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Voci sul futuro di Kimi, commenti dei media italiani–16/11/2011

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Trattative in corso…–14/11/2011

I manager di Räikkönen ad Abu Dhabi con la Williams

Kimi Raikkonen ha fatto un altro passo in avanti verso il suo ritorno in F1 con la Williams per il 2012. Alla fine di un intenso weekend di voci sul futuro del campione del mondo 2007, i manager del finlandese sono stati avvistati nel paddock di Abu Dhabi.
La presenza di Steve e David Robertson è stata ancor più evidente dal momento che il loro assistito stava partecipando al rally del Galles. Secondo il giornale Turun Sanomat i due hanno assistito alla gara dal’hospitality della Williams.

La firma di Raikkonen appare quindi ogni giorno più sicura. Sir Frank Williams ha confermato all’emittente MTV3 sabato che il team di Grove “ha un forte interesse” nell’ingaggiare Raikkonen per il prossimo anno.

“Ovviamente, c’è una trattativa in atto, il che è piuttosto normale. Devo scegliere le mie parole con cautela per dire che è possibile che accada” ha aggiunto Williams.

Il co-fondatore del team Patrick Head ha confermato ad Abu Dhabi che l’interesse della Williams per l’ex pilota di McLaren e Ferrari non è nuovo.

“Eravamo interessati a Kimi quando guidava per la Sauber” ha dichiarato l’inglese. “Avevamo proposto al nostro partener BMW di fargli un’offerta ma pensavano si trattasse di un ingaggio troppo alto”.

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Räikkönen’s managers in Williams premises
Kimi Räikkönen’s managers David and Steve Robertson made a quick visit to Yas Marina Grand Prix -paddock on Sunday. What do you know, the Robertsons followed the beginning of the F1-race in Williams premises.
Frank Williams assured on Friday night to MTV3 that he is very interested in getting Räikkönen to his team.
Robertsons were completely silent about the matter.
– The times are completely different from those times for example in 2001 when Kimi started in Sauber, because these days even being a top talent isn’t enough to assure a team seat, Robertson told Turun Sanomat.
Co-founder of Williams-team, Patrick Head, admitted before the race when asked once again, that they have thought about getting Räikkönen earlier too.
– We were interested in Kimi when he drove for Sauber. We proposed to make a deal to our partner at the time, BMW, but they thought it would be too expensive, Head cleared.
So far only Pastor Maldonado’s continuance in Williams next year is sure.

E se domani… speculazioni sul futuro–12/11/2011

Räikkönen still has hunger for rally
How is it Kimi Räikkönen, would it be time for podiums next year if your career would happen to continue in WRC?
– The top of five goes fast but I guess I would develop if I would still drive for one more season. It’s difficult to say what results I would achieve. I guess the level would go up and the speed would go forward, Räikkönen speculated in the service park in Builth Wells.
– We have improved all the time. It’s important. If I would want to drive the same speed as the top, then I would have to test a lot and drive all the time. Yet we haven’t gone into this so that we would be driving with the taste of blood in the mouth, Räikkönen reminds.
– I do everything I can but I have to know myself where we are. It’s not wise to go and do something stupid, Räikkönen describes his rally speed.

No disappointment, own fault

– Muddy braking in downhill, from where the car slided into a soft bank. The driving line was wide and there was too much mud, Räikkönen thinks.
Räikkönen and Kaj Lindström got the car back on the road with the help of spectators, but the journey ended quickly. The power transmission got too severe hits in the off, so it wasn’t possible to continue.
– It doesn’t disappoint me, my own fault, Räikkönen said.

Nothing new from F1

-There are no contracts or plans for next season, Räikkönen says.
Then is it possible that your career continues in rally next season?
-Of course. I have enjoyed myself here.

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Kimi about future plans: "We are chatting with many places"

– I don’t have any plans. Lets see what happens and what we do, Räikkönen summed up.
According to Räikkönen he doesn’t have any timetable for his future decisions.
Rally is also one of the options.
– I’ve liked it here. I wouldn’t have been here if I didn’t.
Räikkönen admitted earlier this week that he has been in contact with Williams but emphasized that there is nothing concrete.
– We always chat to many places and negotiate, but until there is a contract it’s useless to talk about them.
According to his own words, Kaj Lindström is just as unaware of Räikkönen’s future as everybody else.
– I don’t think anyone knows it. The master hasn’t decided yet. Last year we agreed about this year in December, Lindström reminded.

