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Smentite anticipate–30/10/2014

Kimi Raikkonen denies rumours Ferrari struggling with 2015 F1 car

Kimi Raikkonen has rubbished suggestions that Ferrari is behind with its 2015 Formula 1 car.

Reports emerged last week claiming that initial windtunnel data from Ferrari had indicated next year’s car was not producing as much downforce as the 2014 F14T.

But speaking ahead of the United States Grand Prix, Raikkonen said that he had not heard any negative messages from inside the team and he was full of confidence about what would be delivered next year.

"There are a lot of rumours in F1 but I have 100 per cent trust in the team, in the people who build the cars, and all the mechanics," said Raikkonen about the rumours.

"People are always speaking, but the problem is they are not the people designing the car or in the windtunnel.

"I am sure we can have a good package. Is it good enough? Time will tell. But we have a lot of work to do.

"We learned a lot from this year and we don’t expect to lead the championship from the front and be winning all the races. But I am sure we will make a big leap and be up there fighting and improving things."

"We know where the issues are, and I know the people can make good decisions and fix the issues.

"There are some limits of what we can do and cannot do, and obviously that limits us a little bit but for sure we will improve."

Although Raikkonen has had a disappointing campaign for Ferrari, he insisted he has no regrets about joining the Maranello outfit.

"For sure I made 100 per cent the right decision," he said. "Obviously the results have not been what I want or what the team wants, but that is how it goes.

"We have improved from where we started. There have been some better moments but it is not easy to fix some issues and get things exactly as you want.

"You end up with a small thing here and a small thing there, and the end result is that you end up having a big price for it.

"But I am happy to be here. For anything after first place, I would rather be in a Ferrari than any other team."

Da Autosport.com


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