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Il circuito di Melbourne disegnato da…

Kimi (da Sky pre gara):

Stop the press…–18/03/2014

La cronaca degli eventi…


‎Kimi‬ "Today was a pretty busy day, because even if we were able to complete the planned schedule, we had some issues".
"During Fp1 we lost a bit of time, but that doesn”t prevented us from collecting enough data to a evaluation on the car behavior".
"This evening it will be a lot of work, especially to understand what went wrong and to try to improve ahead of qualify and the race."

“Front tires appear to be as weak as the autumn, the last, and it does not feel good at all.”


Kimi Raikkonen “Accident is my fault"
Kimi, can you describe what exactly happened during the accident please? And summarize the weekend especially since we have the impression that you’re currently struggeling more than Fernando.
The Friday did not go as desired, that is true. Today, Saturday morning it was better. We are with the car not where we would have liked. But it will come. In qualifying I first went with the harder compound on the track and when I went to get the soft it began to rain. But the car felt okay. In the rain this track is always tricky, so I went off. At the exit of the curve I turned at a number of buttons, the wheels spun a little too much so I lost the car and collided into the wall. The nose is broken, but otherwise the car is okay.
Seconds before you Perez came off in the same place. Did that play a role in the accident?
No, it was completely my fault. The mad thing is that I wasn’t attacking, I would have gone to the box in this lap anyway. In the previous lap in turn 5 there was a McLaren going slowly which was the reason that my time has not been better.
But again, we have the impression that you struggle with the Ferrari more than Alonso particularly with regard to the response of the engine and its power delivery.
No, it’s not like that. With the accident that has nothing to do and as for the handling, I have more trouble with the setup which I already noticed in winter testing. It ‘s not about the engine response. But as I said – it is slowly getting better. If you were to ask me however whether I feel comfortable in the car I would answer: no, not yet.
What role the weather will play tomorrow?
A street circuit like Melbourne is always tricky so it doesn’t matter if we drive in the wet or dry. But it ‘s strange, when the Formula 1 comes to Melbourne then the good weather always seems to say goodbye.
What can you do in the race?
This first Grand Prix is for all a step into the unknown. For myself it can’t actually go worse than in practice so we should be okay for the race. At which place it will end is impossible to say.
Have you practiced many starts?
Some. But if you’re doing a practice start here from the pit lane then that is also not the same on the grid.
How satisfied are you with the car in long run?
The long runs are characterized primarily by fuel saving. We should be there in good shape. We know about what we are capable. But we don’t really know what we should think of the competition.
What is Ferrari missing to drive on the level of Mercedes?
Hard to say. Let’s wait a few races to assess the balance of power properly. Whether we must adopt at the power unit or the chassis, now I can not judge. I would answer – we need to be better everywhere. But this sentence I would have said last year too.
How satisfied or dissatisfied are you with brake by wire?
That’s not my problem, even if I had locked wheels a few times. It actually works quite well. Again, the problems have more to do with the setup and in dealing with the tires. We know where we want to go there. But that will not happen overnight.

Da Speedweek.com traduzione Miezicat


"I already knew prior to the weekend that there are certain problems with the setup of my car. We have ideas on what to do with the car and the tyre but it will take a couple of races before we can get everything better."
"We did manage to improve it even during this weekend. The car felt ok at the start of the race but then the tyre started to degrade heavily and the behavior of the car changed."
"We’re going into the right direction but there are certain small things that we need to look at more thoroughly because they have a huge impact."

Da TurunSanomat.fi

E quello che diventa per la stampa…

Da Autosprint n.11 del 18/03/2014


Da Raisport N.1


Dalla Gazzetta dello Sport del 17/03/2014:

GP Australia, i nodi al pettine–17/03/2014

Kimi Raikkonen says immediate fix to F1 Ferrari issues unlikely

Kimi Raikkonen does not know how long it will take to fix the issues he is having getting comfortable with the set-up of his new Ferrari Formula 1 car.

The Finn endured a troubled time at last weekend’s Australian Grand Prix as he struggled with the handling of the new F14 T, especially under braking and corner entry.

His problems were further exacerbated in the race by front tyre graining, which led to a number of lock-ups.

Ferrari and Raikkonen are working on fixes to the way the energy recovery systems impact on the car’s handling, but the 2007 world champion admits that things are unlikely to get better immediately.

"We know more or less what we want to do, but some things are not happening overnight," said Raikkonen.

"It takes time to produce certain parts, or to have a certain way of putting the things on.

"We also cannot promise that it is going to fix the issues once we get something that we want.

"I have been in these situations before and sometimes it takes a while.

"Unfortunately it is not the easiest position right now, but looking at how difficult everything was, we got everything out of it.

"It is not what we want to achieve but it could have been even worse. I am sure we can only get better from there."

Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali reiterated that the team is doing everything it can to help Raikkonen, and he hopes progress can be made in time for the next grand prix in Malaysia.

"We need to help Kimi try to find the right balance in the car," he said. "He deserves that.

