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Cercasi Kimi disperatamente–24/11/2013

Da racingnerds.com e TurunSanomat.fi

Rain and Samba

I counted that I have followed the Brasilian Grand Prix -races from the paddock for 15 times already. While writing this, it rains outside once again.

I have a lot of good Finnish memories from Brazil.

The only time when Mika Häkkinen won three races in a row was in Brazil 1998.

Häkkinen wiped his nose in Finland’s flag and it was, to some, seen as almost a sacrilege.

The most memorable day on the Interlagos track was, of course, 21.10.2007. There, Kimi scored one point more than Lewis Hamilton and incredibly, won the WDC that year.

I was the only reporter invited to Ferrari’s championship party. There, we danced the Samba so much that I will probably remember it for the rest of my life.

This weekend Räikkönen is only a memory at the F1-paddock. Of course, they wish Kimi would be back soon. People from both Lotus and Ferrari have every now and then asked me how Kimi is doing.

Everything is good, his spirit is high, but the final inspection by his doctor will tell when Räikkönen can start training flat out again. According to an expert, it should be possible for Kimi to start training five weeks after the surgery.

Turun Sanomat, Sao Paulo

Da Seiska.fi

Kimi Räikkönen and Minttu: Shouting argument!

Kimi Räikkönen and Minttu Virtanen got into a shouting argument. The dispute started when the duo was out celebrating her birthday in VIP-restaurant Teatteri last Saturday 16.11.2013.
– It was Minttu’s birthday and the gang was there celebrating it, Seiska was told.
In the middle of the night Kimi and Minttu got into an argument.
– The argument escalated into shouting, because of which Kimi decided to leave the restaurant. In the end Minttu stayed there celebrating her birthday without Kimi.
Kimi was in a back surgery last Thursday and according to Lotus the surgery went well.



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