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Test a Barcellona, il verdetto–05/03/2016

F1 testing round-up: Kimi Raikkonen and Ferrari lead on raw pace

Kimi Raikkonen spearheaded a Ferrari one-two at the end of 2016 pre-season Formula 1 testing, but it was Mercedes that emerged literally miles ahead of its rivals on lap count.

After Vettel led the way at the end of the first test, Raikkonen responded to top the overall timesheet come the conclusion to the second at Barcelona’s Catalunya track.

Like Vettel in test one, Raikkonen’s leading time this week was set on the new-for-2016 ultra-soft compound, which he used to lap in 1m22.765s on day three.

More eye-catching, however, was Vettel using super-softs for his best lap on the final day. The four-time champion finished just 0.087 seconds behind Raikkonen in the week’s overall times, and was comfortably faster than anyone else had been on that compound.

Pirelli estimates there is a 0.5s-0.6s performance gap between the types of rubber, highlighting the impressive nature of Vettel’s run.

But Ferrari will no doubt be anxiously curious as to the true pace of its main rival Mercedes, which at barely any stage showed its hand – barring a blast on a set of soft tyres from Nico Rosberg on day one.

Rosberg’s lap of 1m23.022s was ultimately just 0.257s adrift of Raikkonen, and 0.170s behind Vettel, with Pirelli suggesting a time difference of 0.5s between the super-soft and soft tyres.

But when it comes to reliability, Mercedes was head and shoulders clear of not only Ferrari, but every other team.

To add to the 675 laps from test one, Mercedes amassed a further 619 in test two, amounting to 1790 miles this week, and 3742 over the eight days – the equivalent of 19.6 Spanish Grands Prix.

Toro Rosso was Mercedes’ closest rival on that front, clocking up 602 laps, for 3034 miles over the eight days, while Ferrari’s grand total proved to be 2470 miles, a considerable 1302 miles less than Mercedes.

Rosberg emerged as the lap leader from the second test with 324, and overall with 656, pipping Hamilton by just 18.

Toro Rosso, running with a 2015 Ferrari power unit this season, has every reason to be proud of its performance the past four days as Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz Jr completed 303 and 299 laps respectively.

At the other end of the scale, Esteban Gutierrez managed just 49 as Haas endured a torrid week due to reliability issues, in stark contrast to its solid running in the first test.

McLaren and power unit supplier Honda showed they have moved on from last year’s disastrous test sessions that were the forerunner to one of the worst seasons in the Woking team’s history.

Over eight days at Barcelona in 2015, McLaren managed a paltry 301 laps, but fast forward 12 months and the Anglo-Japanese alliance achieved 710, with 453 in test two alone.

In terms of driver contrasts, there were none greater than at Renault as Kevin Magnussen enjoyed a trouble-free four days to accumulate 509 laps, whereas Jolyon Palmer was plagued by gremlins and totalled only 267.


Combined best times of week two:

Pos  Driver             Car                   Time       Gap      Tyres
 1.  Kimi Raikkonen     Ferrari               1m22.765s           US
 2.  Sebastian Vettel   Ferrari               1m22.852s  +0.087s  SS
 3.  Nico Rosberg       Mercedes              1m23.022s  +0.257s  S
 4.  Carlos Sainz Jr    Toro Rosso-Ferrari    1m23.134s  +0.369s  US
 5.  Felipe Massa       Williams-Mercedes     1m23.193s  +0.428s  S
 6.  Valtteri Bottas    Williams-Mercedes     1m23.229s  +0.464s  US
 7.  Nico Hulkenberg    Force India-Mercedes  1m23.251s  +0.486s  US
 8.  Max Verstappen     Toro Rosso-Ferrari    1m23.382s  +0.617s  US
 9.  Lewis Hamilton     Mercedes              1m23.622s  +0.857s  S
10.  Sergio Perez       Force India-Mercedes  1m23.721s  +0.956s  SS
11.  Kevin Magnussen    Renault               1m23.933s  +1.168s  SS
12.  Daniel Ricciardo   Red Bull-TAG          1m24.427s  +1.662s  S
13.  Jenson Button      McLaren-Honda         1m24.714s  +1.949s  US
14.  Fernando Alonso    McLaren-Honda         1m24.735s  +1.970s  S
15.  Felipe Nasr        Sauber-Ferrari        1m24.760s  +1.995s  S
16.  Jolyon Palmer      Renault               1m24.859s  +2.094s  SS
17.  Pascal Wehrlein    Manor-Mercedes        1m24.913s  +2.148s  US
18.  Marcus Ericsson    Sauber-Ferrari        1m25.031s  +2.266s  S
19.  Daniil Kvyat       Red Bull-TAG          1m25.049s  +2.284s  S
20.  Romain Grosjean    Haas-Ferrari          1m25.255s  +2.490s  S
21.  Esteban Gutierrez  Haas-Ferrari          1m25.422s  +2.657s  SS
22.  Rio Haryanto       Manor-Mercedes        1m25.899s  +3.134s  US

Total week two mileage per driver:

 1.  Nico Rosberg      937
 2.  Max Verstappen    876
 3.  Carlos Sainz Jr   865
 4.  Lewis Hamilton    853
 5.  Sebastian Vettel  847
 6.  Daniel Ricciardo  746
 7.  Nico Hulkenberg   746
 8.  Felipe Massa      717
 9.  Kevin Magnussen   709
10.  Jenson Button     700
11.  Valtteri Bottas   668
12.  Felipe Nasr       633
13.  Fernando Alonso   610
14.  Kimi Raikkonen    602
15.  Daniil Kvyat      550
16.  Sergio Perez      544
17.  Jolyon Palmer     544
18.  Marcus Ericsson   541
19.  Romain Grosjean   417
20.  Pascal Wehrlein   367
21.  Rio Haryanto      298
22.  Esteban Gutierrez 142

Total week two mileage by team:

 1.  Mercedes     1790
 2.  Toro Rosso   1741
 3.  Ferrari      1449
 4.  Williams     1385
 5.  McLaren      1310
 6.  Red Bull     1296
 7.  Force India  1290
 8.  Renault      1252
 9.  Sauber       1174
10.  Manor        665
11.  Haas         558

Total week two mileage by engine:

 1.  Mercedes      5131
 2.  Ferrari 2016  3182
 3.  Renault/TAG   2548
 4.  Ferrari 2015  1741
 5.  Honda         1310


Combined fastest times of winter testing:

