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GP Monaco, commenti post gara–25/05/2014

Da SkyF1:

Raikkonen questions stewards’ priorities

Kimi Raikkonen has questioned why the stewards at the Monaco Grand Prix did not make a bigger deal about his incident with Max Chilton that ruined his race.

Raikkonen was running third when the safety car was called out to clear Adrian Sutil’s crashed Sauber at the Nouvelle Chicane. When lapped cars were allowed to repass, Chilton made contact with Raikkonen at Mirabeau causing a puncture and forcing the Ferrari to pit again.

Chilton was reprimanded for the incident, which was the same punishment that Raikkonen received for his clash with Kevin Magnussen towards the end of the race, but when Raikkonen was called to the stewards’ office he felt more attention was given to the latter incident and the fact he missed the drivers’ parade.

"Nobody talked about the safety car thing until I asked," he said before the reprimands had been published. "It’s not very straightforward unfortunately with those things sometimes. Obviously that was the thing that destroyed the race, but clearly they were not very interested.

"They asked why I missed the drivers’ parade, but that was because I did not feel very good. So they make a big story about that, but not the main things."

Despite running as high as third and pulling away from Daniel Ricciardo before the safety car, Raikkonen said he was still not happy with the way his Ferrari was handling.

"Small things went wrong and it made a massive difference. It was unfortunate things but I’m still unhappy with the car, the race was better than qualifying, but we still have a long way to go and to be where we want to be."

Da Espn.co.uk

Monaco GP: Kimi Raikkonen says Max Chilton destroyed his race

Kimi Raikkonen feels a collision with Max Chilton’s Marussia under the second safety car period "destroyed" his Monaco Grand Prix.

The Finn was on course to score his first Formula 1 podium since returning to Ferrari prior to the incident.

Raikkonen jumped from sixth on the grid to fourth at the start and ran third after Sebastian Vettel dropped back with an engine problem in his Red Bull, but was forced to make a second pitstop under the safety car when a collision with Chilton at Mirabeau punctured his rear tyre.

The Briton received a reprimand from the stewards over the incident.

"For some reason he managed to run into my rear tyre and damage it," Raikkonen explained.

"He was unlapping himself, but I don’t know how he expected me to go offline in the tight corner as he was going past me.

"I don’t know what he was thinking, but obviously it destroyed my race and after that point the race was gone.

"I had a good position, good speed, but again got nothing out of it. But it wasn’t really our fault."

The Chilton clash dropped Raikkonen to the rear of the field, but he mounted a recovery into the top eight before tagging Kevin Magnussen’s McLaren as he reversed out of a botched passing attempt at Loews hairpin in the late stages.

Raikkonen later received a reprimand for his incident with Magnussen.

Da Autosport.com

Monaco GP: Kimi Raikkonen penalised for clash with Kevin Magnussen

Kimi Raikkonen has been reprimanded for his Monaco Grand Prix clash with Kevin Magnussen, while no action was taken over Jenson Button and Sergio Perez’s collision.

The Formula 1 stewards investigated both incidents after the race but chose to limit the penalties to Raikkonen’s reprimand.

The Ferrari man had been chasing Magnussen’s McLaren for seventh place with six laps to go when they became entangled at Loews as the Finn tried to outbrake his rival.

Magnussen was adamant that the incident had been Raikkonen’s fault.

"I closed the door at Loews and he chose to go anyway," said the rookie, who fell back to 10th with an engine issue.

Raikkonen had been running third until hit by Max Chilton’s Marussia during the second safety car period. He had to pit for repairs and fell to 14th.

He admitted that after that delay he had been willing to make very aggressive moves.

"I tried to overtake on the inside kerb and couldn’t make the corner," Raikkonen said of the Magnussen incident.

"He moved a little bit to the left and I went over the kerb and was pretty close to the turn, but the wall was too close and I had to reverse.

"I never hit him until I reversed, because obviously he was behind me.

"But I didn’t really care at that point – a few points for eighth place, or 10th place or 11th place, it makes no difference for me."

Da Autosport.com


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