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Nient’altro da aggiungere…–23/08/2013

Kimi Raikkonen Q&A: Only the rumours have changed

Kimi Raikkonen was giving little away when quizzed about his 2014 plans in Belgium on Friday. ‘There’s still no answer’ was his answer. All Raikkonen could promise was that he and Lotus will be doing all they can to put on a show for the fans at Spa-Francorchamps and to take the fight to Red Bull this weekend… 

Q: Kimi, what is your situation at the moment in regards to your 2014 plans?
Kimi Raikkonen: It is the same as it was four weeks ago.

Q: So nothing has changed?
KR: Apart from more rumours, no.

Q: So you still have more than one option?
KR: There are always options. I don’t have anything further to say – and if there is news you will learn it immediately. (laughs)

Q: So what is going on with Red Bull Racing?
KR: I have no answers from them and I am waiting to hear from them personally what they are going to do. Right now I don’t know better than you guys.

Q: Your manager Steve Robertson said that talks with Red Bull broke down…
KR: I have not heard from them in a while – that’s the situation.

Q: What about Ferrari? Could you imagine moving back there?
KR: It is the same answer as before – and I have nothing more to tell. There are a lot of rumours around: one day I go to Ferrari, the next day to McLaren and again the next day I stay with Lotus – but I still don’t have a contract.

Q: Do you have a deadline for when you want to have your future sorted out?
KR: There is no deadline, but of course there are things that have to be sorted out.

Q: What about staying with Lotus. Another rumour has it that you are still waiting for parts of your salary. Could that be a reason you started to look around in the first place?
KR: I always said that I like it here, but of course some basic parameters have to work.

Q: Could it be that you seek refuge in joining a team to sit out the storm that the new regulations will bring in 2014 – and that the probability of success is bigger at some teams than at others?
KR: Well, fact is that we will see dramatic changes next year – and that nobody has a magic wand to make all problems disappear. Probably we will see very different teams at the top than we would expect now.

Q: Do you think that Fernando Alonso would like you as his team mate? Sebastian Vettel always said that he could imagine you racing alongside him…
KR: You’d have to ask Alonso, although I don’t think that it is his option – nor mine.

Q: You have been successful in Spa before. What do you think this weekend can bring you? A win? A podium?
KR: Firstly, I like this track – it’s a real track. Secondly it will be pretty tough to beat Red Bull here. Be sure that I will see that the fans will see a good show, as this track allows overtaking – and I will take advantage of it whenever I can. (laughs)

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