Pos  Driver             Car                   Time       Gap      Tyres
 1.  Kimi Raikkonen     Ferrari               1m22.765s           US
 2.  Sebastian Vettel   Ferrari               1m22.810s  +0.045s  US
 3.  Nico Rosberg       Mercedes              1m23.022s  +0.257s  S
 4.  Nico Hulkenberg    Force India-Mercedes  1m23.110s  +0.345s  SS
 5.  Carlos Sainz Jr    Toro Rosso-Ferrari    1m23.134s  +0.369s  US
 6.  Felipe Massa       Williams-Mercedes     1m23.193s  +0.428s  S
 7.  Valtteri Bottas    Williams-Mercedes     1m23.229s  +0.464s  SS
 8.  Max Verstappen     Toro Rosso-Ferrari    1m23.382s  +0.617s  US
 9.  Daniel Ricciardo   Red Bull-TAG          1m23.525s  +0.760s  US
10.  Lewis Hamilton     Mercedes              1m23.622s  +0.857s  S
11.  Sergio Perez       Force India-Mercedes  1m23.650s  +0.885s  SS
12.  Kevin Magnussen    Renault               1m23.933s  +1.168s  SS
13.  Daniil Kvyat       Red Bull-TAG          1m24.293s  +1.528s  US
14.  Jenson Button      McLaren-Honda         1m24.714s  +1.949s  US
15.  Fernando Alonso    McLaren-Honda         1m24.735s  +1.970s  S
16.  Felipe Nasr        Sauber-Ferrari        1m24.760s  +1.995s  S
17.  Alfonso Celis Jr   Force India-Mercedes  1m24.840s  +2.075s  SS
18.  Jolyon Palmer      Renault               1m24.859s  +2.094s  SS
19.  Pascal Wehrlein    Manor-Mercedes        1m24.913s  +2.148s  US
20.  Marcus Ericsson    Sauber-Ferrari        1m25.031s  +2.266s  S
21.  Romain Grosjean    Haas-Ferrari          1m25.255s  +2.490s  S
22.  Esteban Gutierrez  Haas-Ferrari          1m25.422s  +2.657s  SS
23.  Rio Haryanto       Manor-Mercedes        1m25.899s  +3.134s  US

Total winter testing mileage by driver:

 1.  Nico Rosberg       1897
 2.  Lewis Hamilton     1845
 3.  Max Verstappen     1545
 4.  Carlos Sainz Jr    1490
 5.  Kevin Magnussen    1472
 6.  Sebastian Vettel   1412
 7.  Daniel Ricciardo   1322
 8.  Felipe Nasr        1316
 9.  Valtteri Bottas    1287
10.  Felipe Massa       1189
11.  Marcus Ericsson    1108
12.  Jenson Button      1090
13.  Kimi Raikkonen     1059
14.  Daniil Kvyat       1041
15.  Nico Hulkenberg    1033
16.  Fernando Alonso    963
17.  Sergio Perez       836
18.  Jolyon Palmer      772
19.  Romain Grosjean    743
20.  Pascal Wehrlein    729
21.  Rio Haryanto       671
22.  Esteban Gutierrez  628
23.  Alfonso Celis Jr   385

Total winter testing mileage by team:

 1.  Mercedes      3743
 2.  Toro Rosso    3034
 3.  Williams      2476
 4.  Ferrari       2470
 5.  Sauber total  2424*
 6.  Red Bull      2363
 7.  Force India   2253
 8.  Renault       2245
 9.  McLaren       2054
10.  Manor         1400
11.  Haas          1371
12.  Sauber 2016   1174*

* Sauber only ran its 2016 car in week two

Total winter testing mileage by engine:

 1.  Mercedes      9872
 2.  Ferrari 2016  5016
 3.  Renault/TAG   4608
 4.  Ferrari 2015  4284
 5.  Honda         2054

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Test a Barcellona, ultimo giorno per Kimi–03/03/2016

Barcelona F1 test: Kimi Raikkonen and Ferrari top Thursday running

Ferrari stepped up its preparations for the new Formula 1 season as Kimi Raikkonen set the fastest lap seen in testing so far and completed a race simulation on Thursday.

After starting his day with a trial run of the FIA’s halo cockpit protection system the governing body hopes will be on all F1 cars in 2017, Raikkonen went on to set the pace on the third morning of the second test.

Using Pirelli’s ultra-soft tyre, Raikkonen set a time of 1m22.765s, 0.045 seconds quicker than team-mate Sebastian Vettel’s benchmark from day two of test one, which was also set on the new-for-2016 rubber.

Come the afternoon, the Finn put the SF16-H through its paces with a 66-lap Spanish Grand Prix run around Barcelona’s Catalunya track.

Raikkonen’s laptimes fared well against the simulations of Mercedes duo Lewis Hamilton on Monday and Nico Rosberg on Tuesday.

The run was put on hold for a short period as Romain Grosjean brought out the red flags for a second time with an excursion across the gravel, as he had done at the very end of the morning session.

The Frenchman made it a hat-trick late on to bring the day to an end six minutes earlier than scheduled.

Although Raikkonen finished comfortably quickest, Williams’s Felipe Massa was only 0.428s adrift with an early afternoon run on soft tyres.

Massa managed to get ahead of two other drivers on ultra-softs in Force India’s Nico Hulkenberg and Max Verstappen in the Toro Rosso, the former just under half a second down, and the latter just over 0.6s adrift.

Verstappen finished with the highest lap count of the day on 159, more than the two Mercedes drivers combined after Rosberg had run in the morning and Hamilton in the afternoon, the duo clocking up 144 laps between them.

Rosberg opted for a different run programme for his stint, working from a baseline with his car in order to focus on different set-ups.

It resulted in Rosberg completing 81 laps, the highest tally in the morning, before Hamilton took over.

Rosberg finished up fifth quickest, 1.3s down, with Hamilton down in 11th, 3.7s off the pace. Both set their times on mediums.

In between the Mercedes, Sauber’s Felipe Nasr finished two seconds off the pace on soft tyres, with McLaren’s Fernando Alonso in close attendance on super-softs.

Alonso also conducted a heavy-fuel race simulation of his own, and even had a blast on the ultra-softs in a productive afternoon.

Pascal Wehrlein posted Manor’s best lap of testing to date, using ultra-softs, to finish 2.148s behind Raikkonen, with Red Bull’s Daniil Kvyat ninth on softs, and a further two tenths of a second down.

Jolyon Palmer finally managed to get in some meaningful running in his Renault in the afternoon, after only completing 26 laps in the morning to add to the 79 over two days last week when he encountered a range of issues.

A late run on softs elevated Palmer over Hamilton to 10th, with the best of his 98 laps being a 1m26.224s.

Grosjean brought up the rear in his Haas, and despite his trio of red flags, still managed 78 laps after the American team finally overcame the turbo problems that had plagued it since Tuesday afternoon.

Pos Driver Car Time Gap Laps
1 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1m22.765s 136
2 Felipe Massa Williams/Mercedes 1m23.193s 0.428s 119
3 Nico Hulkenberg Force India/Mercedes 1m23.251s 0.486s 137
4 Max Verstappen Toro Rosso/Ferrari 1m23.382s 0.617s 159
5 Nico Rosberg Mercedes 1m24.126s 1.361s 81
6 Felipe Nasr Sauber/Ferrari 1m24.760s 1.995s 116
7 Fernando Alonso McLaren/Honda 1m24.870s 2.105s 118
8 Pascal Wehrlein Manor/Mercedes 1m24.913s 2.148s 48
9 Daniil Kvyat Red Bull/TAG Heuer 1m25.141s 2.376s 121
10 Jolyon Palmer Renault 1m26.224s 3.459s 98
11 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1m26.488s 3.723s 63
12 Romain Grosjean Haas/Ferrari 1m27.196s 4.431s 78

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Kimi Raikkonen tests F1’s halo head protection system on Ferrari

Formula 1’s proposed halo driver head protection system has appeared on a car for the first time, Kimi Raikkonen’s Ferrari during pre-season testing.

