A proposito di Kimi

E io pago…–27/09/2013

Oskari Saari from MTV3:
Lopez told French Auto Hebdo -magazine, that he "imagined that Räikkönen didn’t come back to F1 only for money, but now it’s clear that the truth is completely the opposite". Saari thinks that his comment is incomprehensible.
– When Kimi has flied all year from race to race with his own money, it’s incredible to start explain that Kimi came back only for money. It’s clear that you have to get your salary, Saari says.
– On top of that Kimi told in a very appropriate way how things are. I find it incomprehensible that first they don’t take care of their own responsibilities and then they start to whine about him being here for the money. If you race from March to September with with your own money and without complaining, then I think it tells about something completely different, Saari said.
Saari reminds that all drivers couldn’t even manage to travel at their own expense. Räikkönen is also not the only one in Lotus who has been left without money. Saari also understands Lotus-team’s side in this matter. The team is in debts and Räikkönen’s departure isn’t helping them at all. Nobody wants Lotus-team’s problems to continue, everybody hopes they have a competitive Lotus next season also.
– I understand that Kimi’s departure hurts, I can imagine that the interest of many sponsors disappears due to that. It came at a bad time, the team’s management has many times admitted in our interviews how Kimi’s significance for the team’s attraction is very huge, Saari says.
– Because of that the switch is a bad thing, however they shouldn’t go and promise salaries they cannot afford to pay. It’s not easy for teams in this financial situation, but they shouldn’t start to bash afterwards.

Da MTV3.fi


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