"There was an improvement [this weekend], but we are still not where we want to be.

"As a team we have to make sure that everything will be done to help his driving style and I am sure for Malaysia it will be much better."

Da Autosport.com

GP Australia, immagini e interviste–16/03/2014

Da Raisport, intervista del weekend:

Da Sky, drivers’ parade:

“Ask to change!”

Da Sky, intervista fine gara:

Da Sky Race Anatomy:


GP Australia, commenti post gara–16/03/2014

Raikkonen: Weekend difficile

“Oggi non è stata una gara semplice. All’inizio sono riuscito a partire bene e anche se alla prima curva sono stato toccato da una vettura che era dietro non ho subito alcun danno. La velocità era buona ma ad un tratto ho iniziato a soffrire di graining sulle gomme anteriori, avevo scarsa aderenza e molto sottosterzo, e da quel momento in poi il comportamento della macchina non è stato più lo stesso. Quando è arrivato il momento della prima sosta abbiamo dovuto effettuare un doppio pit-stop e questo mi è costato una posizione. Certamente è troppo presto per esprimere giudizi definitivi, perché anche se in questo momento non ci troviamo nelle condizioni migliori, siamo comunque riusciti a portare a termine la corsa, guadagnando punti importanti. Non possiamo essere soddisfatti di questo risultato e sappiamo di dover migliorare in molte aree, ma sono sicuro che l’analisi dei dati raccolti in questa prima gara ci fornirà un’idea più chiara della direzione da seguire”.

Da Ferrari.it

Pat Fry: “Alla vigilia della gara portare al traguardo entrambe le vetture sembrava il compito più difficile, ma alla fine l’obiettivo è stato centrato. Oggi abbiamo visto quanto l’affidabilità non si possa dare per scontata: oltre a sorprendere diverse vetture, in alcune fasi di gara ha limitato la nostra prestazione. Su entrambe le F14 T abbiamo sofferto qualche problema di natura elettrica, soprattutto su quella di Kimi, non riuscendo a sfruttare tutta la potenza a disposizione. […] Kimi ha fatto una grande partenza ma poi per gran parte della gara ha sofferto il graining sugli pneumatici anteriori e si è ritrovato costretto a difendere senza la possibilità di attaccare. Ora ci aspetta molto lavoro se vogliamo migliorare le prestazioni della vettura, davanti a noi abbiamo rivali molto forti ma anche tutti gli strumenti per colmare il divario tra noi e loro”.

Da Ferrari.it

Raikkonen suffered several lock-ups in the sister F14 T, as he battled in the lower reaches of the top 10, after getting clipped by Kamui Kobayashi’s brakeless Caterham at the first corner.

He said issues with tyre-graining after the first pitstop were to blame for his struggles, rather than braking problems.

"The brakes are fine, we grained the front tyre and then you have no grip on the front," said Raikkonen.

"That is the main issue, [but] it is a combination of things. It is not the easiest thing but I’m sure we will find a solution for it at some point.

"We work until we fix it. If it takes a week or a month, I don’t care. This is how it goes sometimes."

Da Autosport.com

GP Australia, gara–16/03/2014

Australian GP: Nico Rosberg dominates in Melbourne for Mercedes

Nico Rosberg dominated the first race of Formula 1’s new turbocharged hybrid engine era to win the 2014 Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne for Mercedes.

The German made a superb start from third on the grid, passing Daniel Ricciardo’s Red Bull and the polesitting Mercedes of team-mate Lewis Hamilton to grab the lead.

Rosberg made the most of the W05’s pace advantage to streak away from the field at will and record the fourth grand prix victory of his career, despite an early interruption by the safety car when Valtteri Bottas clipped a wall and shed the right-rear tyre from his Williams.

Rosberg’s team-mate Hamilton slipped back to fourth on the first lap as he struggled with an engine problem in his Mercedes.

After initial confusion as to whether he should soldier on, the 2008 world champion retired his W05 into the pits as early as the third lap of 57.

Australian home hero Ricciardo completed a remarkable turnaround in fortunes for Red Bull by narrowly beating McLaren’s Kevin Magnussen to finish second.

The world champion squad looked to be in desperate trouble in pre-season testing, but made enormous strides with its Renault-engined car in Australia, allowing Ricciardo to score an unlikely maiden podium in his first race for the team.

Things were less rosy for Ricciardo’s world champion team-mate Sebastian Vettel, who started out of sequence on the medium tyre after a disappointing result in qualifying on Saturday consigned him to a row six start.

His struggles with a lack of power from his Renault engine continued into the race and he joined Hamilton in retirement after only five laps.

McLaren rookie Magnussen completed the podium on his F1 debut, after surviving a wild oversteer moment shortly after the start. The reigning Formula Renault 3.5 champion beat team-mate Jenson Button to third spot by 3.2 seconds.

The 2009 world champion started down on row five after his final flying lap in Q2 was spoiled by yellow flags, but he used smart strategy to jump from the fringes of the top 10 to sixth as the safety car came out, then overhaul Fernando Alonso’s Ferrari and Nico Hulkenberg’s Force India at the second round of stops.