Having developed the system in conjunction with Mercedes, the FIA confirmed last week it is working to "make this a reality" for the 2017 season.

Further testing has been undertaken on an airfield in the south of England, firing projectiles at the framework at high speed.

"We have tried to accelerate this project in the last 12 months with an aim to have something that we can practically apply on F1 cars for 2017," FIA safety director Laurent Mekies said in the governing body’s official Auto publication.

"This latest test was set up with that in mind – trying to come out from there with something that we could actually say, ‘that’s going to be a significant step forward’."

Following that work, Raikkonen turned his installation lap of Circuit de Catalunya on Thursday morning with the device fitted to his Ferrari SF16-H.

Ferrari told Autosport that the device will not be used again today.

The halo trialled was a temporary fix, rather than having a hinge that would allow for easier extraction, complicating how Raikkonen climbed aboard the car when it was attached.

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Ferrari’s Raikkonen says visibility with F1 halo ‘was OK’

Kimi Raikkonen says the visibility of Formula 1’s proposed halo head protection system "was OK" according to Ferrari, after becoming the first driver to try it during pre-season testing.

Raikkonen turned his installation lap on Thursday morning with the device fitted to his Ferrari SF16-H.

The team was keen to get a driver’s opinion on how the device impacts on their vision.

"[The] first impression on the visibility test is positive," Raikkonen said, through the FIA.

"The structure does not hamper [visibility]."

Ferrari says the design is an early prototype that it produced itself, based on its own interpretation and is "pretty close" to what it expects the final shape to be.

As it was only a temporary fix, designed and produced mainly to gauge a driver’s opinion regarding visibility, it did not have a hinge that would allow for easier extraction.

As a result, it complicated how Raikkonen climbed inside the cockpit when it was attached.

The Scuderia has yet to decide whether Sebastian Vettel will run it on the car when the German completes the final day of testing for the team on Friday.

Over a period of time the FIA has conducted considerable research and tests into the product, with the halo emerging as the best of three reviewed designs.
The primary test focused on a wheel being projected at the halo device with significant force.
Assessing the results, Andy Mellor, the FIA’s lead researcher for the Global Institute for Road Safety on this project, said: "It’s very impressive that although the structure is positioned close to the driver’s helmet to provide protection from all angles, it is still able to prevent the wheel from contacting the helmet.
"In the very short distance available a huge amount of energy is absorbed and the wheel is successfully redirected."
The FIA prototype was made out of steel, while Ferrari’s is made of carbon fibre.
The FIA anticipates if the halo is accepted and adopted from 2017 it will be made of a lightweight material that will add around five kilograms to the weight of the car.
The key concern, however, is – and remains – visibility.
Speaking in the FIA’s monthly magazine Auto, Mellor added: "We need to avoid creating any blindspots as that would introduce an unacceptable additional risk during racing.
"We are looking to achieve a structure that provides a full panorama of forward and sideways binocular vision, allowing only very small areas of monocular vision restricted by the structure."


Kimi Raikkonen surprised by visibility in F1 cockpit halo trial

Kimi Raikkonen says there was "surprisingly little difference" in visibility after trying Ferrari’s version of the halo head protection system during pre-season Formula 1 testing.

The Finn completed a single lap with the device fitted to his Ferrari SF16-H first thing on Thursday morning at Barcelona.

Ferrari had created the prototype, which it says is "pretty close" to what it expects the final shape to be, to get a driver’s opinion on how it impacts visibility.

"It’s slightly different view," said Raikkonen. "We’re a bit limited in the front but I don’t think it’s the final version.

"There was surprisingly little difference.

"Yes, it was a bit limited in the front, but [the design] can change."

The design tested was produced by Ferrari itself and made of carbonfibre.

It was the team’s own interpretation of the idea but only a temporary design and did not have a hinge that will feature on the final version for easier extraction.

The hinge’s absence complicated how Raikkonen climbed into the cockpit when it was attached.

The FIA anticipates that if the design is accepted and adopted for 2017, it will be made of a lightweight material that will add around five kilograms to the weight of the car.

Ferrari is contemplating running the design again on Friday when Sebastian Vettel is in the car so it can gauge the German’s opinion too.

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Seconda sessione test Barcellona, giorno 1–01/03/2016

Barcelona F1 test: Rosberg tops Mercedes’ first day of 2016

Nico Rosberg put a Mercedes on top of the timesheets for the first time in 2016 Formula 1 pre-season testing while his team-mate Lewis Hamilton completed a full race simulation.

On the opening day of Barcelona’s second test, Mercedes ran the soft tyres for the first time this year with Rosberg clocking a 1m23.022s just before lunch, finishing 0.207 seconds clear of Valtteri Bottas in the Williams, whose time was set on the ultra-softs.

It was an impressive performance from Mercedes, which focused on low-fuel and qualifying speed in the morning before changing tack in the afternoon when Hamilton took over the car.

The reigning world champion completed a short stint on the softs before completing three stints on the mediums as part of a 66-lap run.

Fernando Alonso suffered what McLaren described as a "small telemetry" glitch before lunch, but the team got him back out midway through the afternoon.

The two-time world champion clocked the third quickest time, 1.713s off the pace, and put 93 laps on the board.

Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen had spent much of the day in second before he stopped out on track just after lunch.

He returned to the track late in the afternoon and he ended the day with 71 laps on the board, 100 fewer than Rosberg and Hamilton managed between them.

Red Bull suffered a long delay after a brake casing problem caused a small fire at the back of the RB12, with Daniil Kvyat rejoining in the afternoon to clock the fifth fastest time.

Hamilton was sixth, ahead of Max Verstappen and Nico Hulkenberg, both of whom managed more than 100 laps apiece.

The 2016-spec Sauber proved to be reliable straight out of the box as Felipe Nasr clocked 103 laps for the ninth quickest time.

Renault’s Kevin Magnussen was 10th, but caused a red flag with a few minutes to go, when he stopped out on track having completed 119 laps.

Haas saw its running end early with a fuel system problem, with Esteban Gutierrez managing just 23 laps.

Manor’s Rio Haryanto had a troublesome day with the Indonesian missing most of the morning session as his team worked to fix a small oil leak.

He recovered to log 45 laps and the 12th fastest time, 4.603s off the pace.

Pos Driver Car Time Gap Laps
1 Nico Rosberg Mercedes 1m23.022s 82
2 Valtteri Bottas Williams/Mercedes 1m23.229s 0.207s 123
3 Fernando Alonso McLaren/Honda 1m24.735s 1.713s 93
4 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1m24.836s 1.814s 72
5 Daniil Kvyat Red Bull/TAG Heuer 1m25.049s 2.027s 69
6 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1m25.051s 2.029s 90
7 Max Verstappen Toro Rosso/Ferrari 1m25.176s 2.154s 144
8 Nico Hulkenberg Force India/Mercedes 1m25.336s 2.314s 121
9 Felipe Nasr Sauber/Ferrari 1m25.493s 2.471s 103
10 Kevin Magnussen Renault 1m25.760s 2.738s 119
11 Esteban Gutierrez Haas/Ferrari 1m26.661s 3.639s 23
12 Rio Haryanto Manor/Mercedes 1m27.625s 4.603s 45

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Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen thwarted by gearbox issue in testing

A gearbox problem limited Kimi Raikkonen and Ferrari’s mileage as 2016’s second pre-season Formula 1 test began at Barcelona on Tuesday.