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Nebbia fitta sul pianeta Räikkönen…–18/08/2011

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Free Mr. Räikkönen is open to all offers

Kimi Räikkönen is known for not living in the past – still the 31-year old racer hasn’t yet grabbed his future either.
At the eve of Germany rally Räikkönen managed to walk around every pitfall when interviewed by Turun Sanomat.
Räikkönen says he is satisfied with his development during the second year in WRC. He has five rallies behind him and five positions on WC-points.
– It has been a little more easier than it was before. We have lost a few positions when we had the tyre puncture in Jordan and crashed into a fence in Jyväskylä. The best is that we have progressed in time from last year, Räikkönen estimates.
How will the development proceed if Räikkönen drives WRC-rallies for the third season?
– Time will tell, he says.
Then how open is Räikkönen’s next year?
– There are no plans.
Then is there something that you at least have ruled out of your options?
– Useless to ask, Räikkönen grins.
You aren’t planning on stopping your driving career, are you?
– I don’t know. It’s useless for you to ask. Even though you would ask me in a hundred different ways, the reply won’t change. When you don’t know it yourself, then there aren’t many others who know either, Räikkönen insists.
Then what would you still want to do – Le Mans 24 hours or perhaps the Dakar-rally?
– It could be really cool to drive Le Mans. But if you are going to drive it, then you also have to drive a few races as a test and the schedules can become tricky. If I would go for example with Peugeot to Le Mans, then I would have to drive at least three test races.
– I haven’t even thought of something like Dakar. It could also be a cool experience but I don’t have any urge to go there. I’m sure it would be very different, although I don’t know since I haven’t been there.

Bonus points an offer in Germany
Lets go back to rally.
A year ago in Germany Räikkönen achieved his first rally merit when being the fastest on the last SS. This year that same 4,37 kilometer long Trier’s Circus Maximus SS will give power stage points to the three fastest.
Räikkönen has been driving with his own Citroen DN3 WRC -car only a day on tarmac when testing. He doesn’t start specifying his expectations.
– There could have been a little more testing. Now we more or less try out things here. We’ll see soon how the rally takes off. There is a small bit of real tarmac too, although the surfaces are mostly somekind of beton.
A track driver’s experience doesn’t help in tarmac rallies.
– There is nothing similar in them. The normal roads are never like a real track, the car is jumping and flying here and there.

An offer from F1 would interest Kimi
It’s easy to determine that Räikkönen would take a F1-challenge if he would be given the right offer.
How much do you follow F1-races?
– Everytime when I’m at home.
What do you think about the multiplied overtakings in GP-races?
– Apparently it’s easier in some races than in others. It depends upon how they decide about where the back wing can be opened. But it has nothing to do with the actual overtakings anymore. All you have to do is move beside and press a button and the one in front of you can’t do a thing.
– I guess they have been trying to take it into the right direction. Maybe it looks more cooler in television but it’s not any real racing.
– The tyre department again is a completely different thing. Those races where the tyre consumption have been decisive, they have been the best competitions, Räikkönen thinks.
Doesn’t it tingle at all to get there and start overtaking?
– It doesn’t change my attitude at all if they overtake there or not. It is always cool when you get to race. That’s all it takes.
Räikkönen is not surprised that Sebastian Vettel’s superiority has evened out a bit during the season.
– Often the situation always evens out every year if someone has been clearly leading in the beginning. And Vettel probably doesn’t even have to win races in order to stay in the lead up until the end.

Race driving still fascinates
– That was the best in those Nascar-races. To just drive alone in a circle was boring but especially in the truck-race the feeling was great. It’s great to race when you have cars all around you. It’s racing all the time. The Nationwide-car didn’t turn anywhere. That’s why it wasn’t as cool as the truck-race was.
Are we going to see Räikkönen in Nascar-races in the future?
– I don’t know. Let’s see. I could go there if I wanted to but like I said I haven’t thought about next year at all.

