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GP Canada, commenti del venerdì–06/06/2014

Kimi Raikkonen: “Speedy work”

Kimi Raikkonen: “Like every Friday, today’s programme centred on looking at different set-ups in the first session and a race simulation with both compounds in the second one. This morning, because of a problem on my car, I was unable to run as much as planned and that’s never a good thing, because getting in plenty of laps is very important. Thanks to speedy work from the team, in the afternoon, we managed to make up for the run lost in the morning and even if it’s too early to make predictions, overall, it didn’t go badly and by the end of the day my feeling with the car had improved. I am still not 100% happy with the handling of the F14 T, but I am sure that an analysis of the data we gathered will point us in the right direction for qualifying and the race.”

Da Ferrari.com

19:33 Here’s how the top 10 stacked up in that second session:
1 Hamilton 1m16.118s
2 Rosberg +0.175s
3 Vettel +0.455s
4 Raikkonen +0.530s
5 Alonso +0.583s
6 Massa +0.656s
7 Bottas +0.775s
8 Magnussen +0.934s
9 Button +0.941s
10 Vergne +1.062s

19:20 Grosjean went off there at the chicane at Turn 8/9 and has deposited a significant amount of mud both on the track and in the path of Kimi Raikkonen’s Ferrari.

19:18 Lloyd lets Raikkonen know that he’s lapping faster than the Mercedes, which are on super-softs while the Ferrari has softs. Lloyd is also certain the Mercedes are running lighter.

19:15 Raikkonen’s new engineering team member David Lloyd tells the Finn to use "fuel six", then explains that this setting "is automatic fuel-saving."

18:57 Raikkonen goes for a spin at the Turn 10 hairpin. The car snapped around quickly there, not a lot Kimi could have done to save it.

18:52 After a careful lap, Raikkonen picks things up and goes third fastest, beating Ferrari team-mate Alonso.

18:19 Raikkonen spoils the symmetry by thrusting his Ferrari into sixth place.

17:45 Changes in Kimi Raikkonen’s engineering line-up, as Ferrari recalls David Lloyd to try to improve lines of communication.

16:02 BEN ANDERSON: "Another fascinating venue at which to watch the cars trackside. Really interesting to see the contrasting styles of Alonso and Raikkonen in particular. Raikkonen carries a lot of momentum and really leans on the rear of his car, while Alonso seems to be pushing harder with the front of his Ferrari, and takes masses of kerb at the first chicane."

14:30 Conversely, next time around EDD STRAW spotted Alonso having a big sideways moment, while Raikkonen carried better speed.

BEN ANDERSON’s observations on the Ferrari drivers: "Raikkonen is wonderful to watch here. He looks set for an accident every lap as he rally drives his way through the chicane. It’s spectacular, but surely not the quickest way.
"Alonso is much tidier and using more kerb on the way in."

Da Autosport.com


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