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Da Slade a Greenwood – 04/05/2015

4 maggio 2015 – Tra gli aspetti positivi della stagione di Kimi Raikkonen c’è anche il rapporto di lavoro con il suo nuovo ingegnere di pista, l’inglese Dave Greenwood.

Rispetto al pessimo 2014, sono tanti gli aspetti che sono migliorati per Kimi Raikkonen in questo nuovo campionato. Dal feeling con la monoposto a quello con il compagno di squadra, Iceman è tornato a sentirsi più a suo agio e i risultati in pista iniziano a evidenziare questa situazione.

All’interno di questo quadro si inserisce anche il rapporto con il suo nuovo ingegnere di pista, Dave Greenwood. Greenwood, corpulento britannico con un passato nei team Renault e Marussia, quest’anno ha preso il posto di Antonio Spagnolo, ingegnere italiano con cui Kimi non è mai riuscito a trovarsi pienamente a suo agio.

Raikkonen avrebbe voluto portare con sé in Ferrari il suo uomo di fiducia Mark Slade, l’uomo che lo ha pilotato verso le vittorie conquistate in McLaren e Lotus. Slade, però, non ha voluto trasferirsi in Italia. La Ferrari ha quindi ingaggiato Greenwood e il pilota finlandese è davvero soddisfatto, come ha confermato in un’intervista al giornale finlandese Turun Sanomat: “Dave è davvero intelligente e fa le cose esattamente come dovrebbero essere fatte. È più facile lavorare con un inglese. Dave mi ricorda Mark, entrambi sanno quello che voglio“.

Slade è rimasto in Lotus e adesso lavora con Pastor Maldonado. Riguardo al rapporto di Raikkonen con Greenwood, ha commentato: “Non conosco Dave Greenwood, ma penso che Kimi sia più felice quando lavora con un ingegnere di pista inglese. Kimi parla bene l’inglese e gli piace ricevere le informazioni in un inglese genuino e sintetico. Sono certo che la cooperazione non fosse del tutto liscia con qualcuno per cui l’inglese non è la lingua madre. Sarò sempre un fan di Kimi e ovviamente sono felice di vederlo guidare molto meglio di quanto potesse fare lo scorso anno“

Da http://www.formulapassion.it/2015/05/f1-raikkonen-inglese-e-meglio/

Una situazione frustrante–23/06/2014

Raikkonen frustrated by Ferrari issues during the Austrian GP

Kimi Raikkonen has expressed his frustration at being told to look after his brakes early in the Austrian Grand Prix, saying Ferrari cannot afford for such things to happen.

With the Red Bull Ring Formula 1 weekend having once again highlighted the engine deficit Ferrari has to Mercedes, Raikkonen’s hopes of a decent haul of points were wrecked by him having to have back off early.

The Finn reckons that in Ferrari’s current situation, it is essential that it can push its car to the maximum throughout every grand prix to have any hope of a good result.

"We had to go down [on the engine settings] but also after two laps I had brake issues," explained the Finn, who eventually finished 10th.

"They asked me to cool the brakes but I was trying to fight against the other guys. So it was quite difficult after two laps being asked to slow down for brake issues.

"We know those kinds of things should not be happening, and we have to fix them. We cannot go into the race and start slowing down after two laps because of issues like that.

"We are not fast enough for giving up points, so there is more work to do to get there."

When asked how much of a step forward Ferrari had made since the start of the 2014 F1 campaign, Raikkonen said: "I think we are more or less in the same place.

"I think it depends a lot to do with the layout of the circuit, how it is for each team.

"[Austria] has long straights and the Mercedes powered cars seem to be working. But we have improved for sure in various places, and the car is much more together from the first race.

"But we need much bigger improvements on the engine and aero and those kind of things to get where the Mercedes guys are."