No Watkins Glen
Räikkönen was expected to go to the States again last weekend for the Watkins Glen’s Nascar-race. Actually they tried to lure the him there very much after one Sprint Cup -driver was injured and his car was offered to Räikkönen.
– I just didn’t want to go there. Besides the race was postponed by a day and I wouldn’t have got here in Germany for recce then, Räikkönen said.

Turun Sanomat, Trier

Räikkönen non ha dubbi su Vettel campione del mondo per la seconda volta

Kimi Raikkonen non ha dubbi circa chi vincerà il Mondiale 2011. Secondo il finlandese, Sebastian Vettel diventerà facilmente campione del mondo per la seconda volta di fila.
Il giovane pilota tedesco è in testa con 85 punti di distacco dal secondo in classifica e rimangono solo otto gare.

“Molto spesso la situazione è bilanciata alla fine della stagione se qualcuno ha dato moltissimo all’inizio della stagione. Vettel probabilmente non avrà nemmeno bisogno di vincere altre gare per stare davanti fino alla fine”.

Raikkonen compirà 32 anni ad Ottobre, ma non ha piani per il 2012 e non sembra voler tornare in Formula Uno.

“Non lo so” ha risposto dopo una serie di domande.

“Anche se lo chiedi in un centinaio di modi diversi, la risposta è quella. Non lo so e se non lo so io, gli altri neppure”.

Come Jacques Villeneuve, Raikkonen ha ammesso di non amare troppo questa F1 nel 2011, con il DRS.

“Non ha niente a che vedere con i sorpassi veri. Tutto quello che puoi fare è avvicinarti e premere un pulsanti ed il pilota davanti non è che possa fare molto”.

“Magari questo sistema va bene per la TV, ma per i piloti non è molto buono”.

Alessandra Leoni

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Un futuro ancora da scrivere–01/08/2011

Un riassunto della situazione contrattuale di Kimi in chiave 2012 e non solo.

Kimi Räikkönen won’t commit to WRC or NASCAR for 2012

By ANTHONY PEACOCK on 7/31/2011

Ex-Formula One world champion Kimi Raikkonen might walk away from the World Rally Championship at the end of this season.

The Finn, who turns 32 in October, is competing in the WRC this year with a privately backed team, with nothing like the funding he enjoyed from Red Bull last season. Asked this weekend about his future in motorsports, Raikkonen said he has no firm plans for 2012 in either the WRC or in NASCAR, where he has competed recently.

“We haven’t really given a thought to what’s going to happen next year,” said Raikkonen. “[Or] if we’re going to do anything at all.”

Following his troubled rookie season in the WRC last year, Raikkonen’s pace and consistency have improved considerably in 2011.

Asked about his chances of developing as a rally driver in years to come, Raikkonen said, “There’s never any guarantee about the speed, but obviously experience will help, little by little, depending on the event, to get closer to the leaders. But I can’t say anything really, let’s wait and see what we’re doing next year.”

Raikkonen on July 30 finished ninth on the Rally Finland, maintaining his record of scoring points in all five of the rallies that he has contested so far this year.

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Kimi is offered both Nascar-races and cars

Todd Hirschfeld, who takes care of Kimi Räikkönen’s matters in Nascar-circles was for the first time in a rally.
Several Sprint Cup -cars and budget for Räikkönen in Nascar races could be arranged, for example to Watkins Glen’s race in the middle of August. Kimi alone decides what he will do.
Next week Räikkönen will test his Citroen for two days before the next WRC-rally in Germany. It looks like he wouldn’t have Nascar-races planned in the near future.
– I don’t know, let’s see, Räikkönen replied to questions about Nascar-races.

Bilancio della prima stagione da rallysta – 20/11/2010

Kimi’s end of year report

At the end of his first season of World Championship rallying with Red Bull, we caught up with Kimi Räikkönen to find out his best memories. There are lots of things that will stick in his mind forever from this year – including sand, public transport, shopping centres and the Pope. Eclectic enough for you? Then read on…

Kimi, how has this year been for you?
On balance, it’s been pretty much as I expected. There have been good bits and bad bits, and on the whole it’s been really tough with a lot of learning. In some ways it reminds me of the very first years when I was starting out in racing: it was a little bit the same feeling.

