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GP Australia, commenti post gara–26/03/2017

Marchionne says ‘it was about time’ Ferrari won again in Formula 1

Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne said "it was about time" Ferrari returned to winning ways after triumphing in the Australian Grand Prix.

Sebastian Vettel beat Mercedes rival Lewis Hamilton to give Ferrari its first win since the 2015 Singapore Grand Prix after jumping ahead during the pitstops.

The victory also means a non-Mercedes driver leads the championship for the first time since 2013.

Vettel’s teammate Kimi Raikkonen finished in fourth to help Ferrari lead the constructors’ championship.

"It was about time," said Marchionne in a statement released after the race.

"I am delighted for the team and for our tifosi who stood by us throughout this whole period.

"We’ve been waiting for this victory for almost a year and a half. Hearing the Italian national anthem again was very moving.

"Sebastian delivered a great race and I am sure Kimi will be soon up there battling alongside his teammate.

"Of course, this victory is something to share with the entire team, both at the circuit and back in Maranello, because teamwork is the only way to achieve major goals."

Marchionne insisted the victory was only the first step in a very long championship and urged his team to remain focused.

"Now, however, it is absolutely essential to remember that this is not the destination but the first step on a long road that must see us all focused on improving each and every day," he said.

Da Autosport.com

Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen says understeer in the opening stint was the reason behind his disappointing performance in the F1 2017 opener in Melbourne.

Raikkonen was largely a bystander in the Ferrari – Mercedes battle in the Australian Grand Prix, qualifying and finishing a distant fourth.

At the chequered flag, the Finn was 22 seconds adrift of his grand prix-winning teammate Sebastian Vettel – and he says that, for his race, the damage was done in the opening laps.

“I think already yesterday we suffered a bit with understeer on the car – and it was a similar story in the first set of tyres,” Raikkonen said after the Australian Grand Prix.

“Once we put the soft tyres, the car turned to be very good and I was very happy – but obviously at that point we were pretty much in nowhere land.

“I really think we understood yesterday already why we were lacking but it was too late.

“I think we know what we have to do and it should be okay.”

Da Motorsport.com


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