Da Autosport.com

Da TS.fi, Traduzione

From weekend to another Kimi Raikkonen keeps on having problems to get his Ferrari car to his liking. It was already told by Kimi forehand that for F14T the worst tracks will be Bahrain,Canada and Austria…and it was excatly what happened.
In these three races Kimi came 10th in all of them.
-" It was the same fighting with the car again whole weekend, Kimi said"
– There is certain things on the car, that won’t work like I want them to and there is troubles with tyres.It’s the combination of the two that are causing troubles. We know what we should do to the car, when we lose on the mechanical side, when we have no grip when accelarating out of the corners, or even normal grip, we should get changes to the balance.
– Car is very difficult to drive for me, because I hate the kind of front end that is weak and that’s excatly what we have at the moment.When we then focus more to the front end, we lose the grip of the rear.
-We have tried to find a better balance between the two, because we have to get that to work.It’s however clear, that it takes time to find that balance.But I’m convinced that we will find it.
When team asked during the race Kimi to push faster, he answered give me more power.So was there problems on the engine side?
"-yes, we had to cool it down, but already after two laps my brakes were overheating, and team asked me to cool them.I was at that moment driving behind another car(Magnussen) and another car (Hulkenberg) was behind me, so cooling them was difficult at that point.Those things should not happend, you can’t race if already after two laps you have to slow down.
Raikkonen lost a lot of time during the pitstop.
– The timing of my pitstop was really bad, when my tyres were already in pretty bad shape.I don’t know the reason, why we stopped so late but it did cost few places. With the speed I had, there was no way to get those places back. It was a bad thing, Kimi said."

Cercasi Kimi disperatamente–24/11/2013

Da racingnerds.com e TurunSanomat.fi

Rain and Samba

I counted that I have followed the Brasilian Grand Prix -races from the paddock for 15 times already. While writing this, it rains outside once again.

I have a lot of good Finnish memories from Brazil.

The only time when Mika Häkkinen won three races in a row was in Brazil 1998.

Häkkinen wiped his nose in Finland’s flag and it was, to some, seen as almost a sacrilege.

The most memorable day on the Interlagos track was, of course, 21.10.2007. There, Kimi scored one point more than Lewis Hamilton and incredibly, won the WDC that year.

I was the only reporter invited to Ferrari’s championship party. There, we danced the Samba so much that I will probably remember it for the rest of my life.

This weekend Räikkönen is only a memory at the F1-paddock. Of course, they wish Kimi would be back soon. People from both Lotus and Ferrari have every now and then asked me how Kimi is doing.

Everything is good, his spirit is high, but the final inspection by his doctor will tell when Räikkönen can start training flat out again. According to an expert, it should be possible for Kimi to start training five weeks after the surgery.

Turun Sanomat, Sao Paulo

Da Seiska.fi

Kimi Räikkönen and Minttu: Shouting argument!

Kimi Räikkönen and Minttu Virtanen got into a shouting argument. The dispute started when the duo was out celebrating her birthday in VIP-restaurant Teatteri last Saturday 16.11.2013.
– It was Minttu’s birthday and the gang was there celebrating it, Seiska was told.
In the middle of the night Kimi and Minttu got into an argument.
– The argument escalated into shouting, because of which Kimi decided to leave the restaurant. In the end Minttu stayed there celebrating her birthday without Kimi.
Kimi was in a back surgery last Thursday and according to Lotus the surgery went well.


Fine della stagione–09/11/2013

Kimi Raikkonen to miss rest of 2013 F1 season for back surgery

Kimi Raikkonen is to miss the final two races of the 2013 Formula 1 season after electing to undergo back surgery next week.

The Finn had been at the centre of a pay dispute with his Lotus bosses in Abu Dhabi last weekend, but it appeared that matters had been sorted so he could compete in the United States and Brazil.

However, in a fresh twist, the back issues that nearly forced Raikkonen out of the Singapore Grand Prix earlier this year flared up enough for him to choose to take early surgery.

Rather than travel to the United States for the final events of the season, Raikkonen will now fly to Salzburg for the operation.

His manager Steve Robertson confirmed to AUTOSPORT that Raikkonen’s 2013 campaign was over, as it is estimated that there is a four-week recovery period.

The news was first broken in Finnish newspaper Turun Sanomat.

Had Raikkonen waited until after the season, then there was a chance that it could have impacted on his preparations for 2014 with Ferrari.

Robertson told AUTOSPORT: "In an ideal world it would have been nice to finish the season with Lotus in the final two grands prix.

