’s and Ferrari’s previous journey didn’t work out despite the championship. Maranello’s management was constantly displeased with Kimi’s reluctance to take part in PR-events.

Da iltasanomat.fi, traduzione Wolfie

E per ogni smentita:

Kimi Raikkonen link has ‘no foundation’, say Ferrari

Felipe Massa, Ferrari’s second driver, has had an inconsistent season and has been told to improve if he wants to retain his seat.

"Right now, we’re really not giving any thought to the driver-market situation," said a Ferrari spokesman.

He added that the team were focused on reviving Fernando Alonso’s title push.

"That is our priority," he said. "Drivers are not a problem for us even if we were to change Felipe."

Alonso is third in the championship, 39 points behind leader Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull, before the season resumes at the Belgian Grand Prix on 25 August following the summer break. Raikkonen is one point ahead of Alonso in second place.

Sources close to Ferrari say senior figures at the team believe Raikkonen would be the ideal replacement for Massa.

However, a decision to re-employ him would effectively be an admission that they made a mistake by paying off the Finn at the end of 2009, ending his contract a year early, when they signed Alonso.

At the time, they preferred to keep Massa alongside the Spaniard even though he was recovering from a fractured skull suffered in an accident at the 2009 Hungarian Grand Prix.

Raikkonen won the world championship for Ferrari in 2007, his first season for the team after five years with McLaren, but through 2008 and 2009 he was out-scored by Massa in the championship until the Brazilian’s injury.

But Massa has struggled to regain the form that saw him narrowly miss out on the world title to Lewis Hamilton in 2008 and Ferrari may be attracted by Raikkonen’s consistency.

He has finished every race since he returned to F1 at the start of 2012 following an unsuccessful two years in the world rally championship.

Ferrari are keen to employ a driver who will push Alonso harder than Massa has been able to do.

Despite Alonso’s consistently impressive performances for Ferrari over the last four years, some in the team believe he does not always get the best out of the car in qualifying and that more pressure from his team-mate might force him to dig deeper.

Massa started this season impressively, out-qualifying Alonso in the first two races after a strong end to 2012, but his form has since dipped.

Ferrari president Luca Di Montezemolo’s preference is said to be to keep Massa if the 32-year-old can prove he can deliver consistent results – as he did in the second half of last season after a similar warning from the top.

Other candidates for the drive are Sauber’s Nico Hulkenberg, Force India duo Paul Di Resta and Adrian Sutil and Marussia’s Jules Bianchi.

Other than Bianchi, who is in his debut season, the list is virtually identical to the one Ferrari had last season, when Raikkonen was also considered although at that stage he was under contract to Lotus.

Lotus are hopeful they can keep Raikkonen for 2014. They believe his preference is to stay with them and are working on persuading him that the departure of their technical director James Allison, who has joined Ferrari, will not harm their competitiveness; and that they have the resources to continue as a leading team.

Red Bull, meanwhile, are intending to decide between Raikkonen and Toro Rosso’s Daniel Ricciardo for the seat that will be left vacant by Mark Webber’s decision to leave F1 at the end of the season.

Da bbc.co.uk

Una conferma:

Comment: BBC and Finland’s media taken by Ferrari – Kimi’s contract is signed
Today on Wednesday 14th August 2013, BBC published an article to which they boldly gave the headline ”Kimi Raikkonen link has ’no foundation’, say Ferrari”.
The headline is boldly formed, since the quoted part is not found in the article itself. The only thing related to Ferrari is their publicists comment word for word:
– At the moment we are really not thinking about the situation in the driver markets.
For those who have followed F1 and Ferrari more closely, that sentence surely is familiar. Ferrari’s spokesman said the exact same thing immediately after German Sport Bild -magazine scooped that Ferrari had made Kimi Räikkönen an offer.
Ferrari’s clever media trick
The same week on August 1st SuomiF1-website published as the first media in the world the information that Räikkönen had already signed the contract with Ferrari. I added in the same article the above mentioned quote from Ferrari’s publicist and opened it up more closely:
The sentence was interpreted in the media so that Ferrari denies Sport Bild -magazine’s information. As a matter of fact their lack of interest in driver markets probably stems from them already having Räikkönen’s name in the contract and hence they have no need to look elsewhere.
Now the majority of Finnish media and BBC are once again taken by Ferrari’s clever wordplay. It’s significant how Ilta-Sanomat is the only one from the mainstream of Finland’s media who hasn’t translated the news from BBC (at least while I am writing this). We should keep in mind that IS published as early as yesterday their news about Kimi’s contract with Ferrari basing it on their own sources.
Since both SuomiF1 and IS know about the existance of Räikkönen’s Ferrari-contract, it would be crazy to publish BBC:s article in their own media.
Can a young media scoop Kimi’s contract?
Since we were the first one to publish Kimi’s Ferrari-contract the social media was filled with both suspicion and also with hope that "it would be nice if a smaller media would succeed".
Sentences like how can "some SuomiF1" be the first one to know anything about these kind of news stemmed from suspicion. Our 2-year old media’s young age became the criterion of reliability, not the fact that doers behind our website have been in the business starting from year 1996 – like for example yours truly.
I have however wondered how the worldwide scoop I wrote two years ago, about Schalke’s concrete interest in Teemu Pukki, was quoted very widely in the Finnish media. When publishing that news our SuomiFutis-website was exactly four days old! Three days after the news the contract was sealed and confirmed.
I stand personally by the source of my Kimi-news and also by the information that Räikkönen’s contract with Ferrari is already signed. Ferrari’s sneaky wordplay doesn’t waver itone bit.
Pekka Franck (Twitter @PekkaFranck)
The author has worked in the media starting from year 1996. He lived in Germany during 1998-2006 while working as a correspondant for Veikkaaja-magazine and Ilta-Sanomat among others, writing mainly about football and F1.

Da suomif1.com, traduzione Wolfie



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