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Voglio una F1 spericolata–11/06/2015

Kimi Raikkonen: Formula 1 could be a ‘little more dangerous’

Kimi Raikkonen feels Formula 1 needs to become "a little more dangerous" if it is again to become a major attraction for fans.

Currently deep into his second spell in F1, after a two-year hiatus in the World Rally Championship in 2010-11, Raikkonen has become dismayed at the fact cars have become slower.

The 2007 world champion feels there needs to again be an edge to F1, and for the fans to appreciate the drivers are giving their all for their entertainment.

"When I first arrived in F1 it was more exciting for everyone," said Raikkonen, in an interview with Jean Alesi on Canal+.

"It really was the top, it was a long time ago.

"You would have thought cars would have become faster, but with rule changes they have tried to make them more slow.

"We must do something to make watching F1 more exciting, to appreciate the speed and to make it a little more dangerous. It is part of the game.

"We don’t wish to see anyone hurt, but it makes things a little more exciting."

Although it is not the first time Raikkonen has suggested a degree of disenchantment with certain aspects of F1, he is at least now loving his time with Ferrari.

With an option in his contract to continue into 2016 if both parties agree, it remains to be seen whether Raikkonen will be in F1 next year.

"There are many good teams in F1, but Ferrari is different," he said.

"Of course, it was very nice to win the championship in my first year with them.

"After that many things happened, but I am back at Ferrari and the team this year is the best I have known.

"The way it works, the atmosphere – if you can, it’s still there you go."



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