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Räikkönen extra point pass on the stock exchange

Attentive readers pseudonym Nobody was right, and the proof Forixille statistics Michele Merlino admitted inadvertently left behind in one of Kimi’s bypass off invoices Singapore Grand Prix Race.
– The reader is right. One of the bypass was forgotten. Kimi overtook Pastor Maldonado also when entering the round of 15 on 10 place. Between them was Daniel Ricciardo, who went to the pits as the round and I went to the confusion, when reaching the pits drivers do not count as overtaking, Merlino forwarded greetings.
Instead, Valtteri Bottaksen bypass Merlino does not fall under the Williams Finn went to the pits at the time.
Räikkönen overtaking the other three came in the second round Paul di Restasta, Esteban Gutierrez in round five and 54 round Jenson Button, kind of.
This implies that the Singapore race with a total of 35 so-called bypass. flying speed. Singapore overtook at the World Cup in Italy amounts of bypass (27), Hungary (22) and Monaco (16).
Turun Sanomat

bypass Exchange
1 Kimi Raikkonen 47
2 Felipe Massa 45
3 Mark Webber 45
4 Lewis Hamilton 41
5 Fernando Alonso 34
6 Jean-Eric Vergne 29
7 Romain Grosjean 28
8 Adrian Sutil 28
9 Nico Hülkenberg 27
10, Paul di Resta 25
11, Valtteri Bottas 25
12, Daniel Ricciardo 24
13, Nico Rosberg 21
14, Sergio Perez 19
15, Charles Pic 17
16, Esteban Gutierrez 17
17, Pastor Maldonado 17
18, Sebastian Vettel 16
19, Jenson Button 16
20, Giedo van der Garde 11
21, Max Chilton 7
22, Jules Bianchi 5

Da TurunSanomat.fi


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