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GP Brasile, commenti post libere–11/11/2016

No penalty for Kimi Raikkonen/Carlos Sainz Jr F1 practice incident

Kimi Raikkonen has escaped sanction for cutting across Carlos Sainz Jr to enter the pits during second practice for Formula 1’s Brazilian Grand Prix.

The two drivers were running in close proximity through the infield early in the session before Raikkonen pulled ahead and moved from right to left in front of Sainz on the main straight as he dived for the pits.

The stewards announced they would investigate the incident after the session.

But after speaking to both drivers and examining evidence they decided the incident was a misunderstanding and neither drove dangerously.

A stewards’ statement said: "On the lap concerned both drivers had aborted their lap at about Turn 9 [Pinheirinho].

"Following the abort, both drivers agreed that they were setting up for what they were doing next, not quite understanding what the other was doing.

"On the uphill prior to the pit entry, Sainz’s car was initially at a similar speed to Raikkonen, then having entered harvesting mode, did not accelerate at the same rate as Raikkonen.

"Raikkonen then had to go around Sainz to enter the pits, and because of his greater speed he was able to do so safely.

"He did enter the pitlane prior to the beginning of the white pit entry line.

"Both drivers agreed that they did not have to take any avoiding action.

"The stewards are satisfied that neither driver drove unnecessarily slowly, erratically or potentially dangerously."

Da Autosport.com

Kimi at ease with Soft tires. Brake issue caused by visor

“It was a pretty normal Friday: we tried different things to make it better for tomorrow. It was a bit tricky to find the balance, the set-up is not ideal yet, but we are going in the right direction. I only did a few laps with the Soft, it felt pretty ok and obviously it has the best grip. Unfortunately at the end of the second session we had an issue with one visor which obstructed the cooling duct: the brakes overheated and I had to stop.”

Da Ferrari.com


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