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GP Gran Bretagna, commenti post gara–10/07/2016


His team-mate Raikkonen reckoned Ferrari’s issue was a fundamental lack of downforce that proved particularly costly at a fast track with inclement weather.

"We are missing downforce and at a place like this it’s not easy because of that," he said.

"You need downforce to go fast and especially with mixed conditions you take a big penalty on that.

"I’m sure the next circuits are much more normal for us than this place.

"But downforce would help any place, it doesn’t matter where we go.

"If we had downforce like the cars in front of us it would be a different story."

Da Autosport.com

“Not enough speed today”

But Kimi believes things will be ‘back to normal’ soon

Kimi Raikkonen: “In the first part of the race the conditions were quite tricky, the visibility in some places was very poor and I had very low grip on the Wet tires, but I tried to go as fast as I could and I went wide a few times. Once we got the Medium tires the situation improved a little bit, but it was not easy. Since the beginning of the weekend we had realized that this would have been a difficult weekend. Today we tried to do our maximum but we had not enough speed to fight against the guys in front. In these kind of conditions we need more downforce and more grip, I’m sure in Hungary it will be much easier for us. Next races it will be a different story, I don’t expect us to have similar issues, obviously you never know, but I expect that we go back to normal”.

Da Ferrari.com


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