A proposito di Kimi

Kimi’s Column post GP Abu Dhabi–11/11/2013

The Judgement Day I have experienced a lot during my days in Formula One. But the surprise we got in Abu Dhabi after the good qualifying session was a very new happening to me. We had the car to go well in one lap, as well as to have a good race speed. I was not able to get a 100% lap in qualifying, but it was good enough to put us in P5 on the grid. I was pretty happy with it ­ untill we found out, there is going to be a penalty for us. There was a heavy shunt to the floor while we went over the kerb in the first run. There was no way to avoid the crash, but we never ever expected it to cause the misery for the race, as well. The stewards ruled us out of the results. Then we had to start from the back of the grid. In a place like Abu Dhabi, it means it was a very, very tricky race to try to come back in a points winning position. We had to start from the grid, as it was the supposed to be the quickest way to recover some positions. Obviously, it didn¹t work out. After the start I went for the inside line, then we touched with the Caterham. It was just a light touch, but hard to enough to break the steering column. That¹s about it from the last two races. We have had some luck many times during these two seasons, but in Abu Dhabi I felt like all the luck had gone and everything went against us. But this is motor racing. You have to be prepared to accept everything is possible!

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