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GP Cina, commenti post gara–09/04/2017

Raikkonen says Ferrari should have ‘done better job’ on F1 strategy

Kimi Raikkonen believes the Ferrari Formula 1 team should have "done a better job" with his Chinese Grand Prix strategy after missing out on a potential podium finish.

Raikkonen did not make his second pitstop until lap 39, 10 laps later than Max Verstappen and six laps after Daniel Ricciardo, who he finished two seconds behind in fifth place.

Having been only two seconds behind Ricciardo before the Australian pitted, Raikkonen emerged from his stop with a deficit of just over 14 seconds, and believes that Ferrari should have brought him much earlier.

"I had the feeling that we probably needed to stop at some point so I would rather do it earlier to get out of the traffic, the cars in front of me, but that didn’t happen," said Raikkonen, who spent more than 20 laps stuck behind first Verstappen and then Ricciardo.

"That feeling got even stronger on my side but it took a while, the reasons behind it I don’t know right now.

"It’s easy to say afterwards. We should have done a better job out of it.

"After that it was pretty much race over. I caught up with the Red Bull but it was too late.

"The car was behaving pretty nicely with the new tyres, but we lost the front after a few laps and for sure we have some work to be done with the set-up to be happen all the time.

"The speed wasn’t too bad, but not a great result."

Raikkonen, who ran ahead of team-ate Sebastian Vettel early on before being passed, confirmed he had some problems related to engine settings during the race, which led to several complaints about a lack of power over the radio.

Having finished a distant fourth in the season-opening Australia Grand Prix, Raikkonen also believes the lack of running on Friday was particularly damaging as needs track time to solve his set-up problems.

"It was better here than it was last race, but the result shows we still have improvements to make in the set-up, but I think we know what we want to do," he said.

"The situation with the no running on Friday didn’t make it any easier. There’s a lot of potential but we just have to make a better job."

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Ferrari president Marchionne wants talks on Raikkonen F1 form

Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne wants his Formula 1 team to sit down for talks with Kimi Raikkonen after the Finn’s second consecutive difficult race in the Chinese Grand Prix.

While Ferrari’s car proved a match for main rival Mercedes this season, Raikkonen has yet to finish on the podium – although he pointed out that his strategy compromised his race in China.

Marchionne expressed some frustration with the failure of Raikkonen to get past Daniel Ricciardo in the early stages of the race, at a time when Vettel was also behind him.

As well as this costing both Ferrari drivers time, Vettel was able to overtake Ricciardo shortly after passing Raikkonen.

"I talked about this with Maurizio," said Marchionne.

"Maybe they should sit around a table and he should talk to him.

"Today he seemed to be busy with other stuff. Vettel was more aggressive."

When asked if it was fair to suggest that the 2017 Ferrari F1 car is more comfortable for Vettel than it is for Raikkonen, Marchionne said: "Absolutely no."

Marchionne added that the safety car, which was brought out after Antonio Giovinazzi crashed on the start-finish straight, probably cost Vettel victory.

"Without the safety car the story of the race should be different," said Marchionne.

"I can confirm that our choice to change the tyres of Vettel was correct.

"It was a nice race, we [finished] second, we are second in the constructors’ championship by one point and Seb has the same points as Hamilton. That’s not bad after two races."

Da Autosport.com


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