Raikkonen’s car stopped when he became stuck in eighth gear on the pits straight just after the lunchbreak.

Although Ferrari got him back out later, he could only manage 72 laps – 100 down on Mercedes’ tally for the day.

"Obviously a few things could be better at this point but we are in testing and the purpose of testing is to try things and obviously something breaks," Raikkonen told reporters.

"We can fix it, there’s still time.

"Every year it’s the same story; you push, push and push and [if] we have an issue, we plan a fix. I’m not concerned."

Ferrari chairman Sergio Marchionne has expressed hope that the team will be on the front row at the season-opening Australian Grand Prix, while Mercedes’ Nico Rosberg insisted the Italian team was a "big threat".

Raikkonen said it was currently "pointless to start guessing" how Ferrari compared to Mercedes, which set the pace on Tuesday as it ran soft tyres for the first time this year.

"I have no idea what they’re doing and they don’t know what will happen," he said.

"You can see the laptime, there are different tyres and different times.

"We have a good feeling. We have made quite good progress over the winter again but is it going to be enough? Who knows?

"I think we will be more or less where we want to be."

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Test a Barcellona, Kimi chiude in testa–25/02/2016

Kimi Raikkonen tops final day of first 2016 Barcelona F1 test

Kimi Raikkonen topped the timesheets for Ferrari on the final day of the first Formula 1 pre-season test at Barcelona, while Mercedes clocked up an impressive 185 laps.

Raikkonen bolted on a set of the ultra-soft tyres and set a 1m23.477s just before lunch to lead the way.

It was the third day out of four that a Ferrari topped the times, with the Finn finishing 0.816s clear of Red Bull’s Daniil Kvyat who set his time on the same compound.

Mercedes, running its new nose, split running between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, who logged 99 and 86 laps respectively.

Both drivers did all of their running on the medium tyre with Rosberg seventh, just over one tenth ahead of Hamilton in eighth.

It was not such a successful day for McLaren-Honda, which suffered a coolant leak early in the morning.

The team was unable to get car back out, leaving Fernando Alonso to end the day with only three laps under his belt and not having set a time.

A late run on the super-softs catapulted Force India development driver Alfonso Celis to third, 1.363s off the pace, on his second day in the car this week.

Kevin Magnussen made up for a lack of running for his team-mate Jolyon Palmer earlier in the week with the day’s highest individual tally of 153 laps and the third quickest time.

The Dane brought out the red flag when he stopped out on track in the final quarter of an hour.

Max Verstappen ended another solid day for Toro Rosso fifth, adding 106 laps to the 161 his team-mate Carlos Sainz Jr managed on Wednesday.

Sauber was busy, too, with Felipe Nasr doing over 100 laps in the 2015-spec car and achieving the sixth fastest time with a soft-tyre run.

Haas completed a race simulation with Esteban Gutierrez as it continued its maiden F1 test. The Mexican finished 10th quickest.

Rookie Rio Haryanto was responsible for a red flag when he crashed at Turn 5 during the afternoon and did not return to the track.

The Indonesian, who logged 51 laps, propped up the timesheets with a 1m28.266s on the softs.

Pos Driver Car Time Gap Laps
1 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1m23.477s 80
2 Daniil Kvyat Red Bull/TAG Heuer 1m24.293s 0.816s 96
3 Alfonso Celis Force India/Mercedes 1m24.840s 1.363s 75
4 Kevin Magnussen Renault 1m25.263s 1.786s 153
5 Max Verstappen Toro Rosso/Ferrari 1m25.393s 1.916s 110
6 Felipe Nasr Sauber/Ferrari 1m26.053s 2.576s 121
7 Nico Rosberg Mercedes 1m26.187s 2.710s 86
8 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1m26.295s 2.818s 99
9 Felipe Massa Williams/Mercedes 1m26.483s 3.006s 54
10 Esteban Gutierrez Haas/Ferrari 1m27.802s 4.325s 89
11 Rio Haryanto Manor/Mercedes 1m28.266s 4.789s 51
Fernando Alonso McLaren/Honda 3

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Ferrari had hoped for higher mileage in first F1 test – Raikkonen

Ferrari did not complete as many laps as it had hoped during the first pre-season Formula 1 test at Barcelona, where Mercedes almost doubled the Italian team’s mileage.

Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen topped three of the four days between them, ending the week first and third respectively on the combined times.

However, Ferrari’s 353 laps of the Barcelona circuit fell well short of the 675 achieved by Mercedes with Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.

"We would have liked more laps but that’s part of testing," said Raikkonen, who was fastest on day four following a run on the new ultra-soft tyres.

"With a new car, there are certain things you need to try and test.

"You have to accept you have to check things and it takes time. It’s better to do that.

"If there are some issues or some things to change, it’s up to us to push so we are in the right position when we start racing."

Raikkonen lost the majority of his first morning of running in the new SF16-H while Ferrari carried out fuel system checks, and while Mercedes has already tried several key new parts on its W07, Ferrari’s test programme is still in its "early days".

"We haven’t really done an awful lot of set-up work but the baseline is normal," said Raikkonen.

"It’s where we want it to be, and I’m sure we can improve it some more.

"There are a lot of things to try at test two but the car is definitely a step up from what we had last year."


Mercedes 675
Toro Rosso 447
Sauber 432
Williams 337
Red Bull 369
Ferrari 353
Renault 343
Force India 333
Haas 281
McLaren 257
Manor 254

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Test a Barcellona, debutto per Kimi–24/02/2016

Barcelona F1 testing: Force India’s Hulkenberg on top, Haas second

Nico Hulkenberg and Force India ended Ferrari’s domination of pre-season Formula 1 testing on a troubled first day of 2016 running for Kimi Raikkonen, as Romain Grosjean put Haas second.

Hulkenberg comfortably topped the Barcelona timesheet with a morning lap of 1m23.110s set on the super-soft compound.

That was exactly three tenths of a second shy of the week’s best lap, set by Sebastian Vettel on Pirelli’s new ultra-soft on Tuesday.

While Vettel covered 195 laps as he topped the first two days, Raikkonen managed just four installation laps on Wednesday morning, without a time to his name, while Ferrari completed a number of fuel-system checks.

The Finn at least fared better in the afternoon as he clocked up another 73 laps, with his best on the medium compound moving him up to second behind Hulkenberg, albeit 2.867s adrift.

He was then demoted to third when Grosjean put in a lap one tenth quicker during a late run on a set of softs for newcomer Haas.

After two difficult days for Jolyon Palmer and Renault, with software issues on Monday and a turbo failure on Tuesday limiting him to just 79 laps, team-mate Kevin Magnussen posted 103 on his way to fourth quickest on his return to F1.

