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GP Monaco, commenti post gara–24/05/2015

Kimi Raikkonen says Daniel Ricciardo deserved penalty in Monaco GP

Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen believes it is “obvious” Formula 1 rival Daniel Ricciardo should have been penalised for their clash in the Monaco Grand Prix.

Ricciardo dived down the inside of Raikkonen at Mirabeau in the closing stages of the race to take fifth, as the Red Bull driver attempted to make the most of his new super-soft Pirellis after the safety-car period.

Raikkonen made a late attempt to defend the position and his right-rear was tagged by Ricciardo’s left-front wheel, sending the Finn wide and allowing Ricciardo to take the place.

The stewards investigated the incident during the race but opted to take no further action.

“It’s not very clear what you’re allowed to do and what you’re not allowed to do because someone can get a penalty for something and another cannot,” complained Raikkonen, who finished sixth, behind Ricciardo.

“It usually is a penalty for these kind of things and this time not.

“There’s no certain way of what is allowed and what is not so in my view it was pretty obvious but the stewards think differently.”

After passing Raikkonen, Ricciardo was waved past Red Bull team-mate Daniil Kvyat to enable him to use his fresher tyres to make a late bid for the podium.

That ultimately failed, leading Red Bull to instruct Ricciardo to let Kvyat back past, but team Christian Horner praised the Australian for the aggression he showed in the final part of the race.

“It was a brave move at the top of the hill to get down the inside [of Raikkonen],” he said. “Thankfully the stewards thought it was also fair.

“He managed a brave move to get past Kimi and then it made sense to switch the drivers on the understanding that if he couldn’t pass the cars ahead he would have to give the position back and they both played very nicely.”

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