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GP USA, commenti post gara–26/10/2015

Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen accepts blame for F1 US Grand Prix shunt

Kimi Raikkonen accepted the blame for the crash that ultimately forced him to retire from the United States Grand Prix with overheating brakes on his Ferrari Formula 1 car.
The Finn slid off the road shortly after switching to slick tyres on the drying track at Austin, hitting the barrier and getting tangled up with an advertising hoarding.
He returned to the race after pitting for a new front wing and to replace damaged tyres, but his team then ordered him to retire when it became clear a damaged brake duct was creating a terminal problem.
"It was my mistake unfortunately," said Raikkonen after the race.
"It was quite slippery there, and I didn’t see probably there was a little patch of water and I got loose on the rear.
"I didn’t have enough run-off area, so I thought I would be OK if I hit the wall sideways.
"But then I got stuck to that advertising board, so I had to try to work with the steering wheel to get the board off the front wheel and then I managed to pull out.
"The brake duct got damaged, so the front brake overheated when I went out and we had to stop before we ran out of brakes."
Raikkonen said his retirement was particularly disappointing given how strong the Ferrari was in dry conditions, as proved by his team-mate Sebastian Vettel finishing on the podium.
"We had a good car in these conditions and even with small damage the car felt good in the dry," he said.
"It’s not ideal in the end but I think we can be happy with the car as a team, so hopefully at the next race, no mistakes and we can get a result."

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Raikkonen wants driving standards clarity after Verstappen battle

Kimi Raikkonen hopes Formula 1 officials remain consistent with their rulings on driving standards following his lively United States Grand Prix battle with Max Verstappen.

The 2007 world champion and the teenager fought each other aggressively at Austin, with Raikkonen becoming animated on the radio as Verstappen gave him little space on track.

However, post-race Raikkonen said he had no problem with Verstappen’s tactics, as long as other drivers are allowed to race in the same way in future.

"I just wanted to ask if it’s OK when you are next to another car, at some point on the exit of the corner are you allowed to always push the other car up on the kerbs," said Raikkonen.

"Apparently it’s fine. As long as everybody has the same rules that’s OK.

"There are so many rules in F1 these days: you should not move under braking, you should leave a car’s space when the other guy is next to you.

"When they defend the inside, you go to the outside. It’s not leaving anybody space if you push the other guy wide.

"It’s fine – I don’t complain he [Verstappen] is doing anything wrong, as long as it’s fine the next time someone else does it in the same way.

"You can do a lot of things, and then the next time, whoever it is, some other guy gets penalised. That’s not right.

"I don’t complain about what he did this time – but it should be more clear for everybody so we know what we can do."

Raikkonen said he and Verstappen made contact in their battle, but it was nothing to be concerned about.

"I think we touched once, just slightly," he said. "It’s tight, it’s racing in the end and I don’t mind.

"It was a very close one and we touched a little bit but it doesn’t matter."

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