While positive for Renault, there are still issues to contend with. Magnussen stopped on track due to an unspecified problem with an hour of the day remaining.

An attempt to send the Dane back out with 15 minutes to run resulted in him stopping near the end of the pitlane.

Magnussen’s initial issue brought out the third red flag of the day, the first having come in the opening hour when Carlos Sainz Jr was forced to stop his Toro Rosso due to his right-rear wheel not being attached.

Sainz went on to complete the second highest number of laps in a day this week with 161, finishing just over three seconds down on Hulkenberg in sixth.

Nico Rosberg sandwiched Magnussen and Sainz as he split the day’s driving duties for Mercedes with reigning champion Lewis Hamilton.

After posting 172 laps on Tuesday, Rosberg added a further 74 on Wednesday morning, with Hamilton following up with 87 in the afternoon for eighth quickest.

Mercedes is still yet to use anything other than the medium tyre.

Felipe Nasr was seventh in the 2015 Sauber, 3.282s behind Hulkenberg and a fraction of a second ahead of Hamilton.

In his first 2016 outing for Red Bull, Daniil Kvyat was ninth, 0.076s behind Hamilton, and 0.215s ahead of Felipe Massa as the Brazilian took over Williams driving duties from Valtteri Bottas and ran for 109 laps.

Jenson Button only managed 51 in his McLaren. A minor fire caused by a hydraulic leak ended his day early and left the veteran nearly four seconds down.

On his debut as fully-fledged F1 driver, Rio Haryanto brought up the rear, 5.139s off the pace.

The Indonesian also spun in the morning to bring out the second red flag.


Pos Driver Car Time Gap Laps
1 Nico Hulkenberg Force India/Mercedes 1m23.110s 99
2 Romain Grosjean Haas/Ferrari 1m25.874s 2.764s 82
3 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1m25.977s 2.867s 78
4 Kevin Magnussen Renault 1m26.014s 2.904s 111
5 Nico Rosberg Mercedes 1m26.084s 2.974s 74
6 Carlos Sainz Toro Rosso/Ferrari 1m26.239s 3.129s 161
7 Felipe Nasr Sauber/Ferrari 1m26.392s 3.282s 115
8 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1m26.421s 3.311s 88
9 Daniil Kvyat Red Bull/TAG Heuer 1m26.497s 3.387s 74
10 Felipe Massa Williams/Mercedes 1m26.712s 3.602s 109
11 Jenson Button McLaren/Honda 1m26.919s 3.809s 51
12 Rio Haryanto Manor/Mercedes 1m28.249s 5.139s 78

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Kimi Raikkonen happier with Ferrari’s 2016 Formula 1 car

Kimi Raikkonen says he is happier with the front end of Ferrari’s new Formula 1 car than he was last year, following his first day in the SF16-H.

Raikkonen took over the car on Wednesday following Sebastian Vettel’s two pacesetting days to start F1 pre-season testing, but essentially missed the morning session as Ferrari undertook fuel system checks.

He finished the day third on the timesheets, with his 1m25.977s lap set on Pirelli’s medium compound tyre.

"I think the first feeling is quite nice," Raikkonen said.

"The handling is good. In many areas we need to improve on last year and the front end is one area.

"The team has done a very good job, getting it ready, I am happy with that."

After turning just four installation laps before lunch, Raikkonen said his afternoon focus was building mileage across short runs, rather than experimenting with the new car’s set-up.

"I’m sure the car is already better than what we had last year," he added.

"We improved in many areas and it’s very early days, especially for me, with the car.

"There’s no problem, and we haven’t changed a single thing on the front.

"I’m happy so far, but there is still a lot of things to put in there.

"Just jumping in the car, not doing anything to it and driving, it’s not too bad, it’s pretty OK, so I’m sure we can find some things."

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Test Pirelli, il commento di Kimi–25/01/2016

Kimi Raikkonen sceptical over new wets after Pirelli F1 tyre test

Kimi Raikkonen was left unconvinced by Pirelli’s alternative wet-weather tyres as Formula 1 returned to action in 2016.

Pirelli is conducting a two-day tyre test at the Paul Ricard circuit in the south of France as it seeks to improve its full-wet compound, notably with regard to its aquaplaning performance.

Although Pirelli tried out different variations of the tyre, and with the test blind for participating teams Ferrari, Red Bull and McLaren, Raikkonen felt there was little sign of an improvement over 2015.

Running last year’s SF15-T, without modification as per the rules for the test, and completing 99 laps overall, Raikkonen said: "We can learn from this.

"We are not usually so happy in the wet conditions, so it helps to understand more.

"Here it’s as good a wet-tyre test as you can get because it was similar conditions all the time. If we can help Pirelli then it’s useful for us, so it was OK.

"I think we preferred last year’s tyres, but it’s too early to say."

Raikkonen was joined on track by Daniel Ricciardo in his Red Bull and McLaren reserve Stoffel Vandoorne, who completed 99 and 87 laps respectively.

With the circuit’s sprinkler system in operation and deployed regularly during the day to ensure continuity in conditions, Vandoorne feels the test was useful.

"After the first three set-up runs, once the tyre testing started then every time we had a consistent track, which is the main focus, especially when you do tyre testing," said Vandoorne.

"In the beginning some parts of the track were not wet enough, but then they did a good job to wet it.

"Obviously some parts of the track were also too wet, so it was difficult, a bit too much aquaplaning sometimes, but after a few laps everything was fine again."

As to the feel of the tyres, Vandoorne added: "We adjusted the different specs, which felt very similar, although we didn’t know what they were as it is a blind test.

"It was about giving information as to how the tyres react, and Pirelli did a decent job.

"In testing different specs some were better than others, which is usual in tyre testing."

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Raikkonen: "Per noi meglio le gomme dello scorso anno"

25 gennaio 2016 – Al termine dei dieci run odierni, Kimi Raikkonen ha raccontato la sua giornata ai microfoni della stampa: un test tranquillo e utile, durante il quale i cronometri hanno però girato e assegnato alla Ferrari del finlandese il terzo posto su tre auto in pista.

L’unico a parlare con la stampa dei tre piloti presenti qui al Paul Ricard, in un paddock che ha poco da invidiare a quelli di circuiti già presenti nel calendario iridato, è stato Kimi Raikkonen. Il meno loquace per antonomasia si è invece presentato puntuale all’appuntamento, concedendo qualche parola prima di andarsi a rintanare nel suo motorhome.

Alle scuderie sono stati affidati oggi alcuni set di gomme non marcate. Sebbene le caratteristiche di ognuno di questi composti fossero segrete, un’idea Kimi se l’è subito fatta, quella inerente quali gomme siano state le più performanti sulla sua monoposto.

“Penso sia troppo presto per parlare” – ha esordito il finnico – “Avevamo a disposizione le stesse gomme dello scorso anno e alcune nuove gomme, ma credo di poter dire che per noi siano meglio quelle del 2015“.

Sia con le gomme dello scorso anno che con quelle non marcate però, la Ferrari di Kimi è stata oggi costantemente la terza auto in pista, dietro alla Red Bull di Daniel Ricciardo mediamente di un secondo, e dietro anche alla McLaren di Stoffel Vandoorne di mezzo. In pratica i valori dei best time finali sono anche quelli espressi giro dopo giro con qualunque mescola.