What was your favourite rally of the year?
That’s a tough one, a really tough one as all the rallies were so different. But actually I liked Bulgaria as straight away we were in the top four there and it was nice to fight closer to the front, which is not something that we were really expecting to do. Britain was a good rally too: not so much for the result but for the stages.

Was the Rally of Spain, where you crashed in the shakedown, the biggest disappointment of the year?
Yes I suppose so, but actually it’s not something that I’ve really thought about much since it happened because there’s no point. It’s over, it’s history and there’s no point in imagining what might have been. That’s how I’ve always dealt with things and I’m not going to change now.

Did you ever think about going back to Formula One next year?
Of course I thought about it, because you think about everything. But I never really thought seriously about it, because actually I didn’t miss Formula One at all this season. Before the start of this year I thought it would be interesting to see if I missed it at all and in fact I didn’t.

So does that mean that you are staying in rallying next year?
It means that I’d like to. But for the moment we haven’t got a deal sorted.

What are the moments you are going to remember most, apart from just driving the car?
There were lots of things that happened that I think everyone in our team will remember. In Jordan we scored our first points and ended up covered in sand. In Turkey, there was the problem with the ash cloud and all our team had to go home to France by coach for three days. We drove a go-kart in a shopping mall in Japan; then in Portugal we did this road show in Faro, where we had almost the same number of people that had come to see the Pope the week before. So there are lots of funny memories.

Have you improved as a driver this year?
For sure. Rallying is a lot harder than F1: certainly for me. If you can drive on some of the roads we did this year, you can drive anywhere…

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Futuro di Kimi, il cerchio si stringe.

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Steve Robertson ha confermato a MTV3 di essere in trattativa per il suo protetto per un contratto nei rally anche per la prossima stagione. Il ritorno in F1 è un’opzione chiusa, almeno per quanto riguarda il 2011.

– “Non stiamo più cercando posti in F1. Kimi sembra essere più concentrato nei rally in questo momento”, ha detto Robertson.

Dunque Kimi ha chiuso con la F1?

– “Mai dire mai, ma al momento lo sguardo non è rivolto alla F1”, ha dichiarato Robertson.

– “Nulla è stato ancora deciso. Ve lo diremo quando avremo qualcosa da annunciare. Al momento nulla è stato firmato. Stiamo negoziando con diversi team ma non posso entrare più nel dettaglio”, ha concluso Robertson.

Raikkonen rules out F1 return in 2011

Kimi Raikkonen’s management team has confirmed that the Finn is no longer looking at Formula 1 race options for next season, as the World Rally Championship is where he wants to stay in 2011.

Speaking to Finnish television station MTV3, Steve Roberston admitted Raikkonen wants to remain where he is.

"We’re no longer looking at opportunities in F1. Kimi seems to be focused on rallying at the moment," said Robertson.

He refused to rule out a longer-term return to Formula 1 or racing for the 30-year old, adding: "Never say never, but right now our eye is not on F1.

"Nothing’s been decided yet [for the WRC]. We’ll let you know when there is something to say. At the moment nothing has been signed. We’re talking to several teams."

In recent days, there has been increased speculation that Citroen will find a solution to keep Raikkonen in its Junior team with the 2007 F1 world champion taking money from a personal sponsorship deal from Red Bull, which is expected to be considerably lower than the £5m he is rumoured to have been paid by the Austrian firm this season.

Beyond Citroen, Mini remains an option for Raikkonen, but the limited programme of 2011 events and the high level of car development would not suit his experience or desire to be driving all the time at the moment.

A seat alongside Ken Block at the Monster Ford World Rally Team is another option, but there are funding issues for the American-based outfit.

Block admitted running with Raikkonen would offer great potential exposure for both Monster and DC Shoes, but he added a decision on a potential second driver may not be taken until early next year.

The final option for Raikkonen is a season away from rallying, with a possible return when there is likely to be more manufacturer interest in 2012.

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