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GP d’Italia, commenti post gara–06/09/2015

Italian GP: Kimi Raikkonen puts bad start down to Ferrari F1 clutch

Ferrari Formula 1 driver Kimi Raikkonen has blamed faulty clutch positioning for his nightmare start at the Italian Grand Prix.

On the front row of the grid for the first time since the 2013 Chinese Grand Prix, Raikkonen failed to get off the line at Monza.

The Finn finally got going in 20th and last, but conjured a recovery drive to take fifth come the chequered flag.

Explaining what unfolded, Raikkonen said: "It went into anti-stall when I let the first clutch go.

"As far I understand I did the correct thing, but we can see there’s a problem with the second clutch.

"It was not in the correct place. I’m pretty sure I put it correct as always. I don’t know.

"Whatever it was it triggered the anti-stall and after a few seconds I was in last place. I’ve not had anything like this before.

"Whatever the reason is we have to make sure we understand it correctly 100 per cent, and if we need to make changes we do the right things.

"After that we did the best we could. I’m obviously quite disappointed. When you start in second place and end up last by the first corner it is not ideal.

"But the race was OK to finish fifth. The weekend was good apart from that issue."

Team principal Maurizio Arrivabene suggested Raikkonen had "messed up a bit with the finger [on the clutch]", but conceded that "making an accusation before I have the data is wrong".

Ferrari started second and third on the grid, but only managed one podium finish with Sebastian Vettel’s runner-up spot.

"The glass is half full," said Arrivabene.

"Yesterday Kimi did a great qualifying and we were all pleased, but looking at the images on television it looks like he was struggling a bit, or messing a bit with the finger to follow the procedure.

"What I have to say, to be positive, is that yesterday he had a fantastic qualifying, and today, in the race from his position [last], he did very good overtaking and we are happy.

"Concerning Seb, second place here in Monza is an incredible result, even if we were hoping for a good start from both drivers to achieve a bit more, but we are quite happy.

"Of course the ideal situation would have been to see Kimi first into the first curve, with Vettel second or third.

"But we have to be happy. We have a driver who was second, and we are still second in the constructors’ championship. Fine."

Da Autosport.com


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