Va però anche detto che nei monitor concessi alla stampa, che prediligevano nelle inquadrature la rossa di Maranello (per non dire che era l’unica monoposto inquadrata, in quanto sempre la prima a uscire), non si è mai vista la monoposto rossa salire su un cordolo…

“È stato bello oggi, era un po’ che non guidavo” – ha continuato il finlandese – “Abbiamo imparato qualcosa in condizioni da bagnato, questi test aiutano la Pirelli ma anche noi ad apprendere qualcosa in più“. Inoltre – ha aggiunto il finlandese – “Sono stati utili perché abbiamo potuto girare in condizioni simili per tutto il tempo“.

L’ultima risposta di Kimi è sollecitata dall’inviato della Rai, Ettore Giovannelli, che gli ha ricordato come il presidente Sergio Marchionne voglia una Ferrari vincente già a Melbourne.”Tutta la squadra lo vuole” – ha risposto Kimi – “Ma solo fra un mese dopo il primo test con la nuova monoposto sapremo se il nostro obiettivo è realistico o meno“.

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Raikkonen: “Il test Pirelli sul bagnato utile anche per capire dove migliorarci”

Sono stati 285 i giri complessivi coperti dalla Ferrari di Raikkonen, dalla Red Bull di Ricciardo e dalla McLaren di Vandoorne nella prima delle due giornate fissate dalla Pirelli sul circuito del Paul Ricard, Le Castellet, per sviluppare e individuare le gomme da pioggia del prossimo futuro.

La prova, alla cieca e strutturata in dieci run, ha visto i piloti montare inizialmente le vecchie full wet per poi passare ai prototipi di cui non sono state diffuse le caratteristiche.

“E’ già capitato di affrontare test del genere in precedenza, quindi non è una novità – il riscontro di Kimi al termine del pomeriggio – A livello di risposta degli pneumatici invece reputo ancora prematuro dare un giudizio positivo”.

“Ad ogni modo è stata una sessione utile sia per aiutare il fornitore, sia per noi visto che in condizioni simili non siamo esattamente fortissimi. In questo modo abbiamo potuto godere di un circuito inzuppato in maniera omogenea e dunque siamo riusciti a capire meglio dove intervenire per risolvere i problemi” – ha proseguito.

Rispondendo in seguito alla domanda sul Presidente Marchionne e la sua volontà di veder vincere la Rossa sin da Melbourne Iceman ha dichiarato: “Lo vorremmo tutti, tuttavia non avendo neppure completato una tornata con l’auto 2016 non possiamo avere certezze”.

Infine sugli ultimi due mesi il campione del mondo 2007 ha chiosato: “Mi sono solo riposato e dedicato alla famiglia”.

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Test Pirelli a Le Castellet–25/01/2016

Pirelli F1 wet tyre test: Daniel Ricciardo sets pace for Red Bull

Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo set the quickest time on the first Formula 1 test day of the 2016 season as Pirelli tested wet tyres at Paul Ricard.

He was the fastest of the three 2015-spec cars taking part in the two-day session at the sometime French Grand Prix venue.

McLaren test driver Stoffel Vandoorne was 0.4 seconds behind and second quickest ahead of Kimi Raikkonen’s Ferrari at a cool and overcast Ricard.

Both Red Bull and Ferrari completed 10 sets of 10-lap runs on a full-wet prototype tyre.

In total 285 laps were covered across the three teams.

McLaren didn’t finish its programme from Pirelli as Vandoorne stopped out on track shortly before the close of play due to an engine problem. His McLaren returned to the pits on the back of a flat-bed truck.

The two-day test has been organised by Pirelli so it can test new full-wet tyres.

The track was artificially soaked by sprinklers and each car left the pits at 10-seconds intervals, circulating for roughly 10 laps before returning to the pits so the track could be soaked again.

Pirelli has been working on a combination of different compounds, different tread depths and configurations, but as the temperature at the south of France venue never rose about 10 degrees centigrade conditions were not ideal.

The second and final day commences at 9.30am local time on Tuesday.

Sebastian Vettel will take over driving duties from Raikkonen at Ferrari, while Daniil Kvyat replaces Ricciardo at Red Bull.

Vandoorne will complete the second day for McLaren.


Pos  Driver             Team      Time       Gap      Laps
 1.  Daniel Ricciardo   Red Bull  1m08.713s           99
 2.  Stoffel Vandoorne  McLaren   1m09.131s  +0.418s  87
 3.  Kimi Raikkonen     Ferrari   1m09.637s  +0.924s  99

15.45 – Bandiera a scacchi, pit-lane chiusa e sessione terminata con un’ora di anticipo rispetto a quanto comunicato inizialmente da Pirelli. Il miglior tempo di giornata va quindi alla Red Bull di Daniel Ricciardo, che ha siglato il crono di 1’08″713 pochi minuti prima delle ore 13.00. Seguono poi nell’ordine Stoffel Vandoorne con la McLaren, 1’09″131, e Kimi Raikkonen con la Ferrari che ha realizzato il suo best lap in 1’09″637. Completati in totale 285 giri. 99 il numero di passaggi completato da Ricciardo e Raikkonen, 87 quelli di Vandoorne, vittima di un guasto tecnico negli ultimi scampoli della sessione.

15.40 – Si è concluso anche il decimo stint, con Ricciardo che ha bloccato i cronometri sull’1’09″764, più lento Raikkonen fermatosi a 1’10″743.

15.36 – Nel frattempo vi mostriamo le foto della McLaren di Vandoorne, gelosamente celata sotto un telo nero al suo rientro ai box sul carro attrezzi. Per il belga un problema tecnico.

15.34 – I tempi realizzati dagli unici due piloti in pista sono lenti perché il tracciato, appena bagnato artificialmente, non consente di migliorare le prestazioni, che si abbasseranno con il passare dei giri. Ricciardo si attesta sul ritmo dell’1’10.

15.22 – Bandiera verde: ne approfitta subito Kimi Raikkonen che rientra in pista con la sua Ferrari.

15.15 – Le gomme che montano la vettura di Ricciardo e quella di Raikkonen immortalate nelle immagini sottostanti sono del tipo “prototipale” ovvero dotate di una nuova tipologia di costruzione rispetto a quelle standard che invece riportano sulla spalla la scritta azzurra Pirelli.

15.11 – Sempre per ingannare il tempo in attesa che la McLaren torni nel suo garage, vi proponiamo qualche scatto direttamente dalla pit-lane e da bordo pista ad opera del nostro inviato al Paul Ricard, Simone Valtieri.

15.05 – Nel frattempo, approfittando della pausa forzata, riepiloghiamo la situazione dei giri percorsi visto che quella dei tempi non ha subito cambiamenti. Ricciardo e Raikkonen sono a 89 passaggi compiuti. Fermo invece a 87 Vandoorne.

15.02 – Prima bandiera rossa della giornata. Ferma lungo la pista la McLaren – Honda di Vandoorne, che non è rientrata ai box.

