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GP Ungheria, commenti post gara–24/07/2016

Kimi Raikkonen: Max Verstappen’s Hungarian GP driving not correct

Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen feels Formula 1 rival Max Verstappen’s driving in defence of fifth place during the Hungarian Grand Prix "was not correct".

Raikkonen lost part of his front wing when he touched the rear of Verstappen’s Red Bull on the approach to Turn 2 as they battled for position.

The Dutchman robustly defended his position on several other occasions, including at Turn 1 when Raikkonen attempted to go around the outside.

"I tried to miss him and I just managed to but there were two times that in my feelings it wasn’t correct," said Raikkonen.

"For me you move once right and then I decided to go left but the other car moved back.

"I did everything I could do to avoid any contact but once I decided to go somewhere you can’t just come there.

"It was good that I managed to somehow half miss him."

Regarding the incident at Turn 1, Raikkonen said: "I moved and then once I decided to go, it’s very hard to back off and the other car started to move after me.

"I guess in the rules… there are so many different rules these days that if you’re in front then in some rules you can move.

"But when the guy behind takes his position you commit to something and when the other car moves afterwards it’s difficult to avoid the car in front."

Raikkonen complained about Verstappen’s driving on team radio with Ferrari raising it with FIA race director Charlie Whiting.

When told about Raikkonen’s complaints, Verstappen said: "As a driver you always try to find excuses.

"But I think I only moved once all the time so for me there was no issue."

Ferrari team principal Maurizio Arrivabene admitted to going "ballistic" during the heat of the battle but conceded the team had to accept the stewards’ decision not to investigate.

"The rules talk about one move but we all got the impression we saw two moves," he said.

"We called Charlie and they said they were looking carefully at the images and in their opinion it was only one move.

"In this situation, we need to win the races on the track.

"We know that we can’t win the races on paper."

Da Autosport.com

Raikkonen: F1 rule enforcement "a joke", needs changing
A disheartened Kimi Raikkonen has said that Formula 1 "must change" its approach to rule enforcement after several controversies during the Hungarian Grand Prix weekend.
Raikkonen was held to sixth by Max Verstappen in a battle that featured two near-crashes – with the Finn damaging his front wing against Verstappen’s Red Bull RB12 at Turn 2 and, a few laps later, narrowly avoiding the Dutchman under braking at Turn 1.
And while Raikkonen initially spoke of his disappointment that Verstappen’s defending did not yield a penalty, the former F1 champion soon segued into speaking out against F1’s recent approach to rules as a whole.
Raikkonen said: "There’s rules but obviously this weekend it’s been [questionable] – not just talking about the incidents between me and Max – but in many ways, and yesterday.
"Why do we have rules if stewards can decide ‘it’s okay here, it’s not okay here’? Pointless to have any rules if they don’t apply all the time, for all the people."
The Ferrari driver then criticised Saturday’s decision to allow five cars – among them Verstappen and teammate Daniel Ricciardo – to take the start in their qualifying positions, after the FIA opted not to demote the respective drivers down the order to falling below the 107 percent mark in Q1.
"A good example yesterday in qualifying, you have the 107 percent rule and the people who didn’t go through first qualifying, they [the stewards] apply it for those cars but not for the rest.
"How can you suddenly have the same rule in same qualifying applied two different ways? If somebody can explain how that works…
"But that’s F1 these days, and something must change. It just looks bad to people outside, to you guys, and it’s not fair. There’s a rule, it should apply exactly the same way every time to everybody."
Verstappen "not correct"
Speaking about the Verstappen battle specifically, Raikkonen reiterated his belief that the Dutchman overstepped the line in defending position.
Elaborating on the first incident, he said: "For me, he moved once right, I decided to go left but once the other guy moves back, I did everything I could to avoid any contact.
"Once I decided to go somewhere, you cannot just come there – it is good that I managed to somehow half-miss him."
Talking about the latter move – when Raikkonen locked up round the outside of Turn 1 to avoid contact – the Finn said: "It was a bit of a similar story, that second thing – obviously I made a move and once I decided to go, it’s very hard to back off and try to avoid the other car, once the other car started to move after me.
"I tried to miss him and I just managed to miss him but it was two times that, in my feeling, he wasn’t correct.
"But obviously, like I said, the stewards – or the people who decide how things go here, the stewards and some other guys – in many ways, it’s a joke with the rules, you know?"

Da Autosport.com


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