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Una situazione frustrante–23/06/2014

Raikkonen frustrated by Ferrari issues during the Austrian GP

Kimi Raikkonen has expressed his frustration at being told to look after his brakes early in the Austrian Grand Prix, saying Ferrari cannot afford for such things to happen.

With the Red Bull Ring Formula 1 weekend having once again highlighted the engine deficit Ferrari has to Mercedes, Raikkonen’s hopes of a decent haul of points were wrecked by him having to have back off early.

The Finn reckons that in Ferrari’s current situation, it is essential that it can push its car to the maximum throughout every grand prix to have any hope of a good result.

"We had to go down [on the engine settings] but also after two laps I had brake issues," explained the Finn, who eventually finished 10th.

"They asked me to cool the brakes but I was trying to fight against the other guys. So it was quite difficult after two laps being asked to slow down for brake issues.

"We know those kinds of things should not be happening, and we have to fix them. We cannot go into the race and start slowing down after two laps because of issues like that.

"We are not fast enough for giving up points, so there is more work to do to get there."

When asked how much of a step forward Ferrari had made since the start of the 2014 F1 campaign, Raikkonen said: "I think we are more or less in the same place.

"I think it depends a lot to do with the layout of the circuit, how it is for each team.

"[Austria] has long straights and the Mercedes powered cars seem to be working. But we have improved for sure in various places, and the car is much more together from the first race.

"But we need much bigger improvements on the engine and aero and those kind of things to get where the Mercedes guys are."

Da Autosport.com

Da TS.fi, Traduzione

From weekend to another Kimi Raikkonen keeps on having problems to get his Ferrari car to his liking. It was already told by Kimi forehand that for F14T the worst tracks will be Bahrain,Canada and Austria…and it was excatly what happened.
In these three races Kimi came 10th in all of them.
-" It was the same fighting with the car again whole weekend, Kimi said"
– There is certain things on the car, that won’t work like I want them to and there is troubles with tyres.It’s the combination of the two that are causing troubles. We know what we should do to the car, when we lose on the mechanical side, when we have no grip when accelarating out of the corners, or even normal grip, we should get changes to the balance.
– Car is very difficult to drive for me, because I hate the kind of front end that is weak and that’s excatly what we have at the moment.When we then focus more to the front end, we lose the grip of the rear.
-We have tried to find a better balance between the two, because we have to get that to work.It’s however clear, that it takes time to find that balance.But I’m convinced that we will find it.
When team asked during the race Kimi to push faster, he answered give me more power.So was there problems on the engine side?
"-yes, we had to cool it down, but already after two laps my brakes were overheating, and team asked me to cool them.I was at that moment driving behind another car(Magnussen) and another car (Hulkenberg) was behind me, so cooling them was difficult at that point.Those things should not happend, you can’t race if already after two laps you have to slow down.
Raikkonen lost a lot of time during the pitstop.
– The timing of my pitstop was really bad, when my tyres were already in pretty bad shape.I don’t know the reason, why we stopped so late but it did cost few places. With the speed I had, there was no way to get those places back. It was a bad thing, Kimi said."


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