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GP Spagna, commenti post qualifiche–09/05/2015

Spanish GP: Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen rues freak tyre blanket issue

Ferrari Formula 1 driver Kimi Raikkonen said a “freak” incident with a blanket burning a set of tyres hampered him in Spanish Grand Prix qualifying.

The Finn had been third in Q2, but was only able to use one set of new tyres in Q3 after the unusual problem.

That left Raikkonen off the pace and he ended up seventh while his team-mate Sebastian Vettel qualified third behind the two Mercedes.

“We had one new set of tyres we could have used in last qualifying but for some freak reason it got burnt in a blanket and destroyed,” said Raikkonen.

“But that is part of the game. It’s been a difficult few days but tomorrow is the race so hopefully we can score good points.”

Ferrari brought a major update package to Spain, but after Raikkonen struggled for pace in Friday practice he reverted back to the Bahrain set-up.

The Finn said it was his decision to do so and denied that had anything to do with his poor grid slot.

Instead, he put the error down to the conditions and his own mistakes.

“It was my decision plus the team’s,” said Raikkonen. “We changed the car to the old package because I wasn’t sure about it as yesterday was a difficult day.

“I wanted to make sure this was OK and if the new package was working as it should.

“When you make the decision obviously it is a lot of work to change. There was no chance to change it back but I’m happy to take the risk.

“I don’t think the outcome would have been as bad but for the last part of qualifying.

“The car felt good in the morning and in qualifying, too, but the last set [of tyres] in Q3 gave me poor grip and it was a bad lap.

“I was prepared to take the risk and it was working OK up until that point. It is what it is.”

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