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GP d’Austria, commenti post gara–22/06/2014

“A difficult Sunday”

Kimi Raikkonen: “This was another very difficult race for me, despite having gone in a different direction yesterday to try and improve the performance. Unfortunately, it did not bring the improvements I’d hoped for and again here I found myself fighting the handling of the car. At the start I made up one place, but already on the second lap I began to have a problem with the brakes overheating and this meant I had to slow down. At the time of my first pit stop, my tyres were completely worn and on my in-lap alone I lost two places. We should definitely have stopped sooner. Compared to the start of the season, progress has been made, even if there’s still a lot to do as our speed still doesn’t allow us to fight for the top places.”

Da Ferrari.com

Pat Fry: “Some progress”

“Kimi struggled more than Fernando and unfortunately, with him we paid a high price for his in-lap before his first stop when the rear tyres were on the limit. Now we must look ahead to the next race in Silverstone, a very different circuit to this one, where we can also expect the Red Bulls to be back on form. As usual we will try and be in the fight and to prepare our car as well as possible for this new challenge.”

Da Ferrari.com 

Raikkonen confused by pit stop timing

Kimi Raikkonen does not know why Ferrari pitted him when they did during today’s Austrian Grand Prix, but admitted that it cost him a better result.

The Finn lost two positions on his in-lap and then dropped further back when he re-emerged from the pit lane. It was a disappointing race that only yielded one point for the 2007 world champion.

“For me it was really bad timing for the pit stop,” he said. “My tyres were not good. I lost two places on my in lap, but obviously I don’t know the reason.

“It cost some places and with the speed that I had, there was no way I could get it back. It was not very good.”

He struggled under braking on Friday and Saturday but the Maranello-based team made changes to the car. However, he does not believe the tweaks worked.

“We tried something different since Saturday onwards and I don’t think it made an awful lot of difference. Once you have decided to go one way you have to stick with it. That is what we did but it was not really different today.”

His team-mate Fernando Alonso took the chequered flag in fifth place. His pace in the second half of the race looked better, but he disagrees.

“No I think it was just coincidence,” he admitted. “First of all the cars ahead had Perez slowing the group and we were catching up. They seemed to use the maximum power only a few laps in the race and they have so much advantage that they play with it a little bit.

“With Massa in the end, when I was close, he pulled away. Same with Hamilton on the first lap, it was unbelievable the difference between the two cars. I think if they ran with those settings every lap they would have lapped everyone, but they cannot do for the whole race.”

He feels the team is making progress with the car, as does Raikkonen, but says it is difficult to judge just how much each team has improved at every race.

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