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GP Belgio, commenti post gara

“Much better than we started”

Kimi draws the positives from a charge-up race

Kimi Raikkonen: “Obviously we cannot be very happy with where we finished, but it’s much better than from where we started. Yesterday we had some issues but today we wanted to get a better end result. My start was pretty bad, I had a lot of wheelspin and then obviously the first corner was not ideal, but I was able to recover quite well. My car was handling pretty well through all the race, only towards the end I ran out of the front tyres. Today we kept doing our best and tried to improve our position, but coming from so far back it was not easy. We keep trying and hopefully we have some more luck on our side in the future, we are doing the right things as a team but all the times something happens and we cannot get the result we expect. Now we go to Monza, our home race: it would be very nice to have a strong weekend there in front of all our fans. Again the track has a lot of straightlines and is not going to be easy against all those cars but we’ll bring some new stuff that hopefully will help us to be in fight.”

Da Ferrari.com

Kimi Raikkonen believes Ferrari deserves better luck in F1

Kimi Raikkonen believes Ferrari’s efforts deserve more luck than the team is getting in Formula 1 at the moment following a difficult Belgian Grand Prix weekend.

A dramatic right-rear tyre blowout cost Sebastian Vettel third place at Spa while Raikkonen could only recover to seventh, after starting 16th due to a problem in qualifying.

Ferrari also lost a potential one-two finish in the Hungarian GP when Raikkonen was forced to retire due to an MGU-K problem, and the team now trails Mercedes by 184 points in the constructors’ standings.

"We keep trying and hopefully we will have some more luck on our side," said Raikkonen during his first race weekend since it was announced he would stay at Ferrari next season.

"We’re doing the right things, we’re just not getting the results.

"It’s disappointing not just for me but the team. We’ve had two issues and it hurt both cars quite badly.

"We were looking OK on Friday and the end results don’t really give us an awful lot."

There were seven Mercedes-powered cars in the top eight grid slots at the high-speed Spa circuit, as Ferrari, Renault and Honda struggled to match the performance of the German firm’s engines.

With Monza next on the calendar, Raikkonen concedes Ferrari’s home race will also be difficult.

"If you look at qualifying, most cars were Mercedes-powered in the top 10 so I guess they have a little edge in this kind of circuit," said Raikkonen.

"I hope to have a stronger weekend next time out in our home grand prix, but again there is a lot of straight lines.

"It won’t be easy against all those new cars, but we’re bringing some new stuff and hopefully that’ll allow us to be in the fight."

Da Autosport.com


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