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GP Austria, commenti post gara–21/06/2015

Austrian GP crash with Kimi Raikkonen ‘strange’ – Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso described his dramatic Austrian Grand Prix crash with Kimi Raikkonen as "scary" and "strange" after his McLaren Formula 1 car ended up perched on the Ferrari.

Raikkonen lost control under acceleration out of Turn 2 on the first lap of the Red Bull Ring race and collected Alonso, taking both into the barriers.

"I was in the wrong place," said Alonso.

"It was a very strange incident because he lost the car in fifth gear or something like that.

"Obviously it was quite scary.

"Kimi started with the prime [soft] tyre and had a lot of wheelspin out of Turn 2.

"The car was moving left, right, left, right, with a lot of wheelspin.

"We were overtaking him left and right – all the cars – and then he lost the car on the left and I was on the left at that point and we crashed.

"I could not see anything because with the seat position I was looking only at the sky and then I looked in the mirror and when I stopped I saw the car under my car.

"I jumped quickly and checked that he was OK."

Both drivers were unhurt in the accident but paid precautionary visits to the medical centre.

The incident will be investigated by the stewards.

Raikkonen was left puzzled by the crash.

"I got some wheelspin and then went left, which was unusual so it’s hard to say [what happened]," he said.

Alonso’s team-mate Jenson Button had been right behind the collision and said it was frightening to watch.

"It looked like Kimi tried to get on the power – there’s very low grip there – lost the rear and went one way and tried to correct and went the other way," he said.

"Horrible accident. You never want cars to be in the air or on top of each other so I’m glad they’re both OK and can walk away from it."

Da Autosport.com

Austrian GP: Stewards say no fault in Raikkonen/Alonso crash

The Austrian Grand Prix Formula 1 stewards have declared that no driver was at fault in the collision between Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso on the opening lap.

Alonso’s McLaren ended up on top of Raikkonen’s Ferrari between Turns 2 and 3 after Raikkonen lost control, giving Alonso nowhere to go.

TV pictures were not clear regarding the cause of Raikkonen’s problem, but after investigating the clash the FIA decided "no driver was at fault."

Raikkonen said of the stewards’ interview: "They just wanted to understand what happened.

"It was a really odd place, quite far away from the corner. Whether it was my fault or not it was the same end result.

"I got some wheelspin and suddenly moved left. I don’t know exactly what caused it."

Ferrari is looking into what happened to Raikkonen, but so far it is unsure.

When asked if there was a problem on the car, Ferrari team boss Maurizio Arrivabene said: "Honestly I don’t think so.

"I thought Alonso touched Kimi, but apparently it’s not true. Alonso doesn’t have any responsibility.

"Apparently there’s no images on the camera of Alonso so we have to trust Kimi.

"He said the car had wheelspin and that’s it. Alonso didn’t touch him."

Arrivabene also dismissed suggestions Raikkonen suffered the same problem that caused him to spin in the Canadian Grand Prix shortly after a pitstop.

"We don’t think so," he said. "This time it was on the straight."

Alonso suggested the fact Raikkonen was starting on softs among a group of cars on super-softs could have been a factor.

"I think starting with the prime tyre he had less grip than us so out of Turn 2 he started wheelspinning and losing the car a little bit," said the McLaren driver.

Da Autosport.com



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