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Fast Forward: Kimi Raikkonen’s Return To Scuderia Ferrari Completes Oakley Team, Elevates Program

They call him ‘Iceman’ for a reason (and it isn’t from his home country’s reputation for freezing weather).

Kimi Raikkonen’s world-famous swagger, disdain for prying Formula One media questions and his Championship-tested skills on the track all contributed to his reputation as one of the most badass drivers anywhere.

His storied career – lined with a tantalizing Formula One World Championship driving for Scuderia Ferrari and binders full of quotable and imitation-worthy scenarios highlighting his edgy personality – has captured the imagination of racing fans worldwide.

But following a quick drop out of F1 for some quick stints in RallyCar (and even a short lived experiment in racing Camping Trucks in NASCAR), he returned to the big stage under the Lotus factory badge.

Although his much-heralded return came with a win at Abu Dhabi in 2012, it became clear that he simply wasn’t on a team with a realistic shot at Championship contention. Then an old friend came knocking.

Fast-forward to today and there’s a new beginning on the horizon for the Finnish superstar speed demon.

Agreeing to return to the prestigious ‘Prancing Horse’ and its storied legacy, Kimi signed on at a moment in Ferrari history that simply has all the makings for one heck of a season.

Set to race alongside Spanish superstar driver, Fernando Alonso, on what can only be called a dream team – Kimi’s arrival signals a completion of Oakley’s Formula One team of sorts.

Although both Kimi and Fernando have been Oakley family drivers for the past couple of years – proudly sporting the “O” to express their elite lifestyles, Oakley’s presence in the sport hadn’t reached team level…until late 2013 that is.

Announcing the early news rather casually, and on a small scale at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin (Texas) in mid-November, Scuderia Ferrari and Oakley Motorsports signaled an official partnership between two Global powerhouses and premium brands.

With Oakley and Ferrari designers teaming up to create jaw dropping designs and collaborate on dream projects – and both Championship caliber drivers ripping up the track – it’s safe to say that Scuderia Ferrari will be prancing into 2014 with momentum and a synergetic energy that’s set to send ripples throughout the globe.

With a car, team and overall program with eyes and crosshairs set on returning a World Championship to its stable, Kimi is poised for one hell of a return to former glory.

Watch for Kimi and Fernando as they represent Oakley’s Global presence in motorsports and continue the legacy of the most storied racing team in history this next season!

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