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GP Giappone, commenti post gara–09/10/2016

Raikkonen describes F1 backmarkers as ‘crazy’ after Japanese GP

Kimi Raikkonen has described Formula 1 backmarkers as "crazy" after struggling to clear traffic during the Japanese Grand Prix.

Raikkonen was among those who complained about being held up during the race over team radio, with Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen among those also requesting more blue flags.

Raikkonen admitted Suzuka’s narrow and sweeping layout is particularly tricky for lapping cars, but believes backmarkers have a responsibility to get out of the way quickly.

"Every track is different but the fact is when you have blue flags, certain people slow down and let you pass," said Raikkonen.

"Then they are one lap down and I understand sometimes they have their own fight but it’s not difficult to let people past.

"You are always going to lose time but you are one lap down so it’s a part of racing.

"Obviously a circuit like this it affects more and you end up following people and some of them were just crazy.

"You end up following one lap behind them so it could be better.

"But I don’t think it would’ve changed our race it was more where we started."

Da Autosport.com

“Fast enough for doing better”

Kimi regrets starting position affected his race

Kimi Raikkonen: “After a good qualifying yesterday, the issue with the gearbox and the consequent starting position change was not ideal in this kind of track. Obviously there’s a lot of disappointment, as we had a good car and if we could have stayed in front we would have fought with more free air and with a lot of speed. I had a good start but then I got stuck behind other people: it was really tricky to follow other cars and it affected quite a bit the behavior. It was also difficult to stay close to them and attack them. Once we got past them and I was on my own, the car was quick and handling well. For sure today we were fast enough for a better result. Unfortunately that’s how it goes…”

Da Ferrari.com


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