Williams driver Bottas overcame Jean-Eric Vergne’s wildly oversteering Toro Rosso and Hulkenberg in the closing stages to finish sixth, but will rue what might have been after a messy race.

The Finn starred in the early stages as he worked the Williams through to the top six from 15th on the grid, but the Finn touched the wall coming out of Turn 10 on lap 11 and broke his right rear wheel.

He avoided suspension damage and pitted for a replacement, before working his way back through the field.

A decent points finish was at least some reward for the raid Williams after Felipe Massa was wiped out by Kamui Kobayashi’s locked-up Caterham at the first corner on the first lap.

Kimi Raikkonen’s Ferrari beat the Toro Rossos of Vergne and F1 rookie Daniil Kvyat as these three completed the top 10.

Perez’s Force India, both Saubers, and both Marussias also made the flag as 15 cars in total made the finish.

Jules Bianchi finished eight laps down and unclassified after failing to make it off the grid, causing an aborted start and forcing him to start from the pitlane behind the Lotus of Romain Grosjean.

Grosjean made it to lap 45 before retiring his troublesome twin-tusk E22, while team-mate Pastor Maldonado and Caterham’s Marcus Ericsson also stopped out on-track shortly after half-distance.

Result - 57 laps:

Pos  Driver             Team/Car                  Time/Gap
 1.  Nico Rosberg       Mercedes              1h32m58.710s
 2.  Daniel Ricciardo   Red Bull-Renault          +24.525s
 3.  Kevin Magnussen    McLaren-Mercedes          +26.777s
 4.  Jenson Button      McLaren-Mercedes          +30.027s
 5.  Fernando Alonso    Ferrari                   +35.284s
 6.  Valtteri Bottas    Williams-Mercedes         +47.639s
 7.  Nico Hulkenberg    Force India-Mercedes      +50.718s
 8.  Kimi Raikkonen     Ferrari                   +57.675s
 9.  Jean-Eric Vergne   Toro Rosso-Renault      +1m00.441s
10.  Daniil Kvyat       Toro Rosso-Renault      +1m03.585s
11.  Sergio Perez       Force India-Mercedes    +1m25.916s
12.  Adrian Sutil       Sauber-Ferrari              +1 lap
13.  Esteban Gutierrez  Sauber-Ferrari              +1 lap
14.  Max Chilton        Marussia-Ferrari           +2 laps
15.  Jules Bianchi      Marussia-Ferrari           +8 laps*

* Not classified


     Romain Grosjean    Lotus-Renault              43 laps
     Pastor Maldonado   Lotus-Renault              29 laps
     Marcus Ericsson    Caterham-Renault           27 laps
     Sebastian Vettel   Red Bull-Renault            3 laps
     Lewis Hamilton     Mercedes                    2 laps
     Kamui Kobayashi    Caterham-Renault            0 laps
     Felipe Massa       Williams-Mercedes           0 laps

Drivers' championship:

 1.  Nico Rosberg      25
 2.  Daniel Ricciardo  18
 3.  Kevin Magnussen   15
 4.  Jenson Button     12
 5.  Fernando Alonso   10
 6.  Valtteri Bottas   8
 7.  Nico Hulkenberg   6
 8.  Kimi Raikkonen    4
 9.  Jean-Eric Vergne  2
10.  Daniil Kvyat      1

Constructors' championship:

 1.  McLaren/Mercedes      27
 2.  Mercedes              25
 3.  Red Bull/Renault      18
 4.  Ferrari               14
 5.  Williams/Mercedes     8
 6.  Force India/Mercedes  6
 7.  Toro Rosso/Renault    3
Da Autosport.com

GP Australia, commenti post qualifiche–15/03/2014

Da SkyF1:



Da Raisport (PW: leavemealone9)


Australian GP: Kimi Raikkonen says traffic more costly than crash

Kimi Raikkonen says it was traffic, and not his trip into the wall, that cost him a chance of progressing into the final part of Australian Grand Prix qualifying.

The Finn sparked chaos in the closing stages of Q2 when he spun on the exit of Turn 3, nosing his Ferrari into the wall and bringing out the yellow flags.

The crash ended Raikkonen’s first Formula 1 qualifying session of 2014 on the spot, ensuring that he had no chance of improving beyond 12th position.

However, Raikkonen says traffic had already ruined his chances of going through to Q3, and that he was actually heading back to the pits when he spun.

"I didn’t have any more time to do an extra lap, so on that lap I would have come in anyway," he said.

"I was playing around with the switches or something, and I got a little bit of wheelspin and touched the wall. But the car is more or less OK.

"It was just my mistake. I got a little bit of wheelspin, I wasn’t pushing anymore, but I couldn’t catch it.

"That didn’t change the fact we had traffic on the previous lap. There was a McLaren going very slowly through Turn 5, and there were some other cars in front of us, but that’s how it goes sometimes.

"In the wet we had the speed, it was just the traffic."

Da Autosport.com


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