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GP Brasile, commenti post gara–15/11/2015

Brazilian GP: Ferrari F1 driver Kimi Raikkonen ‘bored’ in fourth

Ferrari Formula 1 driver Kimi Raikkonen says he was bored on his way to a fourth-place finish in the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Raikkonen finished where he started and was the last car on the lead lap, more than 30 seconds behind team-mate Sebastian Vettel, who switched from a two-stop to a three-stop strategy mid-race.

Sticking to his original strategy meant the Finn’s race was about tyre conservation.

"Quite a boring race in the end for me," he said.

"With the new tyres it was OK, but then on the used tyres I struggled with the front and the tyre behaviour every time so it was a bit tricky.

"We started fourth and finished fourth, obviously not the nicest handling throughout the race, but it was better than the last person.

"If we’d done a three-stop rather than a two-stop I don’t think the end result would have looked any different."

Prior to Felipe Massa’s exclusion, the top eight drivers on the grid finished inside the top eight in the race, in largely the same order, prompting Vettel and Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton to call for initiatives to help overtaking.

Raikkonen said it simply resembled a normal, dry grand prix.

"This is how it is quite often," he said.

"We happened to have some odd conditions and then a lot of things can happen with the safety cars and stuff like that so then there is a lot of overtaking and a lot of battles.

"But quite often we can have a pretty boring race from start to finish.

"It’s one of those days."


After a pair of DNFs following clashes with Williams driver Valtteri Bottas, Raikkonen moved back to within one point of Bottas in the battle for fourth in the drivers’ championship.

However, he insists that fight is not on his radar.

"It’s better than fifth but does it really matter?" he said.

"People don’t really remember if you finish fourth or fifth in the end.

"I will try to do the maximum results but it’s not going to change our world wherever we finish."

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