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Anteprima GP Canada–07/06/2016

Ferrari’s strongest circuits yet to come

Kimi Raikkonen believes the order of this season’s calendar has worked against Ferrari so far and its strongest circuits will come towards the end of the year.

After showing promising pace in testing, Ferrari’s championship threat has failed to materialise at the opening six races and it is already 67 points behind championship leaders Mercedes. At the last two rounds in Spain and Monaco, Ferrari was outpaced by both Mercedes and Red Bull, but Raikkonen says the shift of the Malaysian Grand Prix to the second half of the year means the SF16-H has yet to race on a track that plays to its strengths.

"Certain races that we’re pretty certain will suit us better have been moved and they have been moved from the beginning to later on in the season and all the races that we knew that were difficult for us have been moved to the front," he said. "Just looking at the results doesn’t always tell you the full story.

"Obviously we’re not happy with where we are, we want to improve and we’ll try to work on the areas we know we have to improve. But it’s not easy to improve, otherwise everyone would be up there.

"We keep working and even after a difficult weekend we know we can certainly do a lot better in the next race. Until we’re 1-2 in every weekend we cannot be happy, but that’s our goal and hopefully we’ll get there some time soon."

Ferrari won the Malaysian, Hungarian and Singapore Grands Prix last year, and although the team has yet to score a victory this season, Raikkonen is confident the car has improved significantly.

"People are saying we’re not doing as well as last year but if you look just at wins, then we’re not, but that doesn’t really tell you the big picture. I’m sure we have a lot of a better package than last year, but other teams have improved and we’re not where we want to be.

"But that’s part of Formula One, we always want to improve, we want to be in a position to challenge for first place in every race. When you say it’s worse than last year, that’s only if you look at certain results, but I’m sure we have a lot a better package."

Da espn.co.uk


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