"However, due to the severe pain that Kimi is having, sadly it is not possible."

It is unclear how Raikkonen’s absence will impact on his pay issues with Lotus, especially with the team’s new investor Quantum Motorsports having not yet finalised its 35 per cent buy-in to the outfit.

Lotus now has just a few days to decide on a replacement driver. It could decide to promote reserve driver Davide Valsecchi to the race seat or swoop for another available driver.

Da Autosport.com

The backsurgery ends up Kimi’s season
The Formula One season of Kimi Raikkonen is over!

The Finnish star of Lotus F1 Team – keeping third position in the drivers’ championship with 183 points – will go through a backsurgery on next Thursday, and because of that cannot race in the two last Grands Prix of USA and Brazil.
Raikkonen has had problems with his back for a long time. During the practise in Singapore in September the pain got so bad, that Kimi would not have been able to participate the qualifying and the race without a cortisone injection.
Now after the race in Abu Dhabi a week ago Kimi’s back has been even worse. He has not been able to sleep properly without painkillers.
– The experts were recommending the surgery, and it will be done next Thursday in Salzburg, Steve Robertson, the manager of Raikkonen, breaks the news to Turun Sanomat.
After the operation Kimi is cannot do anything for four weeks. This means the current season stops here.
– Obviously, it is a disappointing way to end the relationship with Lotus after two successful seasons on Kimi’s return to F1. However, Kimi cannot afford to delay anymore. It is crucial to correct the problem now to start 2014 fit and healthy, Robertson points out.
Most likely the car number 7 will be driven in Austin by Davide Valsecchi, the Lotus test and reserve driver. Valsecchi has tested the E21 car for two days in Barcelona and Silverstone. If Valsecchi gets the drive, he will be the first Italian to race in a Grand Prix since Jarno Trulli in 2011.
Turun Sanomat

Da TS.fi

Kimi Räikkönen will undergo back surgery this coming week, the consequent four weeks recovery time forcing him to miss the forthcoming United States and Brazilian Grands Prix.
Kimi suffered from issues with his back earlier this year at the Singapore Grand Prix and a reoccurrence of this problem has forced him to have surgery now to help prevent ongoing problems in the future, and to ensure he is at full fitness for the 2014 season.
Kimi and his management are saddened that Kimi will not be able to complete the 2013 season with Lotus F1 Team where he was fighting for third position in the Drivers’ Championship. They would also like to thank all fans for the thousands of kind messages received since the news has emerged.
Kimi Räikkönen’s Management Team

Da KimiRaikkonen.com

Niente ordini…–11/10/2013

Would you give a team order to this man?

When Kimi was asked if he would had let his teammate Romain Grosjean past him, had Lotus-management ordered so in Korean GP, he didn’t give a yes or no.
– What do you think? Räikkönen snapped.
In endseason 2008 Räikkönen played on behalf of his teammate Felipe Massa in the last couple races, but other than that Kimi has done it in his own style listening less to orders.
Grosjean – 8th in the WDC-serie – pushed his luck and begged in the team radio the pitwall to give Räikkönen a team order to let him through as a faster driver.
He had to obey a couple of times himself to a team order on Räikkönen’s behalf when his WDC-situation required it.
By Thursday Grosjean was however okay with it.
– In Germany I was ordered to let Kimi past. However it was a completely different situation. We had different strategies. He wouldn’t had got past me, so it was best to give him way and that way we both got to drive according to our own strategies.
Grosjean’s complaints in the team radio didn’t bother Räikkönen in any way.
– Everything went just as planned for me. He made a mistake and it cost him one position. It’s useless to cry afterwards. We don’t have any rules in the team that we couldn’t race each other. All we have to remember is not to crash or destroy each other’s races.
Is Grosjean nowadays a tougher competitor than he was earlier?
– He has been fast all the time. But so are everyone else who drive in F1. You have to beat all of them and that’s what I always try to do. He sqeezed me to the left in that situation, but by that time it was too late for him and I got ahead of him.
Age doesn’t create fears to overtake
Räikkönen was praised for maintaining his former speed and ability to overtake even at an older age.
– I don’t think that I have changed somehow from earlier years. I have got more information and experience. I always try to overtake if there is a reasonable change and I don’t do any foolish things. Sometimes I end up in a bad position. I don’t know if some start to be afraid when they get older. I don’t feel that myself.
Räikkönen doesn’t expect any team orders in the future either.
– The team doesn’t care which one is ahead as long as they get good positions.
Turun Sanomat

