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Kimi Karaoke?–10/02/2017

Kimi ‘Fiorello’ Raikkonen

Kimi Raikkonen ha in programma di aprire un karaoke bar ad Helsinki, capitale della Finlandia.

Ricordate il celebre video amatoriale diffuso qualche anno fa che mostrava l’esibizione non propriamente brillante di Kimi Raikkonen in un karaoke finlandese? Vi rinfreschiamo la memoria:

Ecco, diciamo che in linea di massima in Italia Raikkonen è meglio vederlo a Monza, o a Maranello, piuttosto che a Sanremo. Nonostante questo, la passione di Iceman per il karaoke, reso famoso in Italia dal programma condotto da Fiorello negli anni ’90, rimane forte, tanto che secondo il settimanale finlandese Seitseman Paivaa il pilota della Ferrari ha intenzione di aprire un locale dove gli avventori potranno esibire le proprie doti canore.

Il karaoke bar dovrebbe sorgere nella zona portuale di Helsinki, per la precisione vicino a dove Raikkonen tiene ancorato il suo yacht. Secondo la rivista, i lavori di costruzione dovrebbero iniziare ad aprile.

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Primi test–03/02/2017

Fiorano test: Raikkonen joins Giovinazzi

Second and final day of data correlation testing

Fiorano – There was a second day of testing at the Fiorano circuit today, with a programme based on correlating simulator data with that gathered on track. Sharing the driving duties on the “standard” SF15-T were Scuderia Ferrari’s third driver, Antonio Giovinazzi, who was behind the wheel in the morning and Kimi Raikkonen, who took over for the afternoon. The weather was far from ideal, especially when Kimi was driving, with the Finn having to deal with rain as well as strong winds. Nevertheless, he still completed several runs.

Ferrari will be back on track next week, on 9th and 10th February, again at Fiorano, when it will be evaluating Pirelli’s wet weather tyres.

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Cambiamenti da valutare–02/02/2017

Ferrari’s Raikkonen believes speculating on F1 2017 is ‘pointless’

Kimi Raikkonen believes speculating about the likely 2017 Formula 1 pecking order amid changes to the technical regulations is "pointless".

Faster, more aggressive looking F1 cars will be introduced this year, with wider front and rear wings paired with bigger, wider tyres.

Given the scale of the changes, Raikkonen feels judging who will come out on top is tricky as it is impossible for teams to know what their rivals are doing.

"We will know once we get the new cars and hit the track as obviously there’s a lot of rule changes so we have to wait and see," he said.

"It’s pointless to speculate with such a big change, so hopefully we are where we want to be and deserve to be."

Ferrari had a frustrating 2016, contending for victory in the season-opener in Australia, but ultimately failing to reach the top step of the podium all year.

Having targeted a title challenge and starting the campaign as Mercedes’ closest rival, Ferrari dropped behind Red Bull to finish third in the constructors’ standings.

"It was far from an ideal year from all of us but this is how racing goes," said Raikkonen.

"It doesn’t matter if it’s better or not the end result is obviously far from what we as Ferrari, as a team, wanted.

"We did good races and not so good races and there were too many small issues but that’s what happens in racing sometimes."

Ferrari struggled with tyre management, while Raikkonen has said on several occasions that the team needs to improve in all areas.

But the Finn believes Ferrari’s strong end to the season, including Sebastian Vettel snatching a podium in the final race, bodes well for 2017.

"There are for sure positive things like how we’ve been working lately and doing things," he said.

"We all work well together, even if the results are not maybe what we always want.

"But I see a lot of good things from the team and obviously in 2017 hopefully we are where we want to be.

"Obviously it would be a lot more fun for all of us."

