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GP d’India, commenti post libere–25/10/2013

Kimi Räikkönen Encouraged by Setup Improvements in India

A day of setup improvement seeking for our Finn at the Buddh International Circuit resulted in a much more satisfied Iceman heading into tomorrow’s qualifying lottery; here’s his view on events…

How would you sum up your day?

It was a pretty normal Friday for us. We kept trying to find improvements in the car. We had some problems in the morning, and I flat spotted a hard tyre on my first run in the afternoon so I couldn’t really use it much as I couldn’t see when running in a straight line after that. Just normal Friday things really; we’ll look at everything and try to make the car better for tomorrow now.

Did you find any improvements today?

Yes, the car’s better than it started the day but it’s still not completely the way we want it and I have a few issues with the front end. We’d like to change a few things that you can’t now because of the latest rules for how you can use the tyres with camber and pressures, so we’re looking at different ways of changing the set-up to get what I want from the car. I’m not too worried about it today and I’m sure I could have gone faster; if I can’t get it as I want I’ll just try and live with it.

There’s been quite a bit of talk about tyre blistering today – any dramas for you?

We had some blistering on the soft tyres but we changed the set-up and it made things better.

How well do you think you can qualify tomorrow?

I’m sure we can do better than in the last few races where I made a few mistakes; some of those because the car’s not easy to drive as it’s not exactly as I want it. Let’s see tomorrow.

Da LotusF1.com

Raikkonen says revised tyres hampering qualifying progress

Kimi Raikkonen says the chances of curing his qualifying issues are being hampered by the tyre usage restrictions that have been imposed over the second half of the campaign.

As reported by AUTOSPORT, Raikkonen has suffered a drop in qualifying form because the new Pirelli tyres used since the Hungarian Grand Prix do not suit his driving style.

Although he has made some progress on the issue in recent races, he revealed ahead of the Indian GP that he is being limited in what he can do by the camber and pressure restrictions that Pirelli have imposed on safety grounds.

"The limits on the cambers and pressures, they add up to a lot," he said, when asked by AUTOSPORT about how he was coping with the matter.

"There are not many things you can do, and unfortunately we are a bit stuck. If we were free to do with the cambers what we want, it would be a much easier thing.

"But that is how it is. I think for one lap it is an issue – but in the race it is not so much because you don’t push as much in certain places

"Hopefully we can try to do other things, but then you start hurting in places that you were fine before.

"It is a never ending story and we are not really getting anywhere – so we have to try to figure it out. It is what it is, but we are not worried by it.

"In certain places yes I could go faster, but we have to try to live with it."

Despite fearing that the usage limits will prevent a total cure for his problems he thinks that some progress is being made.

"We have some plans and hopefully we can improve it a bit," he said. "I am sure we can do better than the last few races."

Da Autosport.com

Da Sky:


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