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GP Corea, commenti post libere–04/10/2013

Rare Off-Track Excursion for Kimi Räikkönen Countered by Strong Pace

After an uncharacteristic excursion into the barriers left his crew busy repairing the car over lunch, our Finn went on to post some impressive long run lap times around the Yeongam circuit; boding well for the weekend ahead

How was your day?

Obviously it didn’t help that I destroyed part of the car this morning; maybe I ran out of talent there! It didn’t cause too much damage and the car was fine for the second practice, even if the guys had quite a hurry to fix it. They did a good job and we managed to complete everything we wanted today.

How does the E21 feel here?

The car feels quite strong – especially on the long runs – so that’s good news for the race. On the short runs it wasn’t exactly as I wanted, but we still have some time to make improvements there.

Can you remember the last time you had a crash in a practice session?

It was a pretty long time ago… maybe 2007?

How’s the back?

It’s pretty okay, no dramas there.

Da LotusF1.com

Korean GP: Lotus to stick with long wheelbase F1 car

Lotus will stick with its long wheelbase car for the remainder of the Korean Grand Prix weekend after an encouraging opening day of practice.

Although Kimi Raikkonen’s day was interrupted by a high-speed crash at the end of first practice, Romain Grosjean ended the second session with the sixth fastest time.

The team has faith that the tweaks to the car – which were tried for the first time at the Italian Grand Prix – deliver enough of a boost for it to be worth committing to for now.

Grosjean said that he could not feel where the car was a step forward, but that was probably due to the fact that there was no opportunity to conduct a proper back-to-back test.

"To be honest, I don’t feel any difference so we should be alright," said Grosjean. "It is on paper supposed to be more stable on high speed and the entry of slow speed – but it is hard to say when you get in the car and drive it.

"It is not like we could have done a back-to-back to see exactly what the differences are. In general, we don’t have to complain about the car too much."

Raikkonen believes that things were heading in the right direction for the team, despite his crash.

"It didn’t help that I destroyed the car this morning, so there was a hurry to fix it," he said.

"I think it was okay. The long run seems to be fine, but on the short run it is not exactly how I wanted. But I think I made in the end a good car, just a bit faster."

Da Autosport.com

Da Sky 04/10/2013

Raikkonen denies crash due to fading motivation

Kimi Raikkonen has denied his motivation is fading as he sees out his last few races at Lotus.

The laconic Finn is returning to his former team Ferrari next year, and on Friday in Korea he made an ultra-rare mistake and crashed heavily.

In fact, it was Raikkonen’s first significant incident since his return to F1: "It must have been about 2008," the 33-year-old is quoted by Speed Week.

He is out of the running for this year’s world championship, and reportedly racing without pay for the time being.

Is Raikkonen’s motivation on the wane?

"For me, nothing changes," he insisted. "The title is gone but I still fight for wins and podiums.

"The fact that I have signed for another team changes nothing, as I’m not interested in just rolling around."

When asked about his back injury, Raikkonen said it feels "ok" in Korea, even though he admitted he is deliberately dodging some of the harshest kerbs.

Da Grandprix.com


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