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Come non parlare ad un campione, Robertson e Häkkinen

Häkkinen doesn’t approve Permane’s behavior – Was Kimi ‘paid back’?
Mika Häkkinen believes that the knowledge of Kimi Räikkönen’s switch to Ferrari affected Alan Permane’s behavior in India.
Permane screamed and cursed to Kimi Räikkönen when Kimi didn’t immediately let Romain Grosjean past him in India.
– Alan Permane’s behavior was really not smart or correct. In those teams I have raced the team radio messages have always been understood without any cursing, Häkkinen writes in his column in Ilta-Sanomat.
– I understand that the emotions can come to play when a long and difficult race is about to end, but cursing and screaming only make the situation worse.
Later on Permane and Räikkönen continued their harsh discussion on the paddock.
– Sometimes people hold something against other people. Kimi has snapped all kinds of things to the team during the season, so maybe Permane thought that he will now pay him back.
– Maybe he could have controlled himself better if he didn’t know Kimi was changing teams.

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Häkkinen has a clear opinion about Räikkönen’s driving – Did Kimi do the right thing?
– Lotus-team’s operation in India looked quite stupid. The situation where Romain Grosjean tried to overtake Kimi should have been handled better, Häkkinen writes.
Räikkönen didn’t let Grosjean immediately past since his tyres were pretty much worn out. After that there was a heated discussion containing swearing words between Räikkönen and Alan Permane.
– I understand Kimi. If he had made room for Grosjean in the fast corner then his tyres would had been in an even worse condition. Kimi would easily had lost 3-4 seconds before getting his pace back again.
– Kimi was thinking just like every experienced driver thinks. If he had let Grosjean past in the wrong place, then someone else could also had passed him – and Felipe Massa was very close.
– Why was the team’s language exceptionally harsh towards Kimi and w
hy didn’t the team give him earlier information about how close Grosjean was? One could also aslk why Grosjean had to go so greedily for the overtake that tyres clashed, Häkkinen writes.

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Manager dumbstruck over the way Räikkönen was treated
Steve Robertson sighed deeply on the phone even on Tuesday. You could hear his sigh from Dubai to Turku when he was asked how he felt about Alan Permane’s public cursing in the team radio when drivers battled for positions in the overtaking situation.
– I have never heard any person from any team management shout at Kimi like that, Robertson wonders.
– Grosjean squeezed Kimi the same way three weeks earlier in Korea. Of course his tyres were now worn out, but Kimi always tries to fight for as long as his machinery allows him to do that, Robertson said.
Some reporter colleagues asked me after India if Räikkönen only drives for himself without listening to anyone.
I asked his manager the same question.
– Just like all top drivers Kimi drives firstly and mostly for himself – otherwise none of them would win championships. But of course Kimi can play for the team. If his teammate drives for the championship when he is out of it already, then he doesn’t make his WDC-battle difficult.
– Grosjean is not driving for the WDC, so in that sistuation he was just like any other competitor to Kimi who threathens his position, Robertson told TS.
Bouillier’s apology and Mika Häkkinen’s words (already translated)
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