Da Turun Sanomat.fi

Il re dei sorpassi –

Räikkönen extra point pass on the stock exchange

Attentive readers pseudonym Nobody was right, and the proof Forixille statistics Michele Merlino admitted inadvertently left behind in one of Kimi’s bypass off invoices Singapore Grand Prix Race.
– The reader is right. One of the bypass was forgotten. Kimi overtook Pastor Maldonado also when entering the round of 15 on 10 place. Between them was Daniel Ricciardo, who went to the pits as the round and I went to the confusion, when reaching the pits drivers do not count as overtaking, Merlino forwarded greetings.
Instead, Valtteri Bottaksen bypass Merlino does not fall under the Williams Finn went to the pits at the time.
Räikkönen overtaking the other three came in the second round Paul di Restasta, Esteban Gutierrez in round five and 54 round Jenson Button, kind of.
This implies that the Singapore race with a total of 35 so-called bypass. flying speed. Singapore overtook at the World Cup in Italy amounts of bypass (27), Hungary (22) and Monaco (16).
Turun Sanomat

bypass Exchange
1 Kimi Raikkonen 47
2 Felipe Massa 45
3 Mark Webber 45
4 Lewis Hamilton 41
5 Fernando Alonso 34
6 Jean-Eric Vergne 29
7 Romain Grosjean 28
8 Adrian Sutil 28
9 Nico Hülkenberg 27
10, Paul di Resta 25
11, Valtteri Bottas 25
12, Daniel Ricciardo 24
13, Nico Rosberg 21
14, Sergio Perez 19
15, Charles Pic 17
16, Esteban Gutierrez 17
17, Pastor Maldonado 17
18, Sebastian Vettel 16
19, Jenson Button 16
20, Giedo van der Garde 11
21, Max Chilton 7
22, Jules Bianchi 5

Da TurunSanomat.fi

Fuori uno, niente Red Bull–19/08/2013

Kimi Raikkonen’s Red Bull talks end, Daniel Ricciardo set for seat

Daniel Ricciardo is now set to secure the second Red Bull Formula 1 seat for 2014, with talks between the team and Kimi Raikkonen having come to an end.

Amid growing speculation that Red Bull had decided to pick Ricciardo, Raikkonen’s manager Steve Robertson told AUTOSPORT on Monday that the Finn was no longer a contender to line-up alongside Sebastian Vettel next year.

Robertson confirmed the news, which first appeared in Finnish newspaper Turun Sanomat, that the former world champion’s discussions with Red Bull had come to an end.

"It’s true," said Robertson. "Kimi will not be driving for Red Bull in 2014. We held some talks, but a deal will not be happening."

Red Bull had openly admitted that its choice for Mark Webber’s replacement was between Raikkonen and Ricciardo – despite being made aware in Hungary that Fernando Alonso could be available too.

Raikkonen had always been happy to stay at Lotus for 2014, but the prospect of racing for reigning champion Red Bull was given serious consideration.

The Finn’s representatives opened negotiations with Red Bull, as the team weighed up whether to opt for Raikkonen’s experience and guaranteed speed, or put its faith in a youngster like Ricciardo as a long term prospect.

Although Red Bull is insisting that it is not in a position yet to announce its 2014 drivers, Robertson’s revelation that Raikkonen is now out of the running points to a Ricciardo deal being a formality.

An announcement about Red Bull’s plans could be made as soon as this weekend’s Belgian Grand Prix, although the team may opt to wait for the following race in Italy.

Should Ricciardo be confirmed, he will move up to Red Bull’s main team after two full seasons with its junior Toro Rosso outfit. He also competed in 11 races for HRT in 2011.


The collapse of the Red Bull talks means that Raikkonen’s best option to remain in competitive machinery in 2014 is to finalise a fresh deal with Lotus.