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Inchiostro indelebile

F1, il punto debole di Iceman: Raikkonen ed il suo nuovo tatuaggio a Robin

Kimi Raikkonen si fa tatuare il ritratto del figlio Robin, il primogenito per sempre sulla pelle del papà

Raikkonen ed il suo nuovo tatuaggio dedicato al figlio – Kimi Raikkonen sarà anche Ice Man nel lavoro, ma nella vita privata deve essere un gran tenerone. Ad un mese dall’inizio della stagione di Formula Uno il pilota finlandese della Ferrari infatti si è tatuato un tattoo che mette in mostra il suo lato dolce da padre di famiglia. Kimi è diventato padre con la nascita del piccolo Robin circa 2 anni e fa ed ora si appresta a diventarlo per la seconda volta. La moglie Minttu infatti è in dolce attesa. Raikkonen però prima che dell’arrivo del suo secondogenito si è tatuato un ritratto di Robin che biondo come papà Kimi e sorridente diventa un tatuaggio per il proprio padre. Ecco la foto del piccolo Robin in versione tattoo:

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Un ambasciatore speciale–18/01/2017

Kimi Ambassador for Sport

Finnish Prime Minister honours Raikkonen in Helsinki: “Thanks to my family and the Team”

The Finnish government has never before appointed anyone as an Ambassador for Sport, but it did so at a Sport Gala, held in Helsinki on Tuesday 17 January. The recipient was none other than Kimi Raikkonen, who received the honour from Prime Minister Juha Sipila. Kimi’s presence at the gala had been kept secret right up until the last moment. “I’m not that used to making formal speeches,” said Raikkonen. “But I would like to wish all the best to the winners in every category, as well as those who missed out on the prizes this year. I would stress how important it has been in my case to have the support of my family and help from trustworthy colleagues and the people within the Ferrari Team, with whom I have worked for so many years now.”
In 2017, Finland celebrates the centenary of its independence.

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Un solo e unico: Kimi–03/01/2017

There is only one… Kimi Raikkonen

If there is one driver who comes across as being very much his ‘own man’, it’s Ferrari’s 2007 world champion Kimi Raikkonen. But is Finland’s famous ‘Iceman’ really as single-minded as his laidback public persona suggests? It’s time to find out…

If you could pick just one meal to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Kimi Raikkonen: Salmon? Very Scandinavian…

If you could pick just one pizza topping what would it be?

KR: Tuna – to stick with the fish!

If you could pick just one holiday destination…

KR: Home. Who needs a holiday destination?

If you could pick just one track to race on…

KR: Spa, I guess.

If you could pick just one road car to drive…

KR: A Ferrari, of course. Any kind of Ferrari.

If you could pick just one race car to drive…

KR: Ferrari – the one I became world champion in (F2007).

If you could pick just one colour to wear…

KR: Black.

If you could pick just one sport to play…

KR: Motocross.

If you could pick just one song to listen to…

KR: Depends on the mood, so any! (Laughs) Or actually, the radio. So you see I’m not very sophisticated when it comes to music, but rather random.

If you could pick just one thing to drink…

KR: Water.

If you could pick just one book to read…

KR: I don’t read. No books for me.

If you could pick just one city to live in…

KR: My summer place. It has a name, but I’d rather not tell you more than that it is in Finland.

If you could pick just one movie to watch…

KR: Nothing in particular.

If you could pick just one person to live with…

KR: My family – I’m unable to choose just one.

If you could pick just one team mate…

KR: This one that I have now.

If you could pick just one fruit to eat…

KR: Banana.

If you could pick just one vegetable to eat…

KR: Carrots.

If you could pick just one mode of transport to use…

KR: Car – what else!

If you could pick just one F1 corner to drive…

KR: Eau Rouge.

If you could pick just one age to be…

KR: Any. I am super satisfied with my life so far.

If you could pick just one F1 era to race in…

KR: 1970s.

If you could pick just one band/singer to listen to…

KR: When I was young it was Guns N’ Roses – but that’s a bit of a long time ago.

If you could pick just one piece of exercise equipment to train with…

KR: If I could I would do Motocross for exercise – all the time.

If you could pick just one thing to collect…

KR: I don’t collect anything. It’s boring.

If you could wear just one type of footwear to wear…

KR: Shoes! (Laughs)

If you could pick just one type of chocolate or candy to snack on…

KR: Finnish candy.

If you could pick just one memory from your racing career to keep…

KR: When I won the championship.

If you could pick just one other race series to watch…

KR: I watch a lot of motorsport, but my favourite is Motocross. Does that come as a surprise?

If you could pick just one person to date…

KR: I don’t need to worry about that!

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