A proposito di Kimi

“Un vero combattente”, gesto benefico

Domenica Kimi ha ricevuto la visita di un ospite speciale.

Da www.pekkahyysalo.com

Quite many of you may have seen, that I met a new person. That person was Kimi Räikkönen, and I can just say that in my own opinion, he is a friend of mine now.

Let’s go back to when I hadn’t met him yet, when I had just seen him on TV and in those NUMEROUS tabloids… I didn’t really give a rats ass about, what everyone was saying about him. I just knew, he had a weird voice. That thin, unstable voice has been my own savior quite often, cause my own voice has been just that, on top of being unstable, very slow, weak and unclear. It was nice that someone so well known and famous, was sharing that with me. I had heard the super funny and straight, short answers he’d given to press. On my own opinion they were always super hilarious. About the bad press I can’t say anything, cause I don’t really read that much tabloids… But I know, that he has gotten his fair share of that, too.

After all I’ve fallen in love with the fact that, Kimi just is Kimi. I can’t even imagine all the media hassle around him, but at least when I met him, he must’ve been just himself. And that’s something I really respect.

Now, to the Sunday. We went to Vierumäki with Makke, and after rocking it there, we came to Espoo. Makke had told me, that Kimi is in Town and I was of course anxious to meet this Fella. We went to the quite PIMP garage, where he was at, to I meet him. Now we must take everything back, I met Kimi. A normal dude, who just happens to be a star… Because he is so darn fast with his car.

I asked if he had heard from the FightBack? He had and I told some more of it, and answered his questions, cause hey, I think that everyone who hasn’t met me beforehand, would have at least a few questions… Then I suggested a fair trade: “How about, if I’ll give you this cap and you’ll, buy me a recumbent?” I asked that half jokingly, but very hopefully, and he answered: “Yeah, you’ve got yourself a deal! But you must remember, that your job is to cycle enough for me and Makke too…”

I was jumping of joy and I will for sure cycle enough for them. Kimi should watch out, cause that formula 1 can’t be that fast… I might take over someday!

About Kimi, I’m of course super grateful and stoked that he helped me like that. And about the Spa GP, everyone take a close look at Kimi! He’s going to be fast. And he’s a Fighter

Ps. Kimi has approved that text^on top, but doesn’t have an idea about this… This is the section, in which I’m going to speak straight to Kimi: Hey Dude! Be fast, as I told everyone already… and best of luck to the race!!

Pss. See you soon!

Da www.pekkahyysalo.com

Today and yesterday have been funniest days for a while. I got a recumbent of my own today!!! It’s really expensive for me, and all that… but I also got a new friend yesterday. A new friend, who’s really generous and very nice, positive and just so awesome of a guy that, I’m just honored to have received so valuable help/ a GIFT from him. And furthermore, his friendship.

Yesterday began early in the morning by hopping on a train. I took the train to Helsinki and once I got there, I hopped on my manager-Man Makke’s car. We drove to Vierumäki. We drove there to give a speech together. We gave it, and rocked a room full of managing students… but the day wasn’t nearly over yet. I went to my Father’s, cause I had a meeting in HKI today.

We drove to Espoo, but we didn’t go straight to my fathers. We went to say hi to another guy, who’s managed by Makke… A guy that some of you might’ve heard of, a dude named Kimi Räikkönen. We went to Kimi’s and it was somehow very weird to meet him. He’s a star. Really, a STAR! Even I, was a bit starstruck…

We chatted a bit and the most valuable thing I got out of it was not the visibility, which FightBack may receive with his help… I mean, only that alone is worth my life’s savings, alltogether… It was to realize that, he’s really a great guy! I knew that his financial situation is quite good, so I half jokingly asked him “Hey Kimi, you see this FightBack-cap? You want it? Let’s do a FAIR exchange… I’ll give you my cap and you’ll buy a recumbent for me…?” He said OKAY! You’re a true Fighter, I agree, but on one condition… You’ll have to cycle a lot. So much, that it’s gonna be enough for me, too…

I agreed, immediately. Now to everyone: watch the Belgian GP in Spa. Watch Kimi, you don’t even have to watch him very strictly. If everything goes as planned, you’ll know what I’m talking about…

Today I chose the recumbent, tried it, fell in love, ordered it and I’m the happiest guy around. We also went for Makke’s birthday-dinner with boys, I had two very important FightBack-meetings and all that… But however, these are not important enough things for this blogpost. I may tell you about them, laters..



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