But such a deal is not a formality, amid questions about the financial health of the team, with Raikkonen having been paid late on some occasions.

Robertson said that Lotus was just one possibility for Raikkonen as talks continued with a number of teams.

"We are pretty confident that Kimi will be in F1 next year," he explained. "There are options – and that is plural – out there and I will continue to talk to teams. I am hopeful we will sort something out in the not too distant future."

Da Autosport.com

Vanzini a SkySport24:

Mercato piloti, Kimi in Ferrari? – 19/08/2013 from InvisibleIceWandS on Vimeo.

SkyF1 Mercato, il ritorno in Ferrari? – 20/08/2013 from InvisibleIceWandS on Vimeo.

Kimi Raikkonen ‘wants Ferrari return’ claims Eddie Jordan

A deal for the Finn to return to the team for whom he won the 2007 title may be announced as soon as next month’s Italian Grand Prix, Jordan said.

Ferrari said the claim was "not true" and that no decision had yet been made.

Jordan added that Ricciardo, 24, had already signed to partner Sebastian Vettel at Red Bull next season.

Ricciardo’s promotion from junior team Toro Rosso is to be announced at this weekend’s Belgian Grand Prix, Jordan said.

A Red Bull spokeswoman said: "We don’t have anything to announce at present but will advise when we do."

A Ferrari spokesman said the Italian team were concentrating on improving their car to boost Fernando Alonso’s title challenge.

He added: "This is the exact same scenario as last year – with not only Kimi but a long list of other drivers allegedly going to Ferrari.

"At the moment our priority is produce the car for Fernando and Felipe (Massa) and a decision on the 2014 line-up will be made at the appropriate moment, which is not right now."

On Monday, Raikkonen’s manager Steve Robertson told BBC Sport’s chief F1 writer Andrew Benson that the 20-time grand prix winner, 33, would not be driving for Red Bull next year.

Robertson said: "Talks broke down. We haven’t spoken for a little while and it’s clear Kimi won’t be driving for Red Bull in 2014.

"Kimi’s a free agent. He still has options out there.

"There’s a lot of things happening behind the scenes and I’m pretty confident he will be in F1 next year."

Asked specifically whether Ferrari were an option, he said: "Until they confirm their seats, my job is to speak to all the teams and see what’s available."

Jordan said Raikkonen had made a return to Red Bull his first priority but when talks with the world champions broke down, he turned his attention to Ferrari.

He could also stay with current team Lotus for a third season.

Alonso is under contract until the end of 2016, but Ferrari are considering replacing Massa, who has had an inconsistent season.

BBC Sport understands that senior figures within the Ferrari team want Massa out and are keen for Raikkonen to return but that Ferrari president Luca Di Montezemolo is not keen on the idea.

Signing Raikkonen would be an admission they had made a mistake when they chose to end his contract a year early at the end of 2009 and pay him not to drive for them in 2010, when Alonso joined.

They preferred Massa as the Spaniard’s partner, despite the Brazilian at the time recovering from a fractured skull sustained in an accident at the 2009 Hungarian Grand Prix.

Although Raikkonen won the title for Ferrari in 2007, Massa outscored him during the first of their two years together as team-mates, and was doing so again in 2009 at the time of his injury.

World champions Red Bull had made it clear they were choosing between Raikkonen and Ricciardo for the seat that has been made vacant for next season following Mark Webber’s decision to leave F1 to drive for Porsche in sportscar racing.

Raikkonen was a known quantity and would be a choice they could guarantee would at least match the contribution Webber made to three consecutive constructors’ world titles since 2010.

But Ricciardo’s promotion will be a vindication for the Red Bull young driver programme, from which so far only Vettel has graduated to the senior team.

The 24-year-old is also likely to be a malleable choice who will play a support role for Vettel without the friction that developed between the German and Webber and which may well have emerged had Raikkonen, a former world champion, joined the team.

It remains to be seen whether Ricciardo has the ability to cope with the step up to the highest level of F1, and the pressure that brings.

His best result for Toro Rosso is a seventh place, although he has three times qualified sixth.

Da bbc.co.uk