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GP Ungheria, commenti post qualifiche–29/07/2017

Kimi Raikkonen ‘threw it away’ in Hungarian GP F1 qualifying

Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen believes he could have beaten Ferrari Formula 1 team-mate Sebastian Vettel to pole position for the Hungarian Grand Prix but for a mistake when it counted.

Raikkonen qualified 0.168 seconds slower than pole-winner Vettel, and rued a big moment at the Turn 6 chicane.

"Actually not too good," said Raikkonen of his fastest lap.

"I mean, the start was good, and the end was not too bad, but in the chicane I braked on the outside kerb and got loose and really threw it away there.

"It was decent enough still for second place, but it’s a bit disappointing, I felt I had it, but I couldn’t really finish it.

"You try to always find a better way of driving, so it’s very normal to discuss something like that, and I was pretty happy with the last lap apart from going into the chicane, where I got sideways and lost some time.

"Yesterday wasn’t the easiest day and definitely today we can be pretty happy with things.

"In qualifying, I must say we are happy how we’re handling [it] now.

"So far so far good, tomorrow will be a long race and hard battle. We have to keep this going."

Vettel scored his 48th career pole, despite failing to match his opening run by 0.002s on his final Q3 lap.

"It was seamless in terms of we didn’t have any problems," said Vettel of his qualifying.

"I felt quite good with the car straight away from Q1 onwards, we did the laps we had to, I was confident.

"We had a debate about what to do with the car, I was happy with it but knew there was more from the car, so went flat out – but arrived in last sector and maybe asked too much from the tyres early on.

"Happy with first lap, second could be better."

Da Autosport.com

Q: Kimi, that was a superb lap, absolutely sensational. Listen to all you fans, massive fan base in from Finland. How good did that lap feel?

Kimi Raikkonen: Actually not too good. The start was good and the end was not too bad but in the chicane I braked on the outside kerb and got loose and really threw it away there but you know, it was decent enough for second place but it is disappointing. I felt I had it quite comfortably but you know I couldn’t really finish.

Q: Is it too easy to say that this is a track naturally should have suited Ferrari?

KR: If you purely looked at lap times, yes, but then if you look from yesterday it wasn’t the easiest day and today we have definitely been pretty happy with things. I managed to improve my car for the qualifying and I must say we are happy with how they are handling now. So far, so good but tomorrow is going to be a long race and a hard battle, so we have to keep it going.

Q: Kimi, it is a Ferrari front-row lock-out. You came on the radio at one point and said you were unhappy with your braking, so was there more to come from you? Had you been happier with the car?

KR: No, in the end it was OK. Obviously when you lock the front, it’s not ideal but there is nothing wrong with anything, it’s just you try to always find a better way of driving and doing things, so it’s a very normal thing to discuss stuff like that. I was pretty happy with the last apart from going into the chicane, I dropped the wheels on the left kerb and got sideways. I lost an awful lot of lap time. I really felt I had a good chance to put it in first place but anyhow it was decent enough for second place, so obviously great for the team. But it is only Saturday. We have a long way to go tomorrow, both cars, and we try to keep the positions and see what happens.

Q: (Péter Vámosi – Vas Népe) Question to all drivers. Since 2005 there is a tendency here, if you win the Hungarian Grand Prix, you will be not the champion at the end of the year. What do you think about this?

SV: I don’t know what happened in 2004?

Michael Schumacher won here…

SV: 2003? I don’t know. Statistics! I think if you ask us, we all want to win tomorrow. That’s it.

Kimi, Valtteri, anything to add?

VB: No. Nothing to add, we all want to win tomorrow.

KR: I’ll happily take it. See what happens.

Kimi, you remember back to the Spanish Grand Prix?

KR: Yeah, obviously it was a sad moment at first, so not very happy memories of the first part but then the second part cheered me up and cheered up the little guy and his family up a lot, so obviously it was great. Can’t expect to happen every time, just by luck it all went like that, I guess. It’s great if we can please somebody. Had quite a hard time with me going out so, yeah, it turned out to be OK and that’s the main thing.

Kimi, anything to add about the balance of your car and the track temperature?

KR: No, that’s perfect.

Q: (Zsolt Godina – F1vilag) Kimi and Sebastian: F1 teams will have two days of testing at the Hungaroring next week. So how important will those days be for Ferrari in terms of upgrades and in terms of fighting with Mercedes during the second half or the season?

KR: Obviously it’s important. We don’t get an awful lot of track time so you can do simulations and stuff like that but when you get track time, it’s definitely the best option and obviously we have two days so we will see what we come up with and what we try and find out but it’s definitely helpful and we can obviously have a bit more freedom and time to try things and learn about certain things.

Q: (Luis Vasconcelos – Formula Press) To all three: given how difficult it is to overtake here and recent history at starts, how much risks are you all prepared to take in the first few moments of the race?

KR: Obviously, if you could chose, you would take the left hand side but I don’t think it’s really going to destroy your day, it’s more about making a good start rather than which side you are and try to do that and see what happens in the first few corners.

Kimi, you were in Formula One back in those… the halcyon era of 2004; how does this compare?

KR: Obviously very difficult to compare. I think the biggest improvement comes from resurfacing the circuit and it improved the grip like in Austria. It’s very smooth and a lot of grip. Obviously the cars are faster this year than last year but no way to compare. It feels very normal for us because we get used to it. Done it for a lot of races that are actually a lot faster circuits so it’s not suddenly like… even if the lap time is a lot faster, it doesn’t feel like… it just feels normal.

Da Formula1.com


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