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GP Singapore, commenti post qualifiche–20/09/2014


Singapore GP: Software glitch caused Raikkonen’s qualifying issue

Ferrari has said a software problem was to blame for Kimi Raikkonen’s missed opportunity in Singapore Grand Prix qualifying.

The Finn looked set for one of his strongest performances of a difficult 2014 Formula 1 season as he topped Q1 in Singapore, but the car issue forced him to abandon Q3 after one run, leaving him seventh on the grid.

When asked by AUTOSPORT to describe the problem, Raikkonen replied: “I think it was some electronic thing, so when you tried to apply power it just cut off.

“Hopefully it is just a small thing, but it was big enough to destroy our qualifying in the end.”

Ferrari technical chief Pat Fry apologised to Raikkonen for the issue.

“We are sorry that he had a software problem on his final Q3 run, because he could definitely have got a better result,” said Fry.

Raikkonen said that the Q3 issue had not overshadowed the breakthrough he made with the Ferrari on Saturday.

“We’ve been struggling with the car a bit all weekend, but we kept changing it and we changed it for qualifying, which was good,” he said.

“It was one of the few times that we have changed it to something really good that I wanted.

“Unfortunately we had a problem, but there was a lot of potential today and it was nice to have a good feeling with the car.”

He also felt he had yet to show his full potential before the software glitch.

“I know I kept messing up the middle sector all the time and there was a lot of potential on the other sectors,” said Raikkonen.

“There was a good feeling with the car and I could put it where I wanted.

“It was feeling easier to drive, so it’s a shame what happened today, but that’s our sport.

“Sometimes you hope it would happen during a different weekend when you’re having difficult times.”

Da Autosport.com


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