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GP Canada, dichiarazioni del giovedì–05/06/2014

Ferrari F1 duo tell team not to lose focus on long-term recovery


Raikkonen has had a more difficult time than Alonso this season as he has struggled to get comfortable with the handling of the F14 T.

But with the team having only had one podium finish this season, thanks to Alonso’s efforts in China, Raikkonen knows that Ferrari’s problems go beyond just what he is experiencing.

"We have issues and we are not as fast as we want to be, and we just have to fix those," he said.

"Obviously if we would be happy we should be winning races, and we are not. So there are things that we have to fix.

"But there are many small things and hopefully once we fix those we will be where we want to be but it is a long process, it is not going to happen in three weeks.

"We are never happy – even if you win races or championships you are still never happy. There are always things that you can fix."

When asked if it was realistic to believe Ferrari could turn around its fortunate and fight Mercedes for the title, Raikkonen said: "It is very hard for anyone to challenge them unfortunately. I might be wrong about that, but that is how it goes.

"In the past years you can see how it can change, but when one team is winning it is hard to beat.

"But our aim is to fix the things that we think is the issue and get better all the time.

"We want to do the best that we can at every race, and hopefully win races or be on the podium – and just get stronger and sort out the things for the future and the upcoming races."

Da Autosport.com

No clear-the-air talks between F1 rivals Raikkonen and Magnussen

Raikkonen blamed McLaren rookie Magnussen for "destroying" his Malaysian Grand Prix earlier this season, after a hit from behind, and also criticised the Dane for damaging his Ferrari in the next race in Bahrain.

They made contact again in Monaco last time out, when Raikkonen misjudged a pass on Magnussen at Lowes late in the closing stages.

Magnussen questioned his rival’s judgement of the move after the race, and joked with Danish TV that maybe Raikkonen had been drinking.

But Magnussen told reporters ahead of this weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix that he had not spoken to his rival about any of the incidents.

"There’s not much to talk about really," Magnussen said.

"I’m pretty sure we both understand what happened in those different incidents, so we learn and move on from that.

"It’s not something we do on purpose, it’s something that is an accident."

Raikkonen reiterated that he only hit Magnussen in Monaco after running out of steering lock and needing to reverse to rejoin the track, and said he wasn’t bothered by criticism from his rival.

"He can say what we wants in the news, that is his choice," Raikkonen said.

"Sometimes it goes like that.

"I tried [to pass him] in Monaco, but I didn’t hit him – I just couldn’t turn around any more.

"I hit him when I reversed because he was behind me, I had to push him backwards a little bit, but he can say what he wants. It is up to him."

Da Autosport.com

Kimi Raikkonen claims Ferrari title challenge unlikely

Kimi Raikkonen claims that Ferrari will not be able to improve their performance enough to challenge for the World Championship title this year.

The Finn’s best results in 2014 are two seventh places in Australia and Spain.

"It hasn’t been the best year so far but I’m sure we can turn it around and get where we want, not this year but in the future," Raikkonen said.

It is the first official admission that Ferrari are unlikely to catch Mercedes duo Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton.

Ahead of this weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix, Rosberg is four points clear at the top of the drivers’ title, with team-mate Hamilton his nearest rival.

The German team are also running away with the constructors’ title having won all six races this year, with Hamilton taking four and Rosberg two.

Ferrari have managed one podium finish with Fernando Alonso so far this season.

And the Spaniard is already 61 points adrift of leader Rosberg in the championship.

Raikkonen’s team-mate Alonso said after the last race in Monaco that he believed Ferrari would "be more and more competitive every race" and insisted: "So many things can be improved on the car.

"If we do improve those things we could still have some good races and results."

Raikkonen has been out-qualified by Alonso four times in six races and is 44 points behind him in the championship.

Raikkonen said he had no regrets about re-joining Ferrari, for whom he won the title in his first spell with the team in 2007, saying: "I thought it was the best for me and I’m still thinking the same way."

But he admitted he was struggling with certain aspects of the car’s performance.

"It hasn’t been easy for me this year, but I have been going through the same problems in the past," added Raikkonen, who is taking part in his 200th grand prix in Canada.

"It is to do with how you drive and you can change your driving style a bit, but certain things might still not work for you.

"The thing that can make the biggest difference for the drivers is the tyres. The tyres unfortunately make such a big difference.

"If they change tyres and the front end (of the car) is not strong any more, there are so many small details that have to come together to make things work for you.

"I am quite sensitive on certain areas and seem to struggle when it’s hard to get the tyres working."

Raikkonen said his 200th grand prix, of which he has won 20, meant little to him.

"I don’t count it and for me it’s just another race this year," he added.

Da BBC.com


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