14.59 – Concluso anche il nono stint, ma senza particolari acuti. Questi i tempi realizzati dai tre piloti in pista: 1’09″366 per Daniel Ricciardo, 1’09″827 per Kimi Raikkonen e 1’10″116 per Stoffel Vandoorne.

14.51 – Dopo la consueta “irrigazione” dell’asfalto è iniziato anche il decimo turno, con Raikkonen che sta girando sul piede dell’1’13, mentre Ricciardo è già sceso sull’1’12″4.

14.50 – La Red Bull ha invece cambiato leggermente la cromatica della sua livrea, con il ritorno della scritta istituzionale sulla fiancata in rosso, mentre sul cofano campeggia quella del partner tecnico Tag Heuer, che fornisce il suo nome per il propulsore Renault. Per vedere la nuova aggregazione di colori bisognerà invece attendere mercoledì 17 febbraio, quando a Londra cadranno i veli sulla livrea 2016 della monoposto di Milton Keynes.

14.46 – Temperatura che sfiora quasi i dieci gradi quando siamo a poco più di due ore dal termine della sessione odierna. Facendo un breve calcolo e sommando i migliori tempi di settore, con Raikkonen che detiene il best nel T1 con 27.181, mentre Ricciardo ha il più veloce nel secondo con 41.152, il miglior tempo ideale di giornata si dovrebbe attestare a 1’08″333.

14.35 – Al termine dell’ottavo turno non hanno invece migliorato né Raikkonen con la Ferrari né Vandoorne con la McLaren. Le velocità massime nel primo settore sono le seguenti: Raikkonen 300 km/h, Ricciardo e Vandoorne 296. Nel secondo settore: Ricciardo 258, Kimi 257 e Vandoorne 254. Ricordiamo che girando sul tracciato corto i settori percorsi sono due.

14.30 – Daniel Ricciardo ha ottenuto il tempo di 1’08″728 in occasione dell’ottavo turno di giri prestabilito, a pochissimo dal best lap odierno e con il miglior crono nel secondo settore.

14.20 – Ricordiamo che per questi test, Pirelli ha imposto delle condizioni standard per quanto riguarda il set-up delle monoposto, che essendo da bagnato prevede una configurazione dedicata. Sull’ala posteriore della Ferrari di Raikkonen è presente un vistoso “gurney flap” montato sul profilo superiore dell’ala posteriore.

14.00 – Tutto pronto per l’ottavo turno della giornata. Gli aggiornamenti tarderanno un attimo perché il nostro Simone Valtieri si è spostato a bordo pista per seguire da vicino il passaggio delle monoposto e portarci qualche notizia fresca ‘dal campo’.

13.55 – Curiosità: ecco come si possono seguire le prove dai monitor presenti in sala stampa al Paul Ricard. Niente super regia televisiva per questi test…

13.45 – Riepiloghiamo intanto il totale dei giri percorsi: 61 per tutti e tre i piloti impegnati, anche se continuano i problemi al transponder di Ricciardo che compare sul monitor con sole 44 tornate completate.

13.40 – Irrigatori in azione per preparare la pista all’ottavo turno della giornata.

13.35 – Scollinata la metà giornata, ecco una nuova gallery dal Paul Ricard:

13.30 – Terminato anche questo turno, senza miglioramenti cronometrici.

13.25 – Spinge di più Ricciardo che arriva fino a 1’09″168, dopo essersi fermato pochi decimi sopra nei due giri precedenti.

13.20 – In pista siamo su tempi ancora superiori all’1’10”, ma c’è da segnalare che Raikkonen ha ritoccato la top speed di giornata, raggiungendo i 300 km/h sul rettilineo dimezzato del Mistral.

13.15 – Intanto arriva in questa mattinata un’altra notizia importante: la nuova Ferrari, nome in codice 667, ha superato i crash test.

13.10 – Si torna in pista per il settimo turno di giornata!

2.56 – Piloti nuovamente ai box, concluso anche il sesto stint di giornata. Nota sulle prestazioni: le monoposto non aprono il DRS sui rettilinei e i piloti si mantengono anche a distanza di sicurezza dai cordoli. La velocità più elevata finora è stata raggiunta da Raikkonen con 299 km/h.

12.54 – Tornano i tempi di Ricciardo e subito scopriamo che c’è stato un nuovo botta e risposta con Vandoorne: il talento della McLaren passa in 1’09″131, ma il pilota della Red Bull abbatte il muro dell’1’09” e fa segnare il tempo di 1’08″713. Più lontano Raikkonen che comunque si migliora con 1’09″637.

12.50 – Scendono i tempi e Vandoorne ci smentisce: prima fa 1’09″489, poi con 1’09″409 abbassa ancora il suo best giornaliero, ancora di un soffio dietro a Ricciardo. A proposito, in questo turno i tempi dell’australiano non compaiono sul monitor dei tempi.

12.45 – Difficilmente vedremo miglioramenti cronometrici in questo turno: al terzo passaggio Vandoorne fa 1’10″3, Raikkonen 1’10″7, siamo a circa un secondo dai migliori tempi visti finora. I piloti stanno girando con pneumatici non marchiati, come avvenuto anche nei turni precedenti, ad esclusione del primo.

12.40 – Si torna in pista! Primi giri come di consueto su tempi elevati, anche maggiori rispetto ai precedenti, tra l’1’12” e l’1’13”.

12.35 – Mentre tornano in azione gli irrigatori, eccovi una gallery della mattinata:

12.30 – Riassunto dei migliori tempi visti finora (5 turni): 1- D.Ricciardo 1’09″378 2- S.Vandoorne 1’09″536 3- K.Raikkonen 1’09″787

12.25 – Ricordiamo che sono presenti gli ispettori della FIA a controllare l’attività dei team, i quali possono solo modificare i setup della monoposto.

12.20 – Terminato anche il quinto turno di giornata. La temperatura dell’aria sale a 10 gradi.

12.16 – Nuovo record nel secondo settore per l’australiano: 41″58, ma il crono finale di 1’09″412 lo lascia dietro al miglior tempo di giornata che comunque gli appartiene.

12.14 – Vandoorne passa in 1’09″9, Ricciardo in 1’10″3.

12.12 – In evidenza Raikkonen che in questo turno sta facendo i migliori tempi: 1’09″858 (27″3 nel primo settore) e poi 1’09″754, suo miglior tempo di giornata.

12.05 – Siamo al quinto stint di giornata, i piloti lo cominciano girando tutti sopra l’1’11”. Il tempo alto sembra dovuto più al tipo di pneumatico montato ora che alla pista bagnata.

12.00 – Irrigatori nuovamente spenti, si riaccendono i motori!

11.55 – In attesa che ricominci l’azione al Paul Ricard, la notizia della mattina è senz’altro il ritorno nel paddock di Pat Fry. Eccovi l’articolo promesso: Manor, Pat Fry ingaggiato come consulente tecnico

11.48 – Di nuovo tutti ai box: in ogni turno ogni pilota riesce a fare tre o al massimo quattro giri, poi la pista passa rapidamente a condizioni di asfalto troppo asciutte per questi pneumatici pensati per la pioggia battente. 11.44 – Altro giro su tempi simili per Red Bull e McLaren, ma senza migliorarsi. Chi si migliora ancora è Raikkonen, finalmente a livello degli altri: 1’09″787 con nuovo record nel primo settore (27″55) e ancora 4 decimi persi sempre nel secondo settore.

