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Cambiamenti da valutare–02/02/2017

Ferrari’s Raikkonen believes speculating on F1 2017 is ‘pointless’

Kimi Raikkonen believes speculating about the likely 2017 Formula 1 pecking order amid changes to the technical regulations is "pointless".

Faster, more aggressive looking F1 cars will be introduced this year, with wider front and rear wings paired with bigger, wider tyres.

Given the scale of the changes, Raikkonen feels judging who will come out on top is tricky as it is impossible for teams to know what their rivals are doing.

"We will know once we get the new cars and hit the track as obviously there’s a lot of rule changes so we have to wait and see," he said.

"It’s pointless to speculate with such a big change, so hopefully we are where we want to be and deserve to be."

Ferrari had a frustrating 2016, contending for victory in the season-opener in Australia, but ultimately failing to reach the top step of the podium all year.

Having targeted a title challenge and starting the campaign as Mercedes’ closest rival, Ferrari dropped behind Red Bull to finish third in the constructors’ standings.

"It was far from an ideal year from all of us but this is how racing goes," said Raikkonen.

"It doesn’t matter if it’s better or not the end result is obviously far from what we as Ferrari, as a team, wanted.

"We did good races and not so good races and there were too many small issues but that’s what happens in racing sometimes."

Ferrari struggled with tyre management, while Raikkonen has said on several occasions that the team needs to improve in all areas.

But the Finn believes Ferrari’s strong end to the season, including Sebastian Vettel snatching a podium in the final race, bodes well for 2017.

"There are for sure positive things like how we’ve been working lately and doing things," he said.

"We all work well together, even if the results are not maybe what we always want.

"But I see a lot of good things from the team and obviously in 2017 hopefully we are where we want to be.

"Obviously it would be a lot more fun for all of us."

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