11.41 – Botta e risposta tra Vandoorne e Ricciardo: 1’09″536 il belga, 1’09″378 l’australiano. Si migliora nettamente Raikkonen che scende a 1’10″083 con un primo settore record da 27″6. 11.38 – I piloti continuano a girare e la pista migliora velocemente: Raikkonen fa il suo miglior giro di oggi con 1’10″528, mentre Ricciardo abbassa il limite di giornata a 1’09″666. 11.35 – Vandoorne e Ricciardo girano sull’1’10″7, mentre Raikkonen ancora una volta è più lento, in particolare nel secondo settore, e non va oltre l’1’11″298.

11.30 – Tutti nuovamente in pista, con asfalto ancora più bagnato rispetto ai tre precedenti turni.

11.15 – Di nuovo tutti ai box.

11.10 – Tempi più alti in questa uscita, solo Raikkonen riesce a migliorarsi rispetto ai tempi precedenti (che erano nettamente più alti di quelli degli altri piloti): 1’11″331 e poi 1’11″147 per Iceman. Vandoorne con 1’10″178 continua comunque a essere molto più veloce, mentre Ricciardo dopo un giro lento è rientrato ai box.

11.05 – Intanto arriva in redazione la notizia che la Manor ha ingaggiato, dopo Nick Tombazis, un altro ex ferrarista: Pat Fry. A breve su FormulaPassion.it l’articolo con tutte le informazioni.

11.00 – Ritornano in pista i piloti, sempre nell’ordine visto nei due precedenti turni: Raikkonen, Ricciardo e Vandoorne.

10.52 – Motori ancora spenti, gli irrigatori sono ancora all’opera per rendere l’asfalto ‘full wet‘.

10.48 – Un tweet, tre passaggi del turno di prove appena completato:

10.42 – Di nuovi tutti dentro ai box del Paul Ricard.

10.40 – A ogni passaggio i tempi continuano ad abbassarsi sensibilmente, tranne per Raikkonen che nel secondo settore alza il piede: 1’10″868 e 1’10″649 Ricciardo, 1’10″938 e 1’10″005 Vandoorne. Raikkonen non va oltre 1’11″796 perdendo sempre nel secondo settore.

10.35 – Completato il primo giro cronometrato, con tempi che avevamo già visto nel precedente turno: 1’11″302 Ricciardo, 1’11″331 Vandoorne, 1’11″925 Raikkonen.

10.30 – Si riaccendono i motori al Paul Ricard: nuovamente in pista, contemporaneamente, Raikkonen, Ricciardo e Vandoorne.

10.20 – La pausa tecnica prosegue: al momento c’è un camion dei pompieri che gira contromano e gli irrigatori sono aperti per allagare nuovamente la pista.

10.08 – Prima uscita terminata per tutti i piloti che sono rientrati ai box.

10.05 – Ad ogni tornata la pista si pulisce e i tempi si abbassano notevolmente. Raikkonen dopo aver fatto registrare il record nel primo settore commette un errore, il tempo di riferimento viene firmato da Ricciardo che ferma io cronometro sull’1’11″528, Vandoorne è vicino staccato di meno di un decimo, più lontano Raikkonen che non è ancora sceso sotto il limite dell’1’13”.

10.02 – Al terzo passaggio il più veloce è Stoffel Vandoorne, 1’13″306 per il campione in carica della GP2, seguono Ricciardo in 1’13″833 e Kimi in 1’14″578.

10.00 – Ecco i primi tempi sul giro, 1’17″189 per Ricciardo, 1’18″707 per Raikkonen.

9.58 – Anche Stoffel Vandoorne raggiunge i colleghi sul tracciato.

9.57 –Semaforo verde! Tornano in pista Kimi Raikkonen e Daniel Ricciardo.

9.55 – Gli irrigatori artificiali non hanno proprio nulla da invidiare a un temporale coi fiocchi, ecco le condizioni della pista. La prossima genialata di Bernie Ecclestone sarà l’utilizzo di questo sistema in gara?

9.52 – E quelli di Stoffel Vandoorne, tra poco i piloti scenderanno di nuovo in pista per i primi long run dopo aver tutti effettuato l’installation lap.

9.50 – Ecco i primi metri del 2016 di Kimi Raikkonen.

9.45 – Oggi è il compleanno di Luca Badoer, 45 candeline sulla torta per l’ex pilota Minardi e Ferrari.

9.39 – Pit lane di nuovo chiusa e camion dei pompieri in pista. Il tracciato ha ancora bisogno di essere bagnato.

9.34 – Semaforo verde in fondo alla pit lane! Finalmente si comincia, in pista per l’installation lap la Ferrari di Kimi Raikkonen, la Red Bull di Daniel Ricciardo e la McLaren di Stoffel Vandoorne.

9.32 – Se vi stavate chiedendo quale delle tante configurazioni del circuito di Paul Ricard sarà utilizzata oggi eccola in bianco dall’account Twitter del collega Cristobal Rosaleny. Secca curva a gomito dopo il traguardo a destra sfruttando tutto il rettifilo, poi si percorreranno due terzi del rettilineo del Mistral senza la esse a metà. Dopo la curva ‘Les Signes’ tornantino a destra tagliando la lunga curva ‘Beausset’.

9.30 – Azionati nuovamente gli irrigatori, evidentemente la prima innaffiata non è stata sufficiente.

9.25 – Intanto ecco le prime dichiarazioni di Roberto Boccafogli, responsabile dell’ufficio stampa Pirelli: “I team non sapranno quali gomme proveranno. Ci saranno a disposizione due tipi di gomme, alcune marcate con la banda blu e altre non marcate, di quelle non marcate ci sono tanti prototipi da far provare. Se i prototipi daranno indicazioni positive verranno utilizzati con l’arrivo del Circus in Europa, sicuramente non nelle prime quattro gare”.

9.23 – La Safety Car ha percorso una tornata e poi ha fatto rientro ai box.

9.10 – Le condizioni atmosferiche presentano cielo coperto e una temperatura di 8,2°.

9.05 – Il primo ‘ruggito’ è quello della power unit Honda che equipaggia la McLaren di Stoffel Vandoorne, ma il belga non ha lasciato il box.

9.00 – Il semaforo in fondo alla pit lane è ancora rosso, al momento tutto tace, i monitor dei tempi sono spenti.

8.58 – Aperti gli irrigatori per bagnare il tracciato e permettere ai piloti di mettere alla prova gli pneumatici full wet, motivo per cui la Pirelli ha deciso di organizzare questa sessione di test suggerita dall’esperienza di Austin nella passata stagione.

8.55 – Anche la Pirelli su Twitter ci dà il buongiorno, ecco uno scorcio del panorama sul circuito di Paul Ricard.

8.50 – Daniel Ricciardo è un po’ spaesato, al risveglio dichiara sul suo account ufficiale Twitter di non sapere